Beauty Bonding With Brutes

Several days after Beauty and I met in the Wandering Goat, she sent this quiz to me. I was puzzled. She had to have looked at my blog. She prefaced this request by saying she had not read my e-mails that highlighted this blog in regards to un-creative outsiders taking over Rosamond’s artistic legacy, she a world famous women artist known for her images of BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. My contention is, Artists and Belle go hand in hand in regards to the Muse. “

Rosamond Press

BOB22Christine 1978 3aaamoon33



aarena22If my late sister, Christine Rosamond, was alive, and she asked Rena to be her model and muse, would Rena call the sheriff and have him back Rosamond off by accusing her of stalking Rena? That would be insane! Well, this is almost exactly what happened – to me.

Above is a photo of Bijan, an old man who imitated Christine Rosamond and made a lot of money. He was hired to compete with my sister by a rival promoter of commercial art. He was bid to keep his true identity a secret. His followers believed HE was a WOMAN because he borrowed the name of a famous female fashion photographer. This is a Art Parasite! A search was launched to find – HER! Knights went out with glass slippers. For a year, some concluded I was Sara Moon. This is almost, correct.

For the last thirteen years, Rena…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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