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Mark 1998 Drew 3In August of 2008, my brother, Mark Presco, took on God & the Hispanic Race. Mark is a Republican – and beside himself with rage that his party could be so stupid as to humor religious wing-nuts. He believes this is not a winning strategy, but, this flaw can be remedied by all Republican giving up their belief in the “Evil God” as Mark calls the God of tens of millions of Catholic Hispanics. As for being a Racist – you can keep that attribute!

As a fellow white man, I can say with certainty, my brother is entertaining a LOSING STRATEGY for his favored white race that has been flocking to the Republican Party in order to form a Beloved Them vs. Us Vortex, a stratagem that has worked for Christians for over 2,000 years, but, now is a dead-end, verses, Dead End Time for the opposition. One can say this stupid approach disqualifies the white race as being superior to all others. Why Jesus would have a special interest in the white race, is yet to be explained. Mark don’t play that game. My brother does not want Jesus & God on his side – or nobodies side! And that – is that!

Vicki told me that Mark grilled her on his philosophy of life, he even giving her a quiz at the end of his rant. I suspect my brother insisted he be given equal time to our evangelical sister’s praising of the Lord, and the “milk of Jesus” ditty. Vicki & Mark – are the Republican Party. My brother has disappeared after my siblings had a falling out. Hmmmm! Mark & Vicki believed I was not qualified to be a full-fledged brother. I have blue eyes.

Above are photos of Mark with Christine and Drew taken after Christine banned me from her family.

Jon the True Republican Redeemer

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Christian God Is An Evil God

A lifetime of being raised in the Christian tradition, listening to various teachings about Christianity and observing life in this world has resulted in the inescapable conclusion that the Christian God is an evil God. This paper will attempt to demonstrate this. It doesn’t assert that God is evil, only the Christian concept of God, and why it should not be taught in the schools.

There is a population explosion going on in the world today. Experts project that by the time the population levels off, the world population will double or even triple to 10 to 15 billion people. The numbers are frightening enough. It is questionable whether there are enough resources, even water, to sustain this population, but definitely not enough for everyone to use them at the rate the United States is using them.
But it is much worse than sheer numbers. It is the people least capable of providing for their children that are having most of the children; and there is no better example than what we call the Hispanic race. For the purposes of this discussion Hispanic means non-white Latin Americans since it is generally accepted that white people throughout the world have reached zero population growth, which is where we should all be at this point in time.
It seems to me that the entire Hispanic race has determined that the only chance they have of attaining any kind of quality of life is to elbow their way into this country, dump themselves on white people and demand that white people provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves in their own countries and cultures. This must be case since any U.S. citizen who objects to this illegal migration is called a racist in the shrillest manner possible. There can be no doubt that this accusation is aimed directly at white people.
It is remarkable to me how similarly to black Americans Hispanics behave. Like black people they are non-achievers in their own parts of the world and they are non-achievers in this country. Like black Americans the dropout rate is upwards of 50%, and they are as overly represented in the criminal justice system as black Americans are.
They don’t have the built in excuse that black Americans have been using. They weren’t dragged here against their will and enslaved and oppressed in this country by the white devil. They have come here against the will of most Americans. We can’t beat these people off with a stick. But they are beginning to blame their poor performance in this country on white racism. This is an incredible load of racist crap.
Hispanics claim they have a right to be here because this is a country of immigrants. This is a specious argument because every country in this hemisphere is a country of immigrants. In fact immigrants from Europe begin arriving in Latin America in 1492, 128 year years before the English established the Plymouth colony in 1620. They don’t have a right to come to this country without our permission any more than we have a right to go to their country without their permission, and we don’t.

