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sandrafaul“My biopic on the artist Rosamond was optioned by Oscar-winning producer Ronald Schwary and my courtroom drama placed second out of three thousand scripts in the 2007 IndieProducer Screenplay Contest.”

Vicki Presco told me she read the rough draft of Julie Lynches biography of our late sister, Christine Rosamond. Mark Presco told me he read the draft of Tom Snyder’s biography about this world-famous artist known as Rosamond ‘The Rose of the World’. Both books were failures. There are two screen plays out there. Sandra Faulkner claimed she interviewed Christine just before she died for her book that never saw the light of day – after I pointed out these notes belonged to my two nieces. My family did not want Shannon Rosamond in control of the autobiography because she would own a podium from where she could broadcast her claims of abuse, too!

In my biography I reveal my mother Rosemary blessed Vicki and Mark’s take over the Rosamond Legacy, and the undermining of the surviving artists. Christine, Shannon, and myself had openly confronted Rosemary’s drunken abuse and her living vicariously through her gifted children. She constantly claimed we got our gifts from her. She told the un-gifted ones it was their turn to be in the creative limelight so Rosemary could claim this after-death success was her success, it all due to her blessing the normal ones who never went against mommy.

Stacey Pierrot invited other vain women to come and stare in our pool so Rosamond’s fans will fall in love with them. Pierrot introduced Faulkner’s ‘Love Match’ on her webpage in 1997. Vicki, the Christian, told me she hates Julie’s sexy treatment of our sister. I had no say so. Mark and Vicki had no knowledge our families real history. I hold them responsible for destroying our amazing legacy.

The top photo is of Rosemary being the Star at her office party. No one dare ignore her at work, and, in her home when she got off of work. We all owed her – big time – because she was a single mom raising four children by herself, like her mother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, did. Lillian told me her mother was verbally abuse, she saying horrible things about her ex-husband, the failed writer who failed to become famous. If it were not for Mary making hats all day, her four beautiful daughters would have starved to death. They owed Mary Rose of the World – big time!

Mark was mommies favorite son. When I asked my brother why he didn’t contribute to Snyder’s book he got to read before it was published, he said;

“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about her.” Why then is he so interested? My sister is demonized in this book.

Rosemary made the green dress she is wearing, and most of her clothes. Needless to say, Rosamond’s success took the limelight off Rosemary – and Mark – who bid me to put exerts of his racist blog in my biography. When I refused, he banned me from the family.

Here is Mark on the Women’s Movement that did not go over very well with Rosamond’s loyal fans.

“The Problem With The Women’s Movement

The Woman’s Movement is based on two entirely false premises. The first is that “Women have been oppressed and sexually exploited by Men”. This is just the opposite of what is really true. Women enjoy a privileged position in this society and have been making a living sexually exploiting Men for the last five million years.”

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Weeks after my beloved sister drowned, Vicki Presco is showing me a copy of the autobiography Christine Rosamond Benton was working on when she had a mysterious accident. It began with Rosamond telling the world that everyone thought I would be a great artist one day….

“But, this was not to be.”

Vicki then went to another marked page to have me read about the fight Christine and I had over the last of the milk. This world-famous artist is vilifying me, making sure I would never be a famous artist – someday!

I, and the world have not read Rosamond’s own words – hence! Why was this autobiography disappeared?

When Pierrot was sold my families Artistic and literary Legacy in 1997, she put up a webpage wherein she puts words from Sandra Faulkner who claims she was interviewing Christine just before she died, helping her with her autobiography. I wrote the executor, Sydney Morris, and bid him to get those notes Faulkner must have, because they are intellectual property that belongs to the estate and the two Heirs. What became of Faulkner’s words after she quit the project? Enter Tom Snyder, whom Patrice blessed, they no doubt having several conversations about my late sister – and me. How about my minor daughter?

Tom says this in ‘When You Close Your Eyes’.

“On occasion, Christine speaks for herself – these pasages are
included and italicized – from scattered pages of autbiographical
notes, a few brief interviews, unfinished letters, and personal
meanderings. These passages are all more striking for being so
sparce. For Chrsitne was not a journal keeper so much as one who
reached for clarity of mind by writing. The bulk of her comments,
however, consists of scattered thoughts and the ideation of a woman
who was not well at the time she wrote them down.”

The answer to the riddle is, Pierrot, and members of my family, were going for a MOVIE that would be produced with the blessing of executor, Sydney Morris, in order to revive the waning interest in Rosamond’s prints that were not selling before Christine died. The business people and family members that Christine owed money to now wanted to make a killing when the tragedy of the Rose of the World hit the silver screen. My nieces, Drew Benton, and Shannon Benton, would get no proceeds from ticket sales. However, if Garth Benton is in on the movie deal – coming in behind the child Heir – then he can give his daughter money.

