Last of the Rowdy Girls

Greg 1975 Gloria

Greg 1975 Shamus & Shannon

Greg 1977 Rosemary & Lillian

Rosamonds 1919 June & Bonnie

As I laughed with Belle in the Wandering Goat, I realized she was the Last Rowdy Girl I would enjoy the company of. Belle is…….Bad! I mean this in the good sense. She is full of derring-do! She is not afraid to take chances. When I told her I wanted her to have Bluebelle so she won’t have to walk the dangerous streets of the Whiteaker, she put her hands on her hips, and gives me a fantastic Errol Flynn. I mean, she could pass for Flynn’s daughter!

“Afraid! Only cowards are afraid my good man! I have nothing to be afraid of. I have my band of merry anarchists lurking about, they ready to spring out of the darkness and defend me with their very lives! Hahahahahaha!”

As my reader knows, I have been reporting on the signs that tell me my time here is almost done. I told Belle she was my Heir, and she was delighted. However, things took a turn for the worse, and I might have a stalker out there who is very upset I hurt Belle’s feeling when I said her poem was bad – worse than bad, it not even a poem. Poetry is eternal, thus, you never begin one with the word
“Yesterday!” I am afraid I can not take it back, and I will meet my fate because I dare give the one I love some…..honest feedback! I do not want my beloved Bohemian to be a good poet, I want her to be a great poet! And now, the fatal feedback comes for me!

Above is a photo of me with my mother Rosemary, and my aunt, Lillian. These girls were bad – very bad! They both dated Errol Flynn when they were seventeen. Their mother chased Errol and his good friend out of the Rosamond home when they came courting at sunrise. Mary was in a long white nightgown, her long hair trailing behind her as she came at Errol with a broom!

“Get out! There are young women in this house!”

Why do I suspect Ambrose identifies with Flynn?

The shirt I am wearing at Christine’s wedding, held at her home that used to belong to the actor, Mickey Rooney, was made by my lover, Gloria Ehlers, who was a terrible artist. She had gone to the University of Wisconsin for two years, and majored in art. When she showed me a photo of her masterpiece, her work that was the final in her oil class, I about puked! Smack dab in the center of this, monstrosity, was a ten point Elk in all his majesty. Behind him was snow-capped mountains. At his feet was a BLUE river – right out of the tube. Must I describe the evergreens!!!

Gloria’s real talent was, she gave the best deep-throat in the universe. She had eight boyfriends when we met, that she couldn’t get rid of. When she went down on me, I understood why. Gloria was……….bad to the bone! One of her lovers was Jim Matson, who along with his sister, were the White Panthers, the legal team for the Black Panthers.

I think Belle could have hung with Lillian and Rosemary, but, when the real brutal battles begin, Belle would be out of there, because, this is a very good human being, who dare be beautiful to the bone.

I am sorry I hurt you Belle.

While Royal Rosamond was in New York, having failed to land a book deal, my grandmother told him not to come home. She then dragged out boxes of his little novel no one wanted. She put these books in a pile, dressed her four beautiful daughters in the Indian wear their father had sent them, doused the pile with gasoline, and as the bonfire rose in the sky, she made them whoop and dance around the ruin of this gentle man, who in truth, was a fair poet, but, a terrible writer. The name of Royal’s book……The Copper Indian.

“We were all crying!” Lillian told me.

All the beautiful Rosamond sisters were heartbroken. Only Rosemary saw her father again. Belle is the Beauty at the end of my days, the beauty we all deserved, that has eluded us for too long.




Tom Snyder and the Rowdy Girls

I just discovered that Khara Bromily, who gave Christine a Tarot Card reading,
co-authored two movie scripts ‘The Rowdy Girls’ and ‘The Chosen One: Legend of
the Raven’ starring Julie Strain who looks like Rena on steroids. Strain has
been titled “Queen of the B-movies” and “Queen of All Media “. One can say that
Julie Strain is the inner Rosamond. I hereby crown Christine Rosamond ‘Queen of
B Artists’. We lived in Concord where Strain was born.

Here is Khara Bromily telling Tom Snyder the Death card came up in Rosamond’s
Tarot card reading a week before she drowned.

“Was there any indication to Khara in her vision, or the cards themselves, of
death or impending doom? Did Christine have any concerns in that regard?
My work is about health and forgiveness and self-worth. A death pronouncement
can work against all that. But, if you are asking if a Death card came up, then
the answer is yes?”