The Word Of God

There are a lot of people claiming to speak for God, or otherwise spreading God’s word. The problem is that they are all saying something different. This has resulted in very many conflicting religions in the world, even within Christianity. This is totally unacceptable. The main pillar of the Judeo-Christian religion is the concept of the Covenant. The Covenant is literally an agreement with God, which asserts that if we obey the word and the will of God, we can expect to be treated fairly by a kind and just God. But a covenant works both ways. We have an obligation to obey God’s laws and God has an obligation to make sure we understand, in no uncertain terms, what His laws are. The fate of our eternal souls depends upon this. Clearly, this is not working. Evangelical Christians assert “anyone who doesn’t accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord and Savior will suffer eternal damnation in Hell”. This results in over two thirds of the human race being subjected to horrific suffering since only one third are Christian; and probably a whole lot more since some Evangelicals don’t consider all Christians worthy of Heaven. Is this some kind of a cruel joke? How can God stand by and allow this to happen when he can obviously do more to teach us His will. Whispering into the ears of certain prophets and expecting them to spread the word is not working. Only a cruel and evil God can allow such confusion when so much suffering is at stake.

Basic Assumptions

Because of the confusion that plagues Christianity, this paper makes certain assumptions. They are based on a perceived consensus about the nature and word of God. The two fundamental tenets of Christianity are:

1. God is an all powerful being that created the universe and everything in it.
2. Everything in Heaven and on Earth happens by the will of God.

This is what most Christians and even most Moslems believe. This means that any conflict between God and Satan is no contest. God has the power to rid the world of the Devil if He wanted to. Therefore, it has to be concluded that the Devil exists by God’s will. There can be no duplicitous behavior of crediting God for all the blessings of the Earth and blaming the Devil for all of the evil that exists. “Everything in Heaven and on Earth happens by the will of God”. Therefore, all of the evil on the planet is also the work and the will of God.

God’s Curse

Christians insist that Genesis be taught in the schools as valid creation theory. Genesis states that God intended people to live in the Garden of Eden. A paradise described as being free of want and suffering. But God cast us out of Eden as punishment for breaking the rules and placed a curse upon us.

Genesis 3:17 To Adam he said,

“Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat of it,’ “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life.”

The following two points illustrate the cruelty of this curse.

Hunger And Starvation

God cast us out of Eden knowing we would suffer hunger. God has watched millions starve to death, but does nothing to help. Hunger and starvation have stalked the human race ever since.

This is no kind, loving and just God. This is a vengeful, vindictive, spiteful, cruel and vicious God. But God, in His wrath, is just warming up. His curse upon us gets much worse.

Diseases and Parasites

There are many Christians who claim to being doing God’s work by helping to alleviate the horrible suffering caused by diseases and parasites such as Aids and malaria. But aren’t these organisms God’s creatures, created by God through “intelligent design” according to Christians? Christians have vehemently opposed evolution, asserting that God created all life on the planet and that life is immutable. This evil cannot possibly be blamed on Satan because only God can create life.

Why did God create these organisms? What are their little “purpose-driven lives” all about? Obviously, their purpose is to get inside our bodies and eat us alive, slowing and painfully from the inside out. Once again one has to conclude that God is doing this to us on purpose. Who are these Christians who want to oppose the work and the will of their God?

Other Christians claim that the medicines that exist are “gifts from God”. But are they? All medicines have undesirable side affects and eventually become ineffective against organisms. Since Christians don’t believe in evolution, it cannot be that these organisms are evolving a resistance to these medicines. It must be assumed that every time we invent a medicine to defeat God’s evil bugs, God creates new ones to defeat our medicines. If God really wants to give us a gift He has the power to eliminate the diseases and parasites altogether. Obviously He will not do this. He wants us to suffer slow agonizing deaths. This is conveniently omitted from Christians intelligent design theory.

If a human being created these organisms in a laboratory and unleashed them into the world he would be condemned for engaging in biological warfare. He would be considered the evilest man on the planet.

God’s curse upon us has been to conduct biological warfare against us. This God is not perfect and sinless. This God is flawed and sinful. Any being, even a god, who intentionally inflicts this kind of suffering upon others, is evil.


