Belle’s “Family”


Above is the alpha male and female of SLEEPS. They are in love. Why then is Belle flirting with a total stranger? Could it be, this anarchist couple love to be filmed and on the news?
But, only carried by news sources that gets the approval of the “family”

At 9:41 I discovered Belle Burch and Ally Valkyrie go arrested together for criminal trespass. I conclude Belle knew of the attack Alley launched against me, and called me after this attack hoping I was afraid, and thus will do as she commands. Alley says she a abused woman on a mission, thus, her threats were extortion and blackmail. I will talk to the FBI about a conspiracy to deprive me of my Civil Rights, for Ambrose Holtham-Keathley, Stormrider was arrested with Belle and Alley. Ambrose was lurking in the background when I met with Belle at the Wandering Goat.

About 10:45 I got a call from Belle Burch. I told her only WE can put a stop to the insanity. We attempted to have a calm and sane conversation, but, it came down to her wanting me to stop writing about her and her “Family”.

“The Holtham-Keathley family is not your family. You’re not married to Ambrose.”

I told Belle that her “family” go out of their way – at taxpayers expense – to get on the news, in the newspaper, so they can promote their cause. To make a case that I am hurting “the family” by writing about its members in my paper, my blog, is not going to fly – especially when this “family” repeatedly breaks the law, and says they will forever do so when THEY….”the family” deem necessary. Ambrose and his mother are Whiteaker Community Leaders, and thus they are in the public domain. Here is the e-mail I got after the call that she sent after I told her to not contact me. She is reworking her “family” remark.

“To Me

Today at 11:02 AM

I want to make this abundantly clear.

Your actions are making me feel unsafe, and are making me feel concerned for the safety of my family and friends.

I am asking you respectfully to:

Please stop posting about me, my family, Ambrose, and Ambrose’s family on your blog. This includes photos, videos, and writing.

Please stop trying to contact me or communicate with me in any way.

Please stop posting links to your blog on Facebook.

Cyberstalking is a federal crime.

I am seriously considering filing a restraining order against you.

Please consider carefully what I have said.”

I do not have a gang or “Family” behind me, who are famous for breaking the law, and making people fear for their safety. Belle – does! I gave her a mound of information about my family, and she asks for more.

““I’d like to hear more of your personal life story. “When I got sober”, “When I was homeless”, “When I was fighting cancer”……. these are words you drop and then let flit by without much detail or explanation or storytelling. I want those details and stories. Please.”

“Haven’t read any of your emails yet, will get to that soon.”

Why didn’t Belle invite me to be a member of her extended “family” when we met. I told her four days earlier I was going to make her my “hier” which is a common family act. I suspect Belle googled me, found my blog, then gave me a call wondering if there was anything in doing this for her and her “family” who was also doing some wondering?

Belle said I was breaking the law when I posted her e-mail this morning in my attempt to prove I was not a stalker, and thus, some “family” members won’t be that thrilled about hurting me, calling me out, filling me with fear.

Belle also was outraged that I published her poem. I did so to prove two things

1. Sending a man a poem is considered intimate and erotic in some respects, especially when she asks me if this poem solicited strong feelings.
2. It shows that Belle is an advocate for the homeless who call themselves a “family” in many news stories.

Belle did admit she was wrong in not telling me what her core interest is, that drives her to the point of an obsession. To claim strangers and drifters are your “family” is a dangerous thing to do. Members of Lyman’s “family” worshipped Charlie Manson, and his “family”. Mel is in my “family” tree.

In Belle’s poem she talks about the “real People” that she finds herself surrounded by. She tells me she trips around with the real people downtown, in bars! Where did she get the money? When did she find the time to become scared of me? She’s not scared! She feeling less powerful, that’s all!

I told Belle I felt threatened when I discovered she was living a double life, she told me she felt it best to keep the history of my real Bohemian family, separate from her interests in the “family” that had to know Belle wanted to meet with me. I told Belle I wondered if she was trying to rip-off my family history as three outsiders did, there two lying biographies, and a movie script on the market. One written by my kindred, Carrie Fisher. When Belle refused to talk to me a week ago, and assuage my fears, I had to conclude the worst. If I had sent her long e-mails revealing my inner-most self, then if she is authoring a book, this would be her foot in the door.