Here is the Genesis of the Rosamond Cult. Tom Snyder is suggesting there were
supernatural forces at play in regards to the death of a World Famous B Artist.
Working in tandum, it is obvious Tom Snyder and Khara are interested in
immortalizing Christine so they can enhance their careers as authors. Hugh
Bromily conducted the funeral services. Is Christine ‘The One’ who would give
rise to a new generation of Super Women who would defeat the Poisoned Male
Pedigogy and restore Lillith to her rightful throne?

Tom Snyder smears my family, tells the world that those in Rosamond’s home after
the funeral looted the place! Of course we looted the place, the Rosamond Women
are the original Rowdy Women, the daughters of a real cowboy and Ozark
Hillbilly. Consider ‘The Beverely Hillbillies’. Looting the home of your dead
kin is traditional in the Ozarks! What the fuck does that outsider know. He
should be horse-whipped! Tom Snyder doesn’t even cut it as a B Author! He is a D
Author who wrote a wimpy manual on how to avoid getting hooked up with a famous
manic depressive female artist. Ah! He’s no fun!

“Oh it was just awful.” Lillian recalls. ‘Rosemary was shouting that Shannon was
late, ‘and ought to have her butt kicked.’ I don’t know all what she said after
that but she had her silver flask with her and it was getting rough.”

Of course Rosemary had her silver flask, all the Rosamond Women carry a
silverflask containing a magic potion to ward off rival Succubuses.

My daughter tried to convince me I was too insane to defend myself from her accusation that I was insane! Since she could remember, her mother told her she had a very special relationship with the famous artist, Rosamond, and thus her mother did – even though they never met. Christine died before she met her niece who was ten when my sister was dragged into the ocean and “killed” by that rogue wave.

I met Heather six years later. She was an aspiring actress looking to get a role in a movie. When the ‘Castrated One’ accused this young woman of using her father to get in the movies, she told him;

“You’re insane!” said the Chosen One.

When I went to the park with Heather and her sister-in-law, she told me about meeting Heather’s half-brother David’s two sisters who were Black Panthers who knew Angela Davis very well. Patrice Hanson lived with a Black Panther in Chicago. He died in a fire.

In the movie ‘Sabriski Point’ we see some black radicals and a Davis look-alike. If Patrice saw this movie she would say “That’s me! That’s us! I did that – for real.”

“Heather is kin to Mel Lyman who ran a cult. Cult members starred in Sabriski Point. One held up a bank like Patty Hurst did. Two of my friends in Oakland were members of the Sibonese Liberation Army including my landlord who asked me to give up my apartment for a friend. Rena Easton stayed in his house. He was questioned by the FBI.

Above is a illustration of Julie Strain who was born in Concord California where Christine went to kindergarten. Here is were the ninety year old crone taught.

Julie looks like Rena. Julie stars in two movies written by Khara Bromiley who did a Tarot Card reading of Christine two weeks before she was “killed”. The Death card came up. Her husband was the minister at the funeral, he speaking words as Christine lie there dead.

If you think I am crazy, get a load of the contributions of outsiders. Add it all up, and you get a real ‘Chosen One’.

And who might that be?

Here is Julie Lynch’s treatment of an promiscuous female artist that gets raped. Julie is trying to sell her biography of my late sister and uses the Sex Angle. As a male I bet you there are women readers who are outraged at me talking about my “sex secrets”.

The cultist women around Christine could not accept two simple truth, I was Rosamond’s teacher, and, I fathered a girl child. Why, because it made me a candidate for ‘The Chosen One’. I am a human being with talent, but, too bad about that erection thingy wingy!

The two biographies do not mention I was born with gifts, and, I have a daughter. They removed my daughter from my life, and left me a badly damaged thingy-wingy. They did not take all of it lest I be mistaken for a gifted woman, or an immaculate conception, a title my daughter holds on to. I don’t have AIDS, lest someone show me mercy.

‘Julie A. Lynch made her directorial debut with this low-budget indie, an AIDS drama set in 1992 NYC, where three women — promiscuous artist Josie Ray (Christine Harnos), stand-up comic Jennifer Sharp (Brooke Smith), and MBA student Elaine Devlin (Amy Ryan) — learn their old college chum Chris Goodman (Garret Dillahunt) is hospitalized with complications from HIV. Awaiting word, they drink, talk, and compare past sexual histories. As sexual secrets surface, Josie attempts to get together with her ex, Matt Devlin (Bill Sage), Elaine’s brother. Shown at the 1998 Toronto Film Festival. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Below is an old post.

La Notte (English: The Night) is a 1961 Italian drama film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and starring Marcello Mastroianni, Jeanne Moreau, and Monica Vitti.

It appears some people who were looking to promote their agenda were allowed to attache themselves to the death of the famous Rose of the World – like parasites!. My daughter demands I give her side of the family complete privacy. I posted this several years ago

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