The Kiss of Life and Death

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McClures Beach at Sunset



beach23I owe my beloved Muse a deep explanation as to why our meeting has been so difficult and profound. And, why I love Rena Victoria so much. However, this explanation is going to freak her, and most people, out. Only the Seers at the Berkley Psychic Institute have no problem with my revelation, because they are the ones who saw what happened to me in 1967 that changed the course of my life.

At Marilyn’s insistence, I got a reading in 1987. I got sober. I had put so much out of mind. The reading began with a beautiful twenty year old woman saying this;

“You died. You own your own creation.”

In the second half of this reading I got to ask questions. I was a skeptic until I got the answer to my first two questions.

“If it is true I died, where was I – And, why did I die?”

“You were on these beautiful rocks by the sea. You were carrying much guilt that did not belong to you. You were in great pain. You had to let it go.”

Here is the rock I fell on.

What was meant by owning my own creations, was, my life passed before me, and I died and saw my very inception when my parents made love. I beheld my loving parents – creating me!

Back to our Kiss.

I so wanted to see Rena. She would not let me feel her face, touch her eyes. She held my arms down as her kiss penetrated the core of my soul. I was suddenly totally helpless. I surrendered to Rena completely. All of a sudden, I could see her pure white skeleton bathed in an electric blue. I studied the beautiful shape of her skull. God, even her bones are beautiful!

Now, I can fill a thousand pages with words that will begin to describe all the metaphors here. But, this is at the top. This is my wife after death. This is my spiritual soul-mate.

Rena filled me with peace, and life. She grounded me as I needed to be grounded for three years. Rena, and her radiant skeleton was Life Complete. Here is the great cycle of the Eternal Return. We are in the New Heaven and Earth. I was with the great mother as a beautiful maiden. She breathed fire and life into the core of my being. I never felt more alive. I wanted to make love in order to make life!

I died a virgin. I was twenty year’s of age. I was taking care of so much. We were trying to end the war. I felt so guilty about everything. No one had come this way. We were pathfinders. Note the sun coming through the hole in the rock that lie under the bridge we traversed. I felt like I was climbing the backbones of a great dragon. Hollywood could not make such a rock. This rock killed me. Here are the rocks that killed Christine who everyone said, followed in my footsteps.

When I learned that my beloved sister was swept from these beautiful rocks near Carmel, I wondered. You were like a sister to me. You were in need of a brother, and the male energy a brother can give unto his sister that reassures her there is someone that is taking the journey of life, with you, and is your Eternal Ally.

Christine and I conspired to Create, and you were our beautiful Muse. Consider your great fear of the sea. What did you see. Did your fear behold what happened, and what was about to happen? Have we immortalized you?

And that is that, my Dear Muse! I love you more than life itself. You were so kind and loving, so giving, and unafraid. No man has ever had such a woman by his side, and on his side. I am sorry I hurt you. Now you can go back and read what I wrote, and recall. I am your beloved Phantom of a Great Opera called – Life!

After the young woman said I own my creation, the guide in the back drawing my aura as a rose, said this;

“Are we in heaven? Is this proof there is a heaven?”

All four of us were smiling like newborn babies in our cribs.

Jon Gregory Presco

I had just finished reading Tolkien’s Ring Trilogy when Keith Purvis, James Taylor, and myself, set out for McClure’s Beach to drop Stanley Augustus Owsley’s latest and most powerful dose of LSD. On the beach, Keith suggested we each drop two doses. That was our first mistake. We had stopped and got some hotdogs and buns which was a cosmic joke, because you can’t eat anything – on two doses! We brought no water or soda – our second mistake. The date was February 11, 1967. It was unusually warm. However, the nights were still cold.

As we climbed the large rock at the end of the beach, I began to feel the effects of the LSD. I looked up to see Keith and James disappear into the sun that was setting atop the rock. I had a vision of us as Hobbits taking the Ring of invisibility to the mount to cast it in so we three could end the War in Vietnam.

When I stood up at the zenith, I was in a flash of bright white light. I lost my footing, and was tumbling down the rock. I put my hands out to stop my slide, and cried out as a sharp piece of rock tore into the palm of my hand. My feet were dangling over the edge. I looked down a hundred feet at the sea lions on a rock. I went into shock. I did not have the strength to pull myself up. That’s when I felt my friends grab the army shirt I was wearing, and pull me up. I looked at their eyes and they were black orbs due to the dilation of their pupils. They could barely move. We were in deep trouble for it was a treacherous climb up, and would now be a life and death struggle to get down. Keith and James had to hand me down to one another because my legs were gone. It took us a half hour to get down, and by that time, the LSD had become a monster. We had taken too much.

James tore up my army shirt to make a bandage for my wound that exposed a bone. He took me in the water to wash my wound, and we both got soaked by a wave. We had made the final mistake. The sun was setting, and it was getting cold. Then, I saw them, these beautiful white horses coming out of the waves. It was a very peaceful sight as I sat in the sand. Then, they came, with their beautiful banners flapping in the sea breeze. They contained the cote of arms of their noble families. My ancestors were amongst them. The Lords of Rougemont and Guyere, sent knights to capture Jerusalem. We were captured in battle and hung together on a gutter of a Crusader Castle we could not defend. We were left their for weeks, in our white tunics stained with blood.

Not once in my blogs have I mentioned John of Patmos. When I read Revelations many years later, I wondered. I wondered if we had fought the coming battle of Armageddon – and won! Had we prevented a worl war?

As the kights came out of the sea, row after row, the beauty of this sight, died. These knight meant business. All of sudden I felt and smelled their fear. People were going to die. These knights were riding into hell. Much blood woud be shed. Why? I was powerless to stop them. I was wet and cold and going into shock. We had no warm blankets. And then I heard the helicopters and the tracks of the landing barges. I was in the present. I was in Vietnam.

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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Rena was my disciple. She asked if she could walk with me. This is what the big fuss is about, my death and rebirth. Did her church folks find this blog? No one can be like their Jesus. It is a great evil to suggest you are like their Jesus. Rena and I were destined to meet. We were put on a path.

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