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endtimes4Yesterday I discovered Corbin (Corbenic) Castle and Elaine de Corbin who is the consummate Hippie Chick. This Grail Maiden is set on Love and lives in a Cosmic Communal Castle where there is never a dull moment. Strange things are happening everywhere!

For years now I have been trying to get the Corbin family I have known for sixteen years to respond to my posts on their relationship to the Plymouth Brethren from whom the Evangelicals – spring! John Darby took the hallucinations of a fifteen year old girl with a fever – and ran with them. This girl led to the shutting down of our Democracy, and the sabotaging of Obamacare, and thus is an important study – because it appears to coincide with the Grail Legends. This family is kin to Wallace.

In 1999 the Corbin Brothers lived in a Wonder Home on 13th. Street in Eugene Oregon. Everytime I went there with their father, ‘Wild Man’ Edwin Corbin, from every room sprang wonderous people who were doing creative things. I recall a Paint-in on the big front porch. If you were in search of a Magic Show, this was the place to go. If they had the funds, they would have created a theme park like Michael Jackson’s Neverland, but, being just a few blocks from the Campus of the UofO – where students never get old – there was a never-ending supply of fresh ideas.

As far as I can tell no Corbin subscribes to the Rapture and Tribulation, but, I am watchful of Wild Man Ed who speaks often of his flying dreams, and, is very disappointed he can not fly in real life.

From the Plymouth Brethren was made the most spendy and dangerous theme park of all time! The fuse has been lit, and Raptureland is ready to launch worthy evangelicals into space! Never mind that it is all make-believe, and this launch won’t work. You just never mind!

In the first video below, we see a clever reenactment of Ed Corbin’s dream, he alas at peace as he flies over America, everyone beholding him ad adoring him. If we all could own such a dream.

Jon Presco

Corbenic[pronunciation?] (also spelled Corbenic or Corbonek), Carboneck (Carbonek or Carbonic), or Corbin is the name of the castle of the Holy Grail in the Lancelot-Grail cycle and Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur. It is the domain of the Fisher King and the birthplace of Sir Galahad.

Elaine of Corbenic (also known as Amite, Heliaebel, Helaine, Perevida or Helizabel; identified as “The Grail Maiden” or “Grail Bearer”),[1] is a character in the Arthurian legend. She is the daughter of King Pelles and the mother of Sir Galahad by Sir Lancelot. She first appears in The Prose Lancelot (The Vulgate Cycle),[1] but fully emerges as a character in Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur.[2] She is described as “passing fair and young”.[3] Her first significant action is showing the Holy Grail to Sir Lancelot.

How at the Castle of Corbin a maiden bare in the Sangreal and foretold the achievements of Galahad” by Arthur Rackham

As befits the castle of the Grail, Corbenic is a place of marvels, including, at various times, a maiden trapped in a magically boiling cauldron, a dragon, and a room where arrows assail any who try to spend the night there. These wonders cause Sir Bors to name it the Castle Adventurous, “for here be many strange adventures” (Le Morte d’Arthur, book XI). Yet it can also appear quite ordinary: on an earlier occasion, according to the Lancelot-Grail, the same Sir Bors visited without noticing anything unusual.

After Sir Lancelot rescues her from a boiling bath, Elaine falls in love with him. In order to seduce Lancelot, who is in love with Queen Guinevere and would not knowingly sleep with another woman, Elaine goes to her serving woman, Dame Brusen, for help. Dame Brusen gives Lancelot wine and Elaine a ring of Guinevere’s in order to trick Lancelot into thinking Elaine is Guinevere.[5]
The next morning, Lancelot is most displeased to discover that the woman he slept with was not Guinevere. He draws his sword and threatens to kill Elaine, but she tells him that she is pregnant with Galahad and he agrees not to kill her, but instead kisses her.[6] Lancelot departs, and Elaine remains in her father’s castle and gives birth to Galahad.

On April 9, 2012, I recieved an e-mail from Kendall W. Corbin, the brother of my long term friend, Edward Malcom Corbin. Their father was the head of the Mayo Clinic and has two citations in Who’s Who. Kendall Brooks Corbin, married Eryl Portia Wallace, the daughter of Emilie Susan Cavenagh, who married Robert Bruce Wallace. Portia decends from the infamous William Wallace, and it looks like, Roberty Bruce. But what I am interested in is Portia’s kinship to Francis Cavenagh, a member of the Plymouth Brethren.

At Ed Corbin’s house I read about twenty pages on the Cavenagh family containing letters which mentioned the Plymouth Brethren throughout. Those papers Ed owned, got missplaced. When I spoke to Kendall on the phone, he said he would look for them. but, having just moved, this might take awhile.

“Francis Cavenagh (1810‐1875) and his wife Susan Prince (1812‐1885) were
parents of: (1) William Cavenagh (b. 1840), who became a banker; (2) Frank (most
likely Francis?) Cavenagh (b. 1842), who became a Plymouth Brethren missionary
on the Shetland Islands;”

There exist much controversy about the Brethren and their ties to John Darby who is being accused of inventing the Rapture Tribulation – now considered a heresy. He based this new religion on the visions of a fifteen year old girl kin to members of the Brethren – who may have owned the God Gene.

Kendall is a well educated Genesist, he authoring papers on birds. Ed and our friend, Mark Gall, graduated from Harvard and was the head of the Univerity of Oregon Department of Education. Mark is in Who’s Who. Richard Alpert was Mark’s councelor at Harvard, and believes he was given a dose of LSD when he was paid for being a Guinea pig. Mark’s dissertation was on creative and non-creative groups. Perhpas he sees some merit in the work of Gene Hammer that links LSD to the God Gene.

Consider the Mormon interest in genealogies, and Mitt Romoney’s trip to Israel where he promised to make Jerusalem more – American!

There is a secret ritual peformed by the Exlcusive Brethren where a Last Supper is performed and the breaking of bread. Here is the real Da Vinci Code.

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  1. Lois Mayer says:

    I am interested in any information you may gather on Francis Cavenagh and Susan Prince, as they are my ancestors. I’m not sure how to deliver messages via this format.

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