Beauty Bonding With Brutes

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aarena22If my late sister, Christine Rosamond, was alive, and she asked Rena to be her model and muse, would Rena call the sheriff and have him back Rosamond off by accusing her of stalking Rena? That would be insane! Well, this is almost exactly what happened – to me.

Above is a photo of Bijan, an old man who imitated Christine Rosamond and made a lot of money. He was hired to compete with my sister by a rival promoter of commercial art. He was bid to keep his true identity a secret. His followers believed HE was a WOMAN because he borrowed the name of a famous female fashion photographer. This is a Art Parasite! A search was launched to find – HER! Knights went out with glass slippers. For a year, some concluded I was Sara Moon. This is almost, correct.

For the last thirteen years, Rena has worked very hard as a janitor in order to make her husband’s dream come true. Being a one man farmer and rancher is an expensive hobby – and ego trip today.

Rena is directly responsible for Rosamond and Sara Moon’s fame and success. I used Rena as a New Pre-Raphaelite Model. I was making an offer to Rena to be my Model and Muse, the Heroine of my autobiography, and Fair Rosamond in the Grail Labyrinth. Not only did Rena turn this offer down, she tried to get me arrested for stalking her, and get this blog removed, all my work – destroyed! I will explore her motive in this blog, which is my registered newspaper in Lane County.

Rena filed a report with Dan Mayland, the Sheriff of Galenten County. She claimed, after reading my letter to her and posts in this blog, I owned a HIDDEN AGENDA that I had carefully concealed. Officer Mayland, and Rena Easton concluded I was stalking my old girlfriend, and meant to do her bodily harm. Dan Mayland had not read Rena’s letter to me. He did not even ask me to send him a copy of the initial contact Rena made – with me – so he could have it on record, just in case there is trouble more trouble coming my way out of the blue, I will consult my attorney and bid her to put my case in Officer Mayland’s file he has complied on this outrageous accusation!

From what I can gather from Rena’s letter to me, she assumed I wanted to put my penis in her vagina, and have her live with me so I can do that whenever I feel like it. She had to believe I wanted her to betray her husband so I can get my sexual needs met. Assuming this, she began to scrutinize and examine me to see if I was worthy, and my motives were not that of a serial killer, I only wanting to get close to her so I can kill her.

Now, this is pretty generic dating stuff. You can go on the internet and there are hundreds of sites that will do a background search on your new boyfriend, or, the dude you want in your bed. You can see if he has been arrested for molesting children, or, stalking a woman who did not want his attentions. How many men use these sites to see if their prospective lover is – SANE!

Rena solicited my attention. Apparently Rena has been stalking me for around nine months reading my blogs, especially those that pertain to her. Finally, she feels I am sane, and it is safe to make contact with me. She sends me a letter, and I reply to it. According to the sheriff, my letter really alarmed her and made her feel unsafe – as did this blog! For some reason I failed the final test. Which is what?

Well, after reading my letter, Rena did not assume I wanted to have sexual intercourse with her, or, live with her. If she read that in my letter, than another letter from her could have gently put me in my place, again. Since the dawn of mankind, women have spurned the advances of men – on numerous occasions. When you read famous love letters, you see there is an art to this. Rena is, or was a very beautiful woman, so she had a lot of experience turning down men who wanted to have sex with her, and then after having sex with her, wanted to live with her and marry her.

Rena could have assumed correctly I am responding to the eighteen year old Rena, and sent another letter to me, that would gently dismiss ANY remaining sexual fantasies that are LURKING about in my brutish male being – once again! Rena did not do this, thus I must assume she came to believe I wanted to her bodily harm, rape her, or murder her, or – all of the above!

The only other sane explanation is, her husband got extremely jealous of me, threatens Rena, or me with egregious bodily harm – unless she demonstrate to him she is willing to destroy me for him, or, he will be forced to defend his honor – and hers! This is not an INSANE consideration. There are a hundred ancient stories out there where a beautiful woman marries a brute, who does not deserve her, and along comes some prince charming. People actually kill other people in this scenario. Just ask the sheriff. So, if Rena believes I am trying to harm her, then she is going to ask her husband to protect her by any means possible. I have to ask this question, is Rena – INSANE? How about her husband?

