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On Christmas Day, as Rena wrote me her infamous letter, I am pronouncing the NAME OF GOD. I say that I being utterly alone is part of a prophecy. But, I am not alone. My Muse is writing my name. She writes the name ‘Rosemond’. Look at these posts! I have been posting on the Comet Kings of the Magi. A piece of green glitter came off Rena’s Christmas card she sent me, and alit on a white-out. In my letter to my Muse, I scrape off some glitter, and send back The Magic. Is this what freaked her out?

“Before I discuss the content, I found something when I read your letter the second time. In the white-out on page one there was the faintest speck of green glitter. It sparkled at me like a distant star. It was the essence of you to go with “Here I am!” It went with the date the letter was written – Christmas Eve. I saw the star making its way from your tree, to the snow in your poem, and then to me. It was so full of life. It was the promise of a completely happy life that has eluded you and I since we can remember.”

Rena’s friend talked her into putting an end to what can not end. Our ancient relationship and play, is eternal, like the play between Shiva and Kali. Every time we have contact, it’s Cosmic Warfare and Peace – as it should be! In what appears to be our destructive relationship, is…Beauty!

Rena defines our new battlefield in her letter, and, invites me to attack. I attack with love, and she is furious. The night before Dan Wayland called me I had a dream. I astro-traveled to Rena’s house. It was a house not a trailer, thus, I suspected she was lying to me. There were people in that house. Rena was scolding me along with a woman. I suspect they were members of Rena’s church. They looked for non-sanctioned magic because they run their creations through Jesus in a sick manner. I crept away. Rena found me outside her house and gave me a kiss, a Judas kiss! I forgive her. For, this is part of true prophecy. Like Salome, Rena danced for my head.

Jon Gregory Presco

Kali is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess. She assumed the form of a powerful goddess and became popular with the composition of the Devi Mahatmya, a text of the 5th – 6th century AD. Here she is depicted as having born from the brow of Goddess Durga during one of her battles with the evil forces. As the legend goes, in the battle, Kali was so much involved in the killing spree that she got carried away and began destroying everything in sight. To stop her, Lord Shiva threw himself under her feet. Shocked at this sight, Kali stuck out her tongue in astonishment, and put an end to her homicidal rampage. Hence the common image of Kali shows her in her mêlée mood, standing with one foot on Shiva’s chest, with her enormous tongue stuck out.

The Torah begins with the letters BRA and ends with BRA. This is the Bereshit as written in John Chapter One.


Revelation 22:13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

When the Jewish priests came to name John the Baptist there was a argument as to what his name would be. It is the infant John who puts and end to the argument by speaking the NAME and writing the NAME that means “The Gift and Light of the World” BERESHIT.
In John one we see Paul’s Roman scribes transferring this NAME over to Jesus. This is the greatest spiritual theft in all of human history.
Today is Christmas, and I am utterly alone and abandoned by family and friends. I knew this day was coming about three months ago. There were signs, and my clock stopped working. I knew my days as God’s Messenger was coming to and end. However, rejoice, for it is the Hand of God that forces my hand, and it is He who writes THE TRUTH, for all you have forsaken Him. Not one of you have thanked Him for the Gift of Life. For the Gift of the Universe. For the Gift of THE WORD!
Satan Paul destroyed the Children of ‘The Way of the Word’. After the fall of the temple Paul’s Roman children stole the teaching of the undefended House of the Name, cut the Jews out of their Teaching, and transferred it over to Roman Slave Masters. Paul bid new converts to remain slaves. Mission accomplished.
I have come to drive Satan Saul-Paul out of the World of the Word for he is a virus that keeps the King of the Word from coming to fruition. John was the ‘Son of the Rabi’ who an angel appeared to while he was in the HOUSE OF THE NAME.
“Let there be light!”
John The Nazarite

“Some have suggested that Arthur was a mythological or folklore figure, that other mythological figures also may have become historicised: one suggestion is that Hengest and Horsa were originally Kentish totemic horse-gods, ascribed a historical role by Bede.[3] There is, however, no more early trace of this fictional Arthur than there is of a historical one.”
The Trojan Horse was made as a lure because the horse was the emblem of Troy. No further information is to be found on this emblem. Is Troy the source Kentish totemic horse-gods? Hengest and Horsa cam from Jutland where the Cimri made a home. Rosamonde, the Queen of the Cimri, married Pharamond to make the Sicambrian Franks who descend from the Kings of Troy.
“The name Rosamund (also spelt Rosamond and Rosamunde) is a girls’ name and can also be a family name (surname). Originally it combined the Germanic elements hros, meaning horse, and mund, meaning “protection”. Later it was influenced by the Latin phrases rosa munda, meaning “pure rose”,[1] and rosa mundi, meaning “rose of the world”.[2] “Rosamunde” is the German and “Rosemonde” the French form of the name.”
The name Rosamund means “horse protection”. The names Hengest and
Horsa means “stallion” and “horse” respectively. These twin brothers
were Jutes from Jutland where the Cimmerians came to dwell. Gauthier
de Costes de la Calprenede is said to have written the first historic
romance novel when 1668 he compiled the history of the Merovingian
Frankish Kings in ‘Faramond’. Within we have an account of
Pharamond’s love for Rosemonde, the Cambrian princess whose tribe,
the Cimri, are mentioned in the Bible, they associated with the Royal
Scythians and the people of the ‘Prince of Rosh’ that Ezekiel
prophecised against in chaper 38. They are the horseman of the
Russian Steppes who would form the Celtic peoples when they moved
west. The ancestors of the Merovingians are kin to the Cimri, who
they chased into Asia, all the way to Ceylon India. The Royal Scots
claim in the ‘Arbroath’ they are descended from theCimri, a name that
means “red”, or “rouge”.
“That which I was obliged to tell you of the beauty of Rosemonde,
inrecounting to you what fashion she appeared to the eyes of my
master, hindered me from extending something upon that of Albisinda:
but Imay tell you with truth, that if Rosemonde were not in the
world, perhaps there would be nothing more beautiful then that
Princess; and that next to Rosemonde, she has those particular
charms, which nothing can withstand: she has without doubt has less
splendor and Majesty than the Princess of the Cambrians.”
“Pharamond was a legendary Frankish king, possibly a historical ruler
of the fifth century. His life parallels that of Vortigern and
Arthur. Indeed, one can make a case Arthur was modeled after
Pharamond. In Arthurian romance he was a freedman (a slave who had
been setfree) who seized the French throne. He came in disguise to
Arthur’s court, for Arthur was an enemy, but his disguise was
penetrated. His daughter, Belide, was enamored of Tristan, who did
not requite herpassion, thereby causing her to die of a broken heart.
Pharamond provided a refuge for Tristan and Gorvenal after the of
Meliodas. Ariosto tells us that Tristan defeated Pharamond’s son,
Clodion, in combat . According to a non-Arthurian romance of the
seventeenth century, Pharamond was enamored of Rosemonde, daughter of
the King of the Cimbri. Gauthier de Costes de la Calprenede is the
said father/inventor of Historic-Romance, and his ‘Pharamond’ has
Rosemonde as the centerpiece of his story. “
I am looking at the possibility Rosamund ‘Hrosmund’ is kin to the
horse goddess, Epona for the fact reliefs of her were nailed to the
centerpost of barns, and fresh garlands of roses hung about her image
for protection of the barns and the horses within. This may be the
source of the Rosary, a means of protection from the plague. Barns
were prone to catch barn due to lightening strikes and spontaneous
If history in the last two thousands years had been written by
horses, rather then by the celebate fathers of Saint Paul, the lying
Pharisee for the Herodians, then one would behold the origional
Nazarite church going forth on horseback to all parts of the world,
even China, spreading the teaching of the Parthian ‘King of Kings’.
The Chinese called the Parthian horses “dragons”, no doubt Rouge
Dragaons of the Scythians and Cimri.
One author associates the Cimmerians to Tolkien’s horseman of Rohan.
Another suggestes the Cimri are the ‘Rose Line’ made famous by Dan
Brown. Allow me to tweak his code device, and reveal to you the APPLE
is a member of the ROSE family, and thus as a MAGIcian, I turn the
apple into a rose. Now, whom PROTECTED this real ROSELINE?
Jon Presco
Copyright 2007
“In this light, I can make a suggestion to all who perceive the Rose
Line as stemming through the Merovingian Franks (i.e. to the De
Bouillon family): that’s only a part of the story, while another part
is the Scandinavian right to the Rose Line, just as much or more than
the Merovingians. Those who would buck against this suggestion should
know right here and now that the Merovingians worshipped Wotin/Odin
and other gods worshipped by the Scandinavians. Plus, while there are
many Scandinavians who freely claim descent from Cimmerians having
settled proto-Hungary en route to founding Denmark and Sweden, it
just so happens that the Merovingian Franks descdended from
Sicambrian Franks. Sicambria was named after the Cimmerians, and it
was a city located in proto-Hungary. That is, it looks a lot like the
Sicambrian Franks were one and the same stock, the Danes, Swedes, and
other Scandinavians.

Who are the Magi, and why have they come to behold a infant born under a star? When one sees the Pharisees as being allied to Jesus – they putting him to a favorable test – then one must wonder if Jesus is a Parthian. If you replace the Pharisees with the Magi, who are presenting a Savior, the meaning of the name Jesus, then one sees the Magi were the earliest Christians whom Saul-Paul persecuted, he claiming he had papers to pursue these early followers into Damascus. How did Paul recognized them? Well, they had very large noses, and they may have been Skythians.

Before I discuss the content, I found something when I read your letter the second time. In the white-out on page one there was the faintest speck of green glitter. It sparkled at me like a distant star. It was the essence of you to go with “Here I am!” It went with the date the letter was written – Christmas Eve. I saw the star making its way from your tree, to the snow in your poem, and then to me. It was so full of life. It was the promise of a completely happy life that has eluded you and I since we can remember.

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