Here are to blogs on The Mel Lyman “family. Mel and his wife, Jessie Benton, are in my family tree. Christine Rosamond Benton, was world-famous for her portraits of beautiful women. I have said many times I am publishing much of my autobiography on this blog.

I think what is really upsetting Belle and her “family” is they think they old hipsters, radical, and Beats, but, they are not, and, this Bohemian is not only NOT a member of the “family” and a believer in their ideology, I am being critical of them. They don’t know how to handle it, because I am not ‘The Man’ ‘The Fuss’ ‘The Fed’ and all those other euphemisms for ‘The Enemy’ that they love to confront, and dream of confronting every minute of the day!

Belle and her “family” have been on a real Power Trip, that they never want to see come to an end. Study the history of the Lyman Family to see the same pattern. Mel’s family robbed banks and killed people for their leader who claimed he was God!

“Every dog has their day!”

“All things will pass!”

I called the Springfield Police just before Belle called. I am waiting for an officer so I can file a report. How strange Belle calls just after her “family” softened me up, some.
I told her to never call me, because she could not admit our relationship was anything ore than a one way ranting of a degenerate stalker. The last time I saw Belle, she was writing down the address to this blog. She walked away with 2,600 posts that 200 subscribers read every day. Three days after our meeting, I didn’t own a clue who Belle was. I found out! That is my great crime against Belle’s “family”

I wonder how long it takes to become a member of Belle’s extended “Family”. Two hours of sober conversation should do it. Hey, wait a minute, why didn’t Belle ask me to take a test to see if I was a worthy member? She did ask about my sobriety and my health, and my experience with homelessness.

I just showed my blog and Alley’s comment to two Springfield Police. They left on this note.

“These people will rue the day no one wants to do a story about them.” says I.


Here are some members of the “family” offering to film me. I will be calling them the New Rowdy Girls.

Here is Ambrose and fellow arrestee, Grotticelli, telling the real community and the press what they know is the law.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

Ashley Hewes Alley the next time you hear anything from her please refer her to my Facebook as it is the only way I have of contacting people right now… I will have a phone soon but if she wants I am totally willing to conveniently be wherever she is so I can start documenting his obsession.
50 minutes ago · Like · 1

Ashley Hewes I want to get him on camera.

The man who was stalking me, got to the tower as I did.
“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“What are you doing here? I asked.
“I’m guarding this place? he answered.
“Are you packing a gun?
“Yes!” he answered.

We now had an ecorteric conversation on freedom of speech, and the idea of folks carrying guns to protect their point of view. There is no doubt what-so-ever that I was talking to Paul Williams, an armed guard for Mel Lyman and his wife, Jessie Benton, who are found in my family tree, after Christine married Garth Benton.

Paul would later flee for his life from the Lyman Family, he convinced they were a dangerous cult who would kill anyone who threatened them.

We’ve been here for four months,” Holtham-Keathley said. ” I will go to the county jail if it means that I have to stick up for my family here.”

“This is definitely a community…I consider a lot of these people my family. We look out for each other. We take care of each other. We just try to keep each other safe,” said SLEEPS protester Aurora Richardson.”

12 Cited for Criminal Trespass After Refusing to Leave City Manager’s Office After Hours

This afternoon, a group of people staged a sit-in at the City Manager’s Office and refused to leave. At 5 p.m., they were advised the office was closed and they indicated their intention to stay. At 5:45 p.m., the group was informed that they would be subject to Criminal Trespass charges if they didn’t leave. Twelve people were cited in lieu of custody and released.

The group was demanding to meet with the city manager regarding homeless issues recently discussed or ruled on by council, outside a council setting. The city manager’s delegate on this issue, Deputy Chief Joe Zaludek, came to the office to meet with them but they did not accept that offer.

Last week, on March 26, the City of Eugene re-posted notices that property is not open to the public and that the clearing and clean-up of the area would begin after April 1. The City Council has directed that the site be closed no later than April 15.

The City’s goal has been for people to leave the site voluntarily and to get connected with the services they need to find safe and legal shelter. The City is coordinating with a number of local social service agencies to help people transition from the camp.

The City Council and City staff have been working to help develop options. There are now two rest stops open – at Garfield and Roosevelt, and Northwest Expressway and Chambers – that are being managed by Community Supported Shelters. The City is continuing to work with community partners to open a third site and hopes to have a signed agreement with a volunteer site manager in the next few days.

Cited and Released were:

1. Bollman, Aurthur Frank 12/31/63 Eugene Trespass II
2. Burch, Belle Erin 11/21/90 No Address Trespass II
3. Shepard, Helen Marie 07/12/85 Eugene Trespass II
4. Monroe, John Lee 11/06/85 Eugene Trespass II
5. Smith, Charles Anderson 11/08/50 Springfield Trespass II
6. Williams, Terra Renee 02/24/88 Eugene Trespass II
7. Marcroft, Sabra Marie 05/15/66 Eugene Trespass II
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9. Valkrie, Alley NMI 12/20/81 Eugene Trespass II
10. Wales, Geran Straford 09/15/90 Eugene Trespass II
11. Holtham-Keathley, Ambrose Stormrider 02/06/92 Eugene Trespass II
12. Grotticelli, Peter David 07/16/88 Eugene Trespass II

I believe Belle Burch was acting in a surreptitious manner when she called me, and when we later met at the Wandering Goat. I suspect she had googled my name and found my blog Rosamondpress. I had told her I had a blog that was recording and preserving Bohemian History something she was interested in because she took my number after saying;

“We can talk!”

I suspect she shared my blog and our conversations with other parties who also had an interest in Bohemian history, such as Peter Grotticelli, a friend of Belle’s lover, Ambrose Holtham-Keathley who describes the folks at Whoville as his family. In a video taken at a SLEEPS camp Peter uses the term “Post Conventional Reality” as being the source of his right to squat on land that does not belong to him – without permission from the owner.

Not once in our two hour conversation did Belle mention she was connected to any extended family philosophy that pertains to homeless people and Whoville, even after I showed to her my post I made that morning of the meeting, that she did not respond to, which made me wonder. When I told her on the phone I was going to make her Heir to my blog and my information she got very excited;

“Oh God! Oh my God!”

When I asked why she got so excited she ignored the question. Why? Because then she would have to admit she read my blog, the address of which she asked me for at the Wandering Goat. Why didn’t she ask me for the url on the phone, just to go see what she was heir to, and be that much more excited? She had already looked at it, and this is the reason she called me. I have good reason Belle Burch is authoring a biography. She may have come up with this idea when she met Ambrose Holtham-Keathley at Lane College. The question is, did Belle instigate a relationship with Ambrose in order to get material for her story?

When I told Belle how the Bohemian outdoor café scene got started, being, every time Bohemia was OCCUPIED by a forging army, and after a curfew was imposed, they put their tables out on the street and ate there in defiance. Here was one of the many opportunities Belle had to tell me about her and Ambrose’s work as Advocates for the Homeless. Why is she mum, especially after seeing me dressed in a Santa Suit at the second OCCUPY meeting, and at the OCCUPY camp at the Saturday Market site? She could have said;

“Oh, you look just like the Santa on Anand Holthem-Keathley’s Facebook!” is what she should have said.

Anand appears to be Ambrose’s mother, and this santa, his father, or, Amand’s lover. Amand is an advocated for the homeless and in on the Whiteaker Community Council. She was te Chair, and Ambrose is one of the “Board Members at Large: Ambrose Holtham-Keathley”.

This boarders on nepotism, and this a Conflict of interest, where I recorded at length my families radical Bohemian History that Belle was anxious to own, but never told me why?

What did interest Belle was whether or not I was trying to get in her pants after I asked to be my Muse and pose for me. When I told her sex was out of the picture because I was impotent due to cancer treatment. She looked disappointed, and never inquired about my cancer at the meetings. Strange. Why? What is even stranger, she is not excited to be painted by the brother of Rosamond.

My first girlfriend, Marilyn owned a home on Adams and 4th. in the Whiteaker. Jeff, Shannon, Marilyn, and I were pioneers in turning this part of town into a Bohemian hot spot.