We are not only condemned to suffer life on a cursed world but God has even greater suffering in store for most of us in Hell. Some Christians believe that before the appearance of Jesus, that was the fate of all people. Do they realize what they are saying? Can they grasp the depth of the horrors and suffering they promote? How can they describe such a God as kind and loving?

Once again Christians cannot agree about what actually goes on in Hell. A newer, more politically correct version is a somewhat benign place where we exist apart from God as He denies us His love. A place of emptiness and despair as we go mad “gnashing our teeth” because God is not smiling upon us.

However, Billy Graham is an acknowledged authority on the Evangelical concept of Hell. The following is an excerpt from one of his sermons:

You say, “Well, what kind of a place is hell?” I’m going to read to you right out of the Bible what kind of place it is. This is where some of you are going to spend billions and billions of years. You’d better listen. This is God’s Word.

Revelation 20:15 says it’s a lake of fire. Psalm 11:6 says it’s a horrible tempest. Psalm 18:5 says it’s a place of sorrows. Matthew 13:42 says it’s a place of wailing, a furnace of fire. Luke 16:23 says it’s a place of torments. Matthew 8:12 says it’s a place of outer darkness. Revelation 14:11 says it’s a place of unrest. Luke 16:24 says it’s a place where people scream for mercy. Matthew 25:46 says it’s a place of everlasting punishment.

That is God’s description-not mine. And God says that all people outside of Jesus Christ are headed to that place unless they repent of their sins and turn by faith to Jesus Christ.

This is toned down version of the “fire and brimstone” sermons we’ve come to expect from Evangelists. It must be concluded that souls cast into Hell don’t lounge around the lake of fire enjoying the view[i]. Traditional Evangelists describe souls being cast into the lake of fire and suffering the horrors of being burned alive for every second of their existence – for eternity. This must be defined as torture, the most heinous kind of torture imaginable. Hell can only be defined as God’s personal torture chamber. Most of the human race has concluded that torture is unacceptable, even for the worst of us. We describe people who torture others as evil. What is evil in people is evil in a god.

Psychological or “physical” torture is equally unacceptable. And why is God torturing us? Not because we have committed a mortal sin, but because we have not sung Jesus’ praises sufficiently according to Billy Graham.

The Christian God is pure evil.

Free Will

Christians try to excuse their God’s abominable behavior by asserting that we deserve it because we have misused the “free will” God has given us. But how much free will do we really have? God can “will” a universe into existence; that is free will. But God has stuck us on this planet with limited choices we can make. Adam and Eve were condemned for making a choice that disagreed with God’s will. So in the end it is always God’s will, not ours.

If God made us then we are no better or worse than He made us. If He doesn’t like the way we turned out He has only Himself to blame. He should have made us better than what we are. He should have made us smart enough to make better choices than what we have made, or if you insist, use this “free will” better than we have used it. To assert that God’s solution to his own incompetence is to torture us and otherwise make us suffer is so appalling as to be unbelievable. You have to be a low-grade moron to believe this. God should have, and could have made you smarter than this.

If your children did not turn the way you wanted them to, would you cause them to suffer for it, would you torture them? Few parents would. Christians assert that we are all God’s children, but then go on to describe the relentless campaign of suffering He has unleashed upon us. That makes most people better than God especially because we have little control over how our children turn out. However, we are exactly as God made us. He has total control of His creations.

Christians efforts to stigmatize all humans as “original sinners” and therefore basically evil is a classic example of shrewd abusers transferring guilt to the abused. Abusers, especially child abusers, have succeeded in extending their abuse by convincing the abused that they deserve it because they are so unworthy.

Jesus Christ Our Savior

Just what or who is Jesus saving us from. The only possible answer is that Jesus is saving us from God Himself. If God weren’t so eager to cast us into Hell and torture us for eternity, our souls would be in no need of saving. This may be proof in itself that the Christian God is evil because we only need to be saved from evil.