What a great story this would be ‘Murder by Muse’. A model becomes the muse for a famous artist who tells her that he could teach his popular style to any ol Brute and make him famous. The model, who get paid very little, and has to fight off the sexual advances of the famous artists, challenges the artist, who goes out into the street and picks a rather stupid fellow to be his protégé. After teaching the brute his winning style, the model seduces the brute, and in a jealous showdown, the brute kills the artist.

The model then bids her brutish lover to teach her the winning style, and she becomes the most famous female artist of all time. She is invited to some grand parties in royal courts all over Europe. She opens her legs wide to some real regal and professional lovers. She hardly has time to paint anymore, so, she puts the brute to work cranking out masterpieces that she signs her name to. When the brute complains about not having a life of his own, she puts him down in a dungeon, and only gives him water and breast – when he slips her another masterpiece through the bars of his cell,

What did Rena WANT from me when alas she responded to my search for her. If she was just looking for a pen pal, why didn’t she contact me months ago? If she just wanted to say hello to an old friend, well, she could have sent me a post card nine months ago.

“Here I am! Check out the beautiful mountains!”

Here is what Rena said she wanted, that the sheriff had to recognize, with a nervous laugh;

“You will need to find someone else for THE JOB POSITION as Resident Muse, but you can nominate me for the Muse Hall of Fame if you like.”

Hmmm! This is the last paragraph of Rena’s letter – that needs to be scrutinized, put under a detectives spyglass – and thoroughly examined. If there should be a case of ‘The Murdered Muse’ the FBI would give this letter to specialists to examine.

“JOB POSITION” Hmmmm! Did Rena assume I would pay her money to be my live-in muse? Note how she capitqlizes “Resident Muse” and “Muse Hall of Fame”. This denotes established positions that she has CONSIDERED. I did not consider them – in writing. SHE did! Nowhere in this blog do I say;

“Rena! Where are you? I want you in my life, again so I can make love to you, marry you, and have you live with me happily ever after.”

There is NO offer to pay Rena to be my model. According to the sheriff I can not make any offers to Rena such, as paying her good money if she sends me old photos of her so I can do paintings of her from theses photos. I can’t even suggest she contact this old Iranian man, and work out a JOB POSITION with him in order to help pay for her husband’s medical costs. Indeed, I wonder if I will be arrested if I try to make money from the images I create of Rena so I can make SOME MONEY in a proffesional manner?

Hmmmmm! How would this look to Tea Party Congressman when I go to them and make a strong case my Right to make money in America is severely infringed upon?

Hmmm! None of this makes any sense. Rena had to have a MOTIVE – somewhere!

Try this glass slipper on for size. Rena shares my letter with one of her liberated girlfriends who do not like or trust men. She sees what Rena does not. She verbalizes the possibility that I am trying to EXPLOIT Rena, and her once astounding beauty. She convinces Rena I am typical of THE MALE FIEND, THE BRUTE who has raped the beauty of women for thousands of years. And when I have had my way with her, I leave her groveling in the dust, a abused and broken woman, as I move into the Rosy Limelight! This woman convinces Rena to take back her beauty, take control of her life -and back off THE BRUTE.

Just then, Rena’s cowboy lover comes in the trailer and remind Rena it is time she put aside all this Girl Gab, and get ready for work.

Yep! There are plenty of good stories to be drawn out of this encounter, and I plan to make me some good money from them. This said, I can not be a Stalker. It is official! I’m just a Business Man!
Do not get in my way, or I will see my attorney!

I got a good ol glass slipper here. I’m looking for some beautiful young woman to fill the position of my new Muse. There might be some money in it for the right woman, or, she might pose for me for free, just so she too can be installed in the Muse Hall of Fame!

In defense of sheriff Mayland, he did know what a Muse is, and how she relates to artists and poet. I assume he is doing some homework on the complex Artist-Muse relationship, just in case another Artsy Incident blow into town! Yep, the fight over dem Beautiful Rosamond Women, is famous far and wide!

Alas, there remains one explanation that Rena has been concealing behind that beautiful mask……

Rena is just plain – stupid!

I will not be blogging for awhile, because I am going to be authoring a letter to be sent to the producers of reality shows, movie producers, and book publishers, to see if they want to do something with my story of the Artists, the Cowboys, and the Muse, and, Capturing Beauty. Everything I write, or wrote about in this blog, is copyrighted. Everything I wrote about Rena, is copyrighted. If any producer or publisher wants MY STORY, and deems they want others to be in any form of MY STORY, I will post the means to contact said people.

