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outw10When Rena was sitting in that bar nursing a cola, she was looking way out to sea Could she see the Channel Islands that clear sunny day? My grandfather used to go camping on these Islands. He wrote a story about a man who goes to Santa Cruz Island and befriends a young pig. He is tried in court and found ‘Guilty’.

Here is a young woman who came west from Nebraska. She has no idea she is about to have an impact on California History.

After Mary Rosamond told her husband not to come home, and I must assume after he failed to get a book contract with Homer Croy, Mary dressed the four beautiful Rosamond sister in the Indian costumes that Royal picked up somewhere, and had them drag out boxes full of his little novel he could not sell. After Mary poured some gasoline on the pile of ‘The Copper Indian’, Mary made her daughters whoop and dance around the bonfire. My aunt Lillian says they were crying their hearts out. They were forbidden to mention their father’s name or repeat any of his history. When I exhibited a gift for writing poetry, I became a marked man. The Rosamond sisters, and my grandmother, got spooked.

Roy Reuben Rosamond was a very early promoter of Sunny California and the California Dream that Rena Victoria Christensen may have wanted to sample.

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Overland Monthly was a monthly magazine based in California, United States, and published in the 19th and 20th century.
The magazine’s first issue was in July 1868, published by Bret Harte, and continued until the late 1875. The original publishers, in 1880, started The Californian, which became The Californian and Overland Monthly in October 1882. In January 1883, the effort reverted to The Overland Monthly (starting again with Volume I, number 1). In 1923 the magazine merged with Out West to become Overland Monthly and the Out West magazine, and ended publication in July 1935.
Famous writers, editors, and artists included:
Ambrose Bierce
Alice Cary
Willa Cather
Frona Eunice Wait Colburn
Bret Harte
Ina Coolbrith
Edgar Fawcett
Henry George
John Brayshaw Kaye
Clarence King
Jack London
Josephine Clifford McCracken
Joaquin Miller
John Muir
Hugo Wilhelm Arthur Nahl
Stephen Powers – on California Native Americans.
William Saroyan
Clark Ashton Smith
Charles Warren Stoddard
Mark Twain
Joseph Pomeroy Widney – contributed 8 articles.

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