We only have Christian’s word that Jesus dieing on the cross absolved us of our sins, and we are once more in God’s good graces. Jesus did not remove God’s curse upon us; nothing has changed in the world. We have not been allowed to return to Eden. We still live on a cursed world suffering hunger, starvation, predators, parasites, pestilence, fire, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and much more. These are not just natural disasters; they are part of God’s curse upon this world. They do not exist in Eden according to the Bible. Genesis says God can and did make a paradise here on earth, but we still suffer the wrath of God.

God’s love for us apparently applies only to the afterlife and then only to those who sing Jesus’ praises sufficiently. This is very convenient because it can’t be proven.

There is no logic in asserting that a second God is required to save us from the first God, and that a third God is required to make it all happen. It was not necessary for Jesus to suffer on the cross for our sins, especially in the barbaric way described in the Bible [ii]. All God had to do was love us unconditionally and stop casting us into Hell.

This, of course, was the schism that separated Christians from Jews. It must be remembered that Christians are Jews, at least culturally, because Christianity is a Jewish sect. Christ is a Jew and is the Christian’s Lord and Master.

Christians try to quote scripture to prove that their belief system is true because they assert that it is the word of God. But the Bible cannot prove itself. All it can do is define their beliefs. There is no proof that the bible is the word of God. It was clearly written by the prophets, some who call themselves Jesus’ disciples. The question is whether or not God directed these words. Since their biblical depiction is of a God so evil and perverse, it has to be concluded that they are self-proclaimed prophets who are promoting their own agenda. God cannot be as evil as they depict Him. They use the fear of an evil God to frighten people into believing what they tell them to believe.

Jews, who created this religion, reject the New Testament as heresy. The Christian pantheon of three Gods violates the first Commandment forbidding the worship of other Gods. There is a feeble attempt to meld them into a single Deity, but they are still called the Holy Trinity and there are three names for them. When Jesus was on the cross was He talking to Himself?

Luke 23:34
Jesus said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing”

The concept of the one true just God is lost.

Faith In An Evil God

Why do Christians put so much faith in an evil God? There are three basic reasons. The first is an overwhelming terror of their own mortality. The second is an attempt to believe that life is ultimately fair and to reconcile the injustices of life as they know it. The third is the fear that God is as evil as the Prophets say He is and will do horrible things to them if they don’t submit.


Down through the millennia, the religions that have become most popular are the ones that tell the faithful that they are really not going to die. And the most popular of all are the ones that promise that they will enjoy an eternal existence in paradise where their Father/God figure is going to take care of them in style. Well, this is exactly what most people want to hear. Who wouldn’t want to believe this? And so the focus of most Christians (and Moslems) is “how do I get my ticket to Heaven?” Actually, it’s what’s the least I have do to get my ticket to Heaven since this allows them to avoid examining their religion so closely as to see the perverseness of their belief system.

What are 70 or so years of suffering on this planet [iii] compared to an eternal existence in paradise? What is the purpose of life anyway? Is it some kind of trial by ordeal by which God determines if you’re worthy of Heaven? Some think so and are readily willing to sacrifice their lives to reach paradise. But most Christians preach that life is sacred and cling to life as if there were no afterlife. This is because the overriding motivation for their belief system is complete terror of their own mortality. Christian’s opposition to abortion, physician assisted suicide, etc. is a kind of enlighten self interest. In order to make their life sacred all life must be sacred.

If Christians really believed what they say they believe in, then death for them should be a good thing. Death is a gateway to a better existence, free of suffering or even worry, an eternal existence with their Father/God figure. Why then do they choose to extend their suffering on this planet? When their life is threatened, say by a “natural” disaster, they pray to God to save their lives. There was a TV report that showed a survivor of a tornado. In the background his neighborhood was rubble, and he was proclaiming a miracle that God spared his life. Why would he tell his God that he did not want to be with Him in Heaven? He would prefer to remain on earth, homeless, jobless and suffering. That’s how much he did not want to be with his God. Is this not an insult to his God?