Have a nice day!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

There is an old Iranian man who has been imitating Rosamond since 1976. He signs these knock-offs ‘Sara Moon’. Everyone thought he was a woman. He kept his true identity a secret for years. Some folks thought I was Moon. Last night I saw how similar the name SARA MOON is to the name ROSAMOND. Drop the D and you have seven of the letters that are in the name Sara Moon.

“For over 15 years he was totally oblivious to the ‘Where are you, Sara?’ calls that echoed around the world from the multitude of devoted fans he had unwittingly left behind.
With his absence and Red Baron Publishing gone too, his quiet ‘disappearance’ in retirement from Verkerke, the varied signatures on the artworks created much speculation over the years that followed. Did ‘Sara Moon’ ever exist? If so, where was this reclusive artist now?”

In 1973, Christine Rosamond offered to teach me her style so I could be rich and famous, too. I turned this offer down. In 1985 I sent some of my work to my old friend, Marilyn, so she could show them to Ira Cohen, the gallery owner who discovered Rosamond, and helped develop her style. Ten of the first paintings she did for Ira, were rejected.

Upon seeing my work, that included a portrait of my Muse, Rena Christiansen, he told Marilyn my work was “Too hard edge.” But, if I soften them up, he could sell them. I got his drift. Cohen wanted more decorative fashion art.

Sara The Man tailor made his art to sell. It’s like painting checks. Mr. Bijan could care less about owning an integral artistic identity, because he loved his bank! I just couldn’t do it! If I had I would be rolling in the doe and my daughter would not call me a Parasite?

Above is a photo of Marilyn on the beach taken by her friend, Steven Silverstein, the famous fashion photographer. Steven’s women are the Real Deal, real Fashion Plates. Steven photographed some of the most beautiful women in the world, included the First Lady of France. Perhaps I should have become a fashion photographer?
It’s never – too late!

One of Moon’s women is titled ‘Hippie’. Marilyn was a Hippie. She was my first Muse who feels the injustice parasitical outsiders have inflicted upon my family.

I understand folks don’t like me because I keep pointing out real fakes, frauds, and parasites. That many of Moon’s fans don’t mind that he hood-winked them – is the real study here! Behold the Republican candidates who are running on the platform Democrats are parasites!

Some of my friends wonder why I gave up wanting to be an artist.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

(Partial List)

Elle (U.S.*, French*, German*, Spanish*)
Vogue (Italian, German)
Vogue Homme
Harper’s Bazaar (German)
Harper’s & Queen
Madame Figaro*
Marie Claire (French)*

Sara’s Peers – and more …
Below are various images by artists whose work many see as ‘similar’ to that of Sara Moon. In some cases these works have been mistaken for that of Sara Moon and in one case (Christian) the artist has actually released works as ‘Sara Moon’ – see below for details.
Artists’ website links are provided where known. If you know of any other other artist that falls into this category, please let me have the details for future inclusion.
(With respect for copyright, works are all shown as ‘thumbnails’ only.)

The creator of the works that launched the name Sara Moon upon the world during 1976 is a Persian artist by the name of Bijan who lives in Germany. He had been commissioned by Red Baron Publishing of Los Angeles to create commercial artworks of the female form.
Four years later Bijan parted company with Red Baron and nothing by his hand was released again until Verkerke began to publish his art in 1981. For their part, Red Baron continued to satisfy demand for new Sara Moon work by commissioning the artist Christian to paint and sign images as ‘Sara Moon’. You can see Christian’s work here.
With Bijan at Verkerke, this led to works by both artists being released as ‘Sara Moon’ art during the years 1980-82 after which Bijan won the sole right to the name.
With regard to signatures, Bijan’s ‘ Sara Moon’ signature with Red Baron is shown above left. The Sara Moon paintings created by Christian during 1980-82 is shown above center, and Bijan’s more ‘stylised’ Verkerke signature is shown above right.
Bijan still owns most of his original works, but it is feared that many of the early pieces were lost when Red Baron Publishing was consumed by fire (c.1983?) at which time the company ceased trading.*

In Germany, Bijan continued to paint as Sara Moon for Verkerke until the early 1990′s when he retired to a quieter life to teach – out of the spotlight.

