Rena as Eris






I found Rena’s Avatar – Eris ‘The Goddess of Chaos’. There is a very mischievous being behind the beautiful mask Rena wore. Rena dismisses this being in her letter that suggests she has changed, but, she is up to her old tricks. ” She likes to be the one with all the cards, as the house always wins.”

Rednecks are into chaos. They love to get drunk and tear up the place. They wave Confederate flags and give a Rebel yell! They back the Killer Jesus who they prey will bring ruin and chaos to the whole world, and then, choose only them to be his close pals.

Jon Presco

Eris is a cunning and mischievous goddess, as well as manipulative. She likes to be the one with all the cards, as the house always wins. She’s often very cocky, and doesn’t believe she can lose, but on the rare occasions she does, well she has to figure out a way to get back. Though she isn’t known for nice temper, Eris can get angry quickly, when orders go unfollowed, or things don’t go according to plan. She doesn’t like to be fooled, and she’s obliged to be vengeful. The only thing that stops her from going against her own word: she’s bound by it, once her word is given, she must follow through. Though it might not be at the exact moment, and she will try to lead you astray. She loves chaos and destruction, and when things get to dull or something catches her eye, she’ll intentionally cause it. Eris is also known to turn on the charm, and is a very experienced when it comes to the ways of charm and getting what she wants.

Being an immortal, Eris’s godly businesses are to extensive to recount. Her numerous destructions and mischievous causes, there are too many to count. Though on a recent occasion, Eris’s mighty plan failed her, causing the goddess to be angry and particularly vengeful. It all started with a sea monster, a pirate, and a prince. She’d planned to destroy the perfect peace of Syracuse, framing the pirate, Sinbad, for the theft of the book of peace. And in Sinbad’s dark heart, he would have run, and the crown prince would have died, his foolish trust being the end of him. And then Sinbad’s woman came aboard. At first, it was the perfect opportunity for chaos, causing Sinbad’s conflicted emotions. It was juicy. But Marina was determined, and Sinbad was in love and he listened to her. The woman brought Sinbad’s heart to thaw from a long frost, and her plan failed miserably. She gave him a second chance to run, and yet he didn’t accept. And the goddess of chaos and discord ended up saving the peace of a crumbling city.

And then, a brilliant vengeful plan. Whisking away the assassins, their lives and loyalties curled around her fingers, this force of ruthless attackers in her palms. Not only could she send cause in Sinbad’s direction, she could send it anywhere she wanted. She ruled with an iron fist, her immortality giving her a high advantage. She liked playing leader, liked the power. She had more power than they, and it would be close to impossible for that to change. Her assassins were loyal, if not she’d know… She liked being front and center, on the stage instead of in the peanut gallery or back stage. She was the conductor of the choir. She liked these new ‘games’ she liked the destruction, the chaos, and the fighting that went on. She used her own loyal assassins as pawns, the select few reaching knights and bishops, using their strife and chaos. Using their emotions and beliefs to bend themselves into a tighter knot around her fingers, using them to kill.

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