It is fruitless to claim that asking God to take you to paradise is a violation of the “purpose-driven” existence God has planned for each of us, because it is even more improper to ask God to spare your life when He has decided to call you to your final reward. Rejecting God’s invitation to be by His side in Heaven is risky business. God felt Adam and Eve rejected Him and did not love Him. Look where that got us. The proper response is to put your life in God’s hands and let His will be done.

Why then do so many Christians beg God to save their lives and prolong their suffering on this planet? Why do they persist in insulting Him by professing their reluctance to be with Him? These Christians should not call themselves people of faith because they are not willing to take that leap of faith. They should call themselves people of hope. They hope that when they die they will go to Heaven, but in the mean time they will to cling to life with every fiber of their being, as if there were no afterlife. Such is their terror of their own mortality. They are doing the right thing, but for the wrong reasons.

Is There Justice?

The Christian religion has attempted over the millennia to reconcile a just, kind and loving God with all of the injustice in the world. It appeared that the worst of the human race was prospering while the righteous were suffering. Surely God must set things right, it could not be that God was so cruel and unjust. But God did nothing to right the wrongs on earth so it was proposed that justice would prevail in the afterlife. Evildoers will burn in Hell and the righteous will enjoy an eternal life in paradise. Hell became a tool with which to frighten the sinners into behaving better. The fact that God tortures souls in Hell did not seem repulsive to the medieval mind since it was a common practice at the time and even the Christian church practiced it. Life was hell.

This created what we now call “God-fearing” Christians. Christians became so fearful of their God that they dare not criticize Him for all of the evil in the world, so an attempt has been made to blame all of the evil on the Devil. This feeble attempt to make Satan God’s whipping boy has been unsatisfactory since “Everything in Heaven and on Earth happens by the will of God”.

The medieval mind has created a God in it’s own image. He is likened to a King sitting on a throne. They even call Him “King” and “Lord” and refer to the “Kingdom of Heaven”. Christians treat their God as if He were a petty medieval tyrant. If you sing his praises sufficiently you can enjoy the good life in court. If you displease him, he will cast you into the dungeon and torture you to death.

So what is the least a Christian has to do get his ticket to Heaven. Apparently, it is singing Jesus’ praises sufficiently. This is the meaning of “accepting Jesus Christ as your own personal Lord and savior”. According to Evangelists all who don’t do this are cast into Hell by their God and tortured for eternity. Many hymns sung in Christian churches actually have the words “sing his praises” and “glory to the newborn King” in them.

It does not matter to Christens what kind of life you have lived. Consider this quote from Billy Graham:

“One of the Bible’s greatest truths is that God is willing to forgive absolutely anyone who truly repents of their sins and commits their life to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. “

It appears that the Ten Commandments have no real meaning for Christians. They have discarded the first Commandment by creating a pantheon of three God’s. They assert that a sinner who has broken all commandments can seek God’s forgiveness and be accepted into Heaven, but a person who has broken none of the Commandments will be cast into Hell for failing to sing Jesus’ praises sufficiently.

All of the Commandments can be replaced by one Commandment: “Thou shall sing Jesus’ praises sufficiently”.

How did Christianity become so perverse? Do they really think God is a petty tyrant who needs His praises sung? Is he really into torture? Did the conflict caused by trying to reconcile the evil in the world with the concept of a kind and loving God cause Christianity to go mad? It appears so. It is ludicrous to listen to Christians, especially Evangelists, talk about what a kind and loving God they worship while ignoring all the suffering He causes. The suffering is here now and is a fact. A better existence in Heaven is unproven.

Maybe that is why these God-fearing Christians pray to God to keep them alive on this planet. They can’t “trust” that He will treat them better in the next life than He does now.