For over 15 years he was totally oblivious to the ‘Where are you, Sara?’ calls that echoed around the world from the multitude of devoted fans he had unwittingly left behind.
With his absence and Red Baron Publishing gone too, his quiet ‘disappearance’ in retirement from Verkerke, the varied signatures on the artworks created much speculation over the years that followed. Did ‘Sara Moon’ ever existed. If so, where was this reclusive artist now. Rumours that the artists was actually a Rumanian male hiding away in a small German town, turned out to be quite accurate – though Bijan wasn’t actually hiding – he just didn’t have a publishing contract any longer, nor did he have, or want, a computer. As such his world became a quiet place to relax and teach – and paint – for his own pleasure.
Then, during 2005, Bijan heard about the presence of this Web site and about the activities of the many-hundred-strong Sara Moon Yahoo Group, and with that he stepped back into the world of his fans again. Since then, Bijan has taken steps toward a future that has included the opportunity for us to see new and previously unpublished works and even offered the opportunity to purchase his long-held archive prints, and some originals too, kept in beautiful condition, away from all light for two decades.
That process began In late February 2006, when I was invited to Bijan’s home to meet with him and to view many of his creations old and new. For the story of a day I shall never forget and the beginning of a remarkable friendship, not to mention the beginning of a whole new era in the Sara Moon story, please click here.

• In 2010 Two of those 16 missing painting surfaced. Jennifer and Catherine are now in safe hands once more, leaving fourteen that could still be out there somewhere. You can see the missing painting along with Jennifer and Catherine in the the first section of the gallery depicting Sara Moon Art by Date, here. If you think you have seen one – or own one – PLEASE get in touch, we would love to know that they are still around!

He called a hearty greeting. Thomas descended the steps again and the two embrace with fond words and many slaps of the back. Then Bijan turned to me; arms open wide – warm hugs were mine too.
He indicated we should go indoors and that he would join us in a moment. Bijan’s wife Christel greets us, a glamorous lady with a beautiful smile welcomes us into her home. She is of German birth and though she speaks no English, I understand her Iranian tongue to be so eloquent it once gained her a position as a radio broadcaster there. She beckons me through to their living quarters, a lounge I would guess to be some 30 feet by 18 in size. Its décor looks French Colonial to me with its ornate furnishings, embellished with alabaster and bronze figurines. The walls are a virtual history of Bijan’s artistic life, though all but one that I could see were new to me.
Meet Sara Moon – Bijan Djamalzadeh

To say I was overwhelmed would be a gross understatement as I tried to absorb the many creations that surrounded me, many looking down upon me through eyes that gazed gently with a warmth so typical of Bijan’s hand. A familiar figure caught my eye, ‘The Thinker’ we call her and then another, so new and yet now familiar as that which has become the April image in our new dateless calendar. Beyond ‘The Thinker’, none of these images conformed to the style so typical of that we know as Sara Moon, yet most bore the familiar sweeping signature that adorned all of the later published works.
Two very nervous new friends
Bijan brought through his shopping bags. He loves to cook, but today Christel would manage the kitchen – there was so much to say and do. Again he takes my hand, embracing me as he may a trusted friend, his eyes full of nervous excitement, his smile a warm delight. He beckons me to sit with him, pointing to the white leather sofa beneath a huge brightly-coloured creation: Three model ladies seated on one sofa in three gracious poses that indicate total oblivion to each other and to the viewers gaze. Each in colours so different to the next as to suggested almost that they were occupying the same space in parallel universes, together, separately, at once and yet not at all.

Steven Silverstein is an internationally-recognized, award-winning photographer specializing in fashion, beauty and entertainment. With dedication to his craft, throughout his 30-year career he has photographed hundreds of editorial assignments (thousands of pages and dozens of covers) for the world’s leading magazines including Elle (French, American, Spanish, German), Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, Vogue Homme, and Madame Figaro among many others. Advertising clientele have included a roster of Fortune 500 companies, mainly in the beauty and fashion industries, including L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Yves St. Laurent, BCBG and Nine West, to name a few. Charlize Theron, Eva Mendes and Catherine Deneuve are just a few of the celebrities he has photographed. In addition, an 80′s Italian Vogue image was chosen for the Fall, 2011 group exhibit “Moda in Italia, 150 Anni Di Eleganza” at the Venaria Reale in Turin, Italy. His work has also been published in numerous books showcasing top photographers and designers, including KENZO (Rizzoli NY, 2010). Over the last several years, he has enjoyed mentoring young photographers in a fashion workshop series that he created in Los Angeles and Paris.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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