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Blume is a rugged individualist. She goes down roads we all wanted to go down, but, only Phoebe had the guts. She did unthinkable things down those roads, thing most of us would never think of doing. When she came back, she begins to write songs about her personal experiences, that is nothing like anyone’s personal experiences. Phoebe doesn’t care if you get her words. She is not about words, not about music, not about songs. Alas, I think I know who Phoebe is, she is an intellectual. Phoebe is a thinker. This came to me when she was singing about King Henry 8th. How many songs are there about this – king? One!

I was at the WOW Hall six years ago when I first lay eyes on Phoebe. She was sitting on the side seat near the stage – thinking! There was space next to her. I took it with every intention of speaking to this interesting looking person, but, could not. Why? I felt her soul. It was a very large soul. Then, someone invited Phoebe to come on stage, and sing. This is when I knew Phoebe owned a giant soul.

Years ago, I considered taking a walk with Phoebe, thinking this the best way to get to know her. Perhaps one day I will interview Phoebe as we walk down a road together.

Jon Presco

The term “intellectual” can denote three types of people. An intellectual is a person who uses thought and reason, intelligence and critical or analytical reasoning, in either a professional or a personal capacity and is:
1.a person involved in, and with, abstract, erudite ideas and theories;
2.a person whose profession (e.g., philosophy, literary criticism, sociology, law, political analysis, theoretical science, etc.) solely involves the production and dissemination of ideas;[2] or
3.a person of notable cultural and artistic expertise whose knowledge grants him or her intellectual authority in public discourse.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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