The most perverting influence on Christianity has been, of course, money. Down through the millennia Christian con artists have enriched themselves mightily selling tickets to Heaven. It is remarkable how much affinity these “spiritual” leaders have for cold hard cash, beginning with the Catholic Church, which became the richest institution in the world for a very long time. In addition to the collection plate they sold “dispensations”; it is tempting to call them “get out of Hell free cards” but they were hardly free. Only the very rich could afford them.

Evangelicals have found it useful to use a double-edged sword to encourage contributions. If the lure of an immortal life in paradise with your Father/God figure doesn’t convince you, then the threat of the horrors an evil God will heap upon you in Hell will.

Modern Evangelism has been plagued with charismatic leaders who amassed a fortune for themselves, only to be discovered to have feet of clay. You know who they are.


Science is not incompatible with God. Religion is incompatible with God. There are many religions claiming to represent God, but they all say something different. Even Christians can’t agree on God’s true word. If you get any two representatives of these religions together the only thing you can be sure they will agree on is that all of the others are wrong, and then they will begin arguing about which of them is the one true religion. If there are 100 religions in the world each would get 99 votes that they are the wrong religion and only 1 vote they are the one true religion. So by a religious consensus they are all wrong. Faith is simply a matter of believing exactly what you want to believe. Evangelists believe that all Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, some other Christians, and all others will be cast into Hell by their God and tortured for eternity. All of the others believe they are wrong.

The initial attraction of the Jewish religion was the concept of the Covenant. The idea that there is one true just God, and that if you obey His laws you can expect to be treated fairly by Him. This was a major departure from the pagan religions of the time. The Greeks and Romans had a pantheon of many gods who were cruel and capricious. It seemed that whenever the gods were bored their favorite diversion was tormenting the human race. Others blamed all evil on the anger of the gods.

The Covenant is an agreement with God and obliges both parties to honor this pact. This has become one of the major pillars of western civilization. It is called the rule of law. It was initially codified in the Ten Commandments. The rule of law is the basis of all of our relationships. Law governs our relations with God and law also governs our relations with each other. All major civilizations are based on laws that we all agree to abide by.

Science has postulated that if God created the universe then He also commanded the universe to obey His laws. Science is an attempt to discover and understand God’s laws. Indeed the creator of modern science believed he was doing exactly that. Sir Isaac Newton was educated at Trinity College in Cambridge, but he had a problem with the concept of the Holy Trinity.

Most of the early scientists believed they were seeking Gods true laws. These included Newton, Faraday, Mendel, Einstein and many more. It cannot be emphasized enough that the foundation of our universe is the rule of law and if God created the universe then the laws that govern the behavior of the universe are Gods true laws. God is to be found in His creation.

How do we know if we have discovered God’s true laws? We do not take the word of any self-proclaimed prophet. We ask, “Can your laws predict the future”. If your laws can specifically, accurately and reliably predict the future then they must be God’s true laws. If God created the universe then only His true laws can predict the future.

Newton’s Laws of motion can predict where every planet, star or other heavenly body will be at any time in the future. This was the first time we were able to do this and we believed we finally understood the secrets of the universe: a totally predictable clockwork mechanism. Alas, it was not so. Einstein came along and showed the universe to be a very different and strange place. Nonetheless Newton’s laws still accurately predict the future. We still use them to navigate the solar system. Newton’s laws of motion predict where our spacecraft will be at any time in the future. This requires pinpoint accuracy. Einstein’s Laws also accurately predict the future. This is the foundation of modern science.

The scientific method is a mechanism for predicting the future. The most straightforward method is to devise an experiment that demonstrates the accuracy of your laws. If you can specifically, accurately and reliably predict the outcome of an experiment then your laws are considered God’s true laws. The experiment is designed so that skeptics can verify for themselves that your laws are true.

Only science can accurately predict the future. And if God created the universe then they must be God’s laws. However, they exist whether God created them or not. These predictions are not some nebulous biblical prophecy that says something may happen at some nebulous time in the future. They are detailed, specific and reliable.