I am currently writing a screenplay for producers Lou Pitt and Doug Atchison.

Last year, I wrote a screenplay for the Emmy award-winning actor Armand Assante.

My biopic on the artist Rosamond was optioned by Oscar-winning producer Ronald Schwary and my courtroom drama placed second out of three thousand scripts in the 2007 IndieProducer Screenplay Contest.

I wrote, directed, and produced the award-wining feature, Getting Off, which premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival to critical acclaim.

Glenn Lovell of Variety wrote, “Top Notch! A sharply-observed tale. Think “Friends” with an acerbic Dorothy Parker aftertaste.”

Bill Diehl of ABC Radio Network exclaimed, “One of the most frank and honest films I’ve seen.”

Bruce Weber of The New York Times called Julie, “Impressive and talented.”

Getting Off was also an official selection of The Seattle International Film Festival, The Munich International Film Festival, The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and SXSW. It won The Audience Award at The ARPA International Film Festival in Hollywood and The Vision Award at The Garden State Film Festival.

After the festival circuit, Getting Off ran on Showtime for two years and is now available on DVD.

I have been interviewed on CNN, PBS, Good Morning America and Court TV and has been featured in Vogue, The Hollywood Reporter and Cover Magazine.

Also on-camera personality, I wrote, produced and hosted twenty-five episodes of the international PBS travel show, Great Finds With Julie Lynch. I also hosted thirty-six episodes of Kickboxing on ESPN as well as twenty-five episodes of Roller Jam on TNN.

As radio talent, I hosted the live health-talk radio show, The Truth About Nutrition, for ten years and was syndicated in over 100 markets. I also researched, wrote and hosted Health Talk for eight years, which was broadcast throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Julie A. Lynch made her directorial debut with this low-budget indie, an AIDS drama set in 1992 NYC, where three women — promiscuous artist Josie Ray (Christine Harnos), stand-up comic Jennifer Sharp (Brooke Smith), and MBA student Elaine Devlin (Amy Ryan) — learn their old college chum Chris Goodman (Garret Dillahunt) is hospitalized with complications from HIV. Awaiting word, they drink, talk, and compare past sexual histories. As sexual secrets surface, Josie attempts to get together with her ex, Matt Devlin (Bill Sage), Elaine’s brother. Shown at the 1998 Toronto Film Festival. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Brief Synopsis
Three women struggle with HIV and come to terms with their shady relationships. Josie is an artist whose promiscuity covers a lack of self-esteem; Jennifer is a stand-up comic who chooses lovers badly; and Elaine is a busy student. When an old college friend goes into hospital with AIDS complication
Three women struggle with HIV and come to terms with their shady relationships. Josie is an artist whose promiscuity covers a lack of self-esteem; Jennifer is a stand-up comic who chooses lovers badly; and Elaine is a busy student. When an old college friend goes into hospital with AIDS complications, the friends must get tested for HIV and thrash out their sexual issues.

Full name, Ronald Louis Schwary; born May 23, 1944, in The Dalles, OR; son ofMitchell Louis and Lorraine (maiden name, Ablan) Schwary; children: Brian L., Neil L.
NationalityAmericanGenderMaleOccupationDirector, producer, actorBirth DetailsMay 23, 1944The Dalles, Oregon, United States
Famous Works

•Film Appearances
•Danny, The Ultimate Thrill (also known as The Ultimate Chase), General Film Corporation, 1974
•Cab driver, The Cheap Detective (also known as Neil Simon’s TheCheap Detective), Columbia, 1978
•Ticket seller, Casey’s Shadow, Columbia, 1978
•Phil Weintraub, Tootsie, Columbia, 1982
•(As Ronald Schwary) Louie, *Batteries Not Included, Universal, 1987
•The producer, Cops and Robbersons, TriStar, 1994
•(As Ronald Schwary) Sheik, Sabrina, Paramount, 1995
•Film Work
•Executive Producer
•Absence of Malice, Columbia, 1981
•Havana, Universal, 1990
•Scent of a Woman, Universal, 1992
•(As Ronald Schwary) Sabrina, Paramount, 1995
•(As Ronald Schwary; with others) The Mirror Has Two Faces, TriStar, 1996
•Meet Joe Black, Universal, 1998
•Random Hearts, Columbia, 1999
•Ordinary People, Paramount, 1980
•Tootsie, Columbia, 1982
•Let’s Spend the Night Together (documentary; also known as TimeIs on Our Side), Embassy Pictures, 1983
•A Soldier’s Story, Columbia, 1984
•*Batteries Not Included, Universal, 1987
•Cops and Robbersons, TriStar, 1994

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