The Kiss of Life and Death

Rena was my disciple. She asked if she could walk with me. This is what the big fuss is about, my death and rebirth. Did her church folks find this blog? No one can be like their Jesus. It is a great evil to suggest you are like their Jesus. Rena and I were destined to meet. We were put on a path. I talked to her about Meher Baba, and gave her lessons about the Indian religion. I suspect she came from Nebraska in hope of being discovered by Hollywood. She said she was eighteen. Then the truth came out, she had just graduated from High School, and she was seventeen. What am I doing?……on a mountain, with a very beautiful woman, who should be doing her first walk-on? Hollywood was built on the long kiss…….and goodbye. The train leaves the station, with a cry, in a blast of steam. Yes, it is goodbye. But, the kiss will never forgotten.

Then, comes the letter. It’s from the ministry of war.

Rosamond Press

kiss of death poblenou barcelona 2

kiss of death poblenou barcelona 3

kiss of death poblenou barcelona 5




McClures Beach at Sunset



beach23I owe my beloved Muse a deep explanation as to why our meeting has been so difficult and profound. And, why I love Rena Victoria so much. However, this explanation is going to freak her, and most people, out. Only the Seers at the Berkley Psychic Institute have no problem with my revelation, because they are the ones who saw what happened to me in 1967 that changed the course of my life.

At Marilyn’s insistence, I got a reading in 1987. I got sober. I had put so much out of mind. The reading began with a beautiful twenty year old woman saying this;

“You died. You own your own creation.”

In the second half of this reading I got to ask questions. I was a skeptic until I got the answer to my first two questions.

“If it is true I died, where was I – And, why…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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