This is why only science should be taught in the schools. No religion has given us the ability to accurately predict the future. Only God’s true laws can do that. If God exists He hasn’t see fit to divulge them to any organized religion. It doesn’t matter whether God whispered these laws into the ears of these scientists or left us to discover them on our own. Science will accept them if they meet the standards of the scientific method and specifically, accurately and reliably predict the future.

Unfortunately, not all science lends itself to this straightforward method. Some disciplines try to understand the past. There is no way to devise an experiment to unambiguously prove these kinds of theories. Yet scientific methods have been devised to validate these theories as best we can. They do not accept the words of prophets. Unless they can meet certain unbiased standards that demonstrate they are true laws of nature, they will be rejected.

Evolution is such a discipline. Evolution does not prove or disprove the existence of God, but it casts serious doubt on the evil portrait of God painted by Christians.


Christians are compelled to believe in the creation story of the Bible because they believe it is their only claim to immortality. So deep is their terror of their own mortality that they cannot live without this hope. They would like to go to Heaven but they are terrified of dieing, which is what they have to do to get there. This has closed their minds to all other theories.

Christians use a bit of illogic to promote their belief system. They call it “intelligent design”. It is an attempt to define Genesis in scientific terms so it will be accepted in academia. In some ways it acknowledges that only valid scientific principles should be taught in schools. However, academia has concluded they haven’t met the scientific standards described above. Some believe it is a deliberate deception to cloak religious dogma as science.

Intelligent design states that life is too complicated to be made by evolution. The logic progresses something like this. Look at this building you are in. What a miraculous thing it is. What are the odds this building came into existence on it’s own. It requires a more miraculous creator. And of course they are right, man created the building. Well then, since man is so much more miraculous than the building, he requires an even more miraculous creator, God. Okay then, who created God? If man is so miraculous that he requires an intelligent designer, then surely God, who is even more miraculous, requires an even more intelligent designer. So on and on you go into infinity postulating ever more intelligent designers

And here their logic of miraculous things requiring more miraculous creators fail them. They assert that God has always existed, or that God created Himself. If Christians can assert that the most miraculous thing in the universe, a being that created the universe itself, doesn’t require an intelligent designer or created Himself from nothing, then it is just as reasonable for science to say that the universe created itself. In fact science is more reasonable because it asserts that what was created were the simplest things in the universe, the elementary particles that make up the universe. Christians assert that the most miraculous thing in the universe was created first. It is not logical since it violates their theory of intelligent design.

The True Meaning Of Evolution

This brings us to the true meaning of evolution. We are how gods are created. We are the gods we seek. We are our own creators. We are our own creations. Our belief in the gods is simply self-awareness, the realization of who we are and what we will become. We are evolving into creatures far superior to the Gods the Christians now worship. We created these Gods in our image, patterned after medieval kings, petty tyrants who were often cruel. We have evolved past that. We no longer cast souls into dungeons or hells and torture them, or at least we are striving not to.

It is not reasonable to believe that the most miraculous things like Gods appear suddenly from nothing. It is more reasonable to believe the simplest things came first and slowly organized itself into more complicated forms over time. Gods evolve. All the suffering that has been described in this paper make perfect sense from the point of view of evolution. Diseases and parasites evolve to take advantage of any available food source, even if it’s you. They make no sense from the point of view of a kind and loving intelligent designer.

We have a kind of immortality right here on earth. Each of us is over 3 billion years old. Our true souls, our true selves are our genes. These genes have been in continuous existence since the beginning of life on this planet, passing from body to body in an unbroken chain of life. What you see in the mirror is your current body, created by your genes to enhance your survival. The genes have the intelligence to create that body. They are the intelligent designers. You are reincarnate in your children. In that way you will live on into the future. So in some ways the Hindus are correct, you will be reincarnated in this world, but your children will be you in your next life, not some other animal. However, in the past you were a single celled animal, a worm, a fish, