I Will Draw and Paint Belle








Christine 1980 Modeling on Sofa

Christine 1980 Modeling with Wate rCan

Christine 1992 at Gettys NY

Belle and I met at the Wandering Goat, I am going to go forward with my desire to render Belle in several works, one being a grouping of my muses like the one John did above. Being kin to Talitha Getty, via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, brings together a grouping of artists and muses that are kin to my later sister, Christine Rosamond Benton. Christine was her own model. With Belle, the Sleeping Beauty Court is awake! Above is Christine at the Getty mansion where she spent several nights.

Belle Burch made a verbal contract with me, being, in exchange for the Schwinn bicycle I gave her, she in turn would give me ten hours of modeling.

As I informed Belle, our meeting was a historic event, being, she is now associated with a family of artists and muses of great importance.

Christine is wearing one of Marilyn’s dresses she bought, the same one my wife wore at our wedding.

Jon Presco

Copyrght 2014




Another to come under Pol’s spell was the dancer Rudolf Nureyev, who first met her at a party in 1965. According to Nureyev’s biographer, Julie Kavanagh, the two were in thrall to each other, to the extent that Nureyev “had never felt so erotically stirred by a woman” and told several friends that he wished to marry Pol.[4]

Talitha Dina Pol was born in Java, then part of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). Her father was Willem Jilts Pol (1905–88), a painter who subsequently married Poppet John (1912–97), daughter of the painter Augustus John (1878–1961), a pivotal figure in the world of “Bohemian” culture and fashion. She was thus the step -granddaughter of both Augustus John and his muse and second wife, Dorothy “Dorelia” McNeil (1881–1969), who was a fashion icon in the early years of the 20th century. By Ian Fleming’s widowed mother, Evelyn Ste Croix Fleming née Rose, Augustus John had a daughter and Talitha’s aunt, Amaryllis Fleming (1925–1999), who became a noted cellist.

in Augustus John’s art she at times served more exotic purposes, wearing scarves and long dresses,[10] but was also the subject of domestic scenes, including those which show her with Augustus’ first wife and their children.[9][11] It is said that she “made a significant contribution to the ‘bohemian utopianism’ of the artist’s most intensely creative period, c. 1903-1914.”[9] Eventually she had two sons and two daughters with Augustus. She lived with him until his death in 1961.[3] Her step-granddaughter was the 1960s bohemian fashion icon Talitha Getty.





Greg 1979 & Wife at their Wedding



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