What I Believe Happened

Christine 1979 Fishing

Christine 1979 Shannon with Fish


This is how I believe my beloved sister met her death, and why the truth was concealed.

Vicki Presco and her son Shamus Dundon stop by Vic Presco’s apartment in Lafayette after work. Vicki and her father are not talking, so her son goes in to get the key for the shed in order to get Vic’s fishing poles to take to Rocky Point. Vic told me this. Thus, the Pinecone article contained Vicki’s lie, it saying Christine suggested they go to town and rent fishing poles. What they didn’t have was bait, so, after putting some muscles on the hooks, they might have tried to catch a lizard for bait. This is why Shamus says he was looking for lizards.

Suddenly, a big wave breaks into the cove, shoots fifty feet into the air, and fills the bowl with water. As it sleuces out, Drew is dragged over a fifteen foot wall. Shamus, does not dive in after her. He knows how dangerous it is. Whole families die trying to rescue each other.

Vicki goes running up to the house to call 911, she ordering her son not to go in after Drew. Vicki was in the Navy. She knows the drill.

Rushing into the house she sees Christine who is alarmed. Vicki tells her Drew is in the water. Christine rushes out of the house without bothering to put on a jacket. She sees Shamus standing there doing nothing. Christine has had nightmares about drowning by a large wave. Her nightmare has come true, because she aslo feared her daughter would meet the same fate.

She understands Shamus had disobeyed her about bringing Drew down here. She orders Shamus into the water. He refuses. Christine dives in, grabs Drew, and after a few attempts, manages to hand Drew off to Shamus. Christine is stuck at the bottom of drop-off where she will cling to the rocks for about forty-minutes until her muscles exploded due to the cold water. For another ten minutes she drifts two hundred feet out to sea, where a helicopter will take her out – still alive.

Why did these mentally ill people tell such egregious lies”

Garth Benton shows up. He and Christine have been in divorce court for a year. There was a child custody battle. On the way to the hospital Garth tells my family that if Shannon Rosamond knows the truth, she and her attorney will make everyone pay for the death of her mother. She will keep her sister from getting her share of the estate. Like her mother, Shannon is mentally ill, thus, it does not matter if she knows the truth. Only ‘The Sane Ones’ deserve the truth.

They LIE these monster came up with puts Christine at fault. She is the one who suggested they go to Rocky Point and explore tide-pools. She is the one who ignore’s Layne’s warning. She is the one that sat on that final rock with her back to the see, refusing to go get lunch like Vicki suggested.

The ‘Evil Sick Liars’ in my family could not explain to me why Christine was not wearing her down jacket like the one we seen above. The only answer can be Christine had no intention of going fishing, but, this is what Shamus Dundon had his heart set on doing. No man likes to face the truth, he is coward. Nor does a man like to be caught lying.

These adults convinced Christine’s eight year old daughter that her cousin she adored would be trouble with Shannon.

“You know how she is?” says my evil dark sister.

No one says they went to Rocky Point to go fishing verses tide-pooling. Having lived in Pebble Beach for twenty years, Christine knew were to go to safely explore tide-pools.

My beloved sister is not dead an hour, than my family conspired to go after Christine’s daughter. They saw nothing wrong about doing this. There was another obstacle in their way. They knew there was a chance I would not buy it. Did they care about my feelings? No! Did they care that Christine was dead? No!

These liars destroyed this creative legacy and my relationship with my daughter and grandson.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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