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Just saw on T.V. a new show is going to premiere called ‘Hollywood Hillbillies’. I already posted in ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. My grandfather and his family are turning over in their grave. This blog is full of Hillbilly history and threats to turn my family chaos into a reality show. I have compared Rena to Moonbeam McSwine. Too bad my siblings and daughter didn’t let me do my thing as the family writer.

Hell, they got my truck and the first car I owned in two different museums. I’m going to write a script and send it out! It’s going to be titled ‘Me and My Redneck Muse’

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014


Three days ago I discovered there is a television show called “Sweet Home Alabama”. It is a dating show built around the theme of “Cultural Warfare” the major theme you will find in this blog. For years I have been threatening to turn this blog into a Reality Show, especially after my daughter mated with a fake NASCAR drunk whose daddy is a Tea Party Crazy living in Texas. Bill Cornwell is a chip off the old block, and my daughter Heather – the country western singer – could have been a contestant on this show when she was younger. At least she would have been wooed by some City Slicks verses the Yokels she’s been bonding with in Santa Rosa because there is a cultural fight over these Southern Belles, just like the fight I had over Rena Christensen and Dottie Witherspoon. Dottie is kin to Reese Witherspoon who starred in the movie this show is name after. Here is my prophetic post where I title members of the Tea Party “insane” in 2011. Most members of my family, and most of my friends, have been calling me insane.


Once again my family is out of the dough due to the cultural warfare they have been waging against me with the help of outsiders. They just don’t want me to succeed. I got no one on my side. The Galls turned on me when their son died in August. I was not invited to Jon Gall’s memorial held in the Gall backyard. When I asked Mark Gall why I wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to my friend, he told me I would not get along with HIS NEW friends who are radical Christians, Zionists, and Tea Party admirers. I then find out other old friends were not invited. It just so happens we are Democrats.

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