When someone, or a group of people deem they are worthy of launching a clandestine operation against you, they want to think they own a good reason to do so. As an advocate for the homeless out there on the streets, I bet you older men have approached Belle and solicited her for sex. How disgusting! However, if a young homeless reprobate tried to get in Belles pants, its forgiven, it ruled all in fun!

In seeing something they want on my blog, these advocates came up with an excuse why they have the right to take what they want, without my permission. This is called ‘Post Conventional Morality’. The reason Belle did not tell me she was part of Group Grope, was I would question her as to whether she was going to give unto them what I was about to give unto her, and thus I might withdraw my offer because I was not in agreement with the Common Ideology…..The Family Plan! Why didn’t Belle invite me to come join her extended family, after seeing we were on the same path, owned the same agenda?

The reason I prefer to work alone, is that there are people on the left who are on a power trip, and are forever trying to take over, climb to the top of, and be the martyr for – you name it! Having looked at my blog, it was ruled I was not a Joiner, and thus……..was a threat to any cause, but my own.

“Unto thy self be true!”

I just discovered that Belle is involved in a Project Eden garden project in conjunction to the Avante-Gardeners who are connected to the Springfield Youth Garden that is a hundred yards away. I took my homeless friend, Hollis Williams there to do volunteer work. Half of the food goes to Food for Lane County. I was going to show Belle this garden when she came over to pose. On the way I was going to show her the Columbia cottages in hope she would help me keep them from being torn down.

I suspect Belle met me in order to do a TRANSFERENCE of my information over to her extended family so as to strengthen their credentials. I suspect Belle Burch is authoring material to do this as I type.

I asked Belle to marry me, thinking she was going to be out on the street for a long time. I live in low cost housing and can not have anyone here for more than two weeks. Also, I am on HUD. This was going to be a very open marriage that involved no sexual contact with me, and, she could love and sleep with anyone she wanted. Belle and I have so much in common which is %90 percent of what constitutes a good and lasting marriage. I was going to give Belle my good name, my illustrious history – for a common cause!

In 1986 I knew a group of gays and lesbians who were marrying gay Russians in order to get them out of Russia – for good – by rendering them U.S. Citizens. Tow of my friends were questioned by the FBI because they were members of the Symbianese Liberation Army. I can smell a cult a mile away.

Here is an exchange of e-mails between Belle and I where she mistakenly mistook my intention, being I am her Sugar Daddy offering to take her to New York to see a Broadway Show. What I was asking, was, does she want to help me promote my idea for a musical based upon the music of the group Love. I had run this idea past my old friend, Jeff Pasternak, who lived on 4th. and Blair for many years. His wife, Shannon, and I became good friends and were involved in promoting the Whiteaker neighborhood in 1988. Shannon was a producer at MGM, and hung out with the Rat Pack. They almost had their own T.V. show that would feature local ad guest artists. I helped fix up a large garage in their backyard for this show. I was the manager of the Whiteaker Community Garden in back of Whiteaker Park that was built by Jeff’s neighbor, Robert.

Jeff cooked French food in his Whiteaker home and had famous musicians over after they played at the HULT.

Jeff and I went to the same High School. He was in love with my girlfriend who had the same mole Belle has on her neck. He took her to France where she lived with her radical sister. I wrote Jeff to see if he and his brother would produce Love Dance.

I was a great dancer in High School and invented dancing feet away from your partner. I would do the Pony as far as fifteen feet away while fift kids made a circle around me and clapped. When Belle told me she was a dancer, I knew I had met her The Muse of the Dance.

I had a art studio on Blair where Los Brasas used to be. I worked on this large seascape as bums ad addicts peeked in. Sometime a young beautiful woman would drop in, and stand in front to my painting.

“You look jut like Venus on a half-shell!”

My friends suggested I might get my throat cut messing with these anarchists. I don’t care about that as much as I do about being afraid to publish things on my blog that will be stolen from me, or, make the Group Grope believe my newspaper is subject to their “Post Conventional Reality”. From now on, this reporter for Rosamond Press, will be attending the Whiteaker Community Council meetings to keep them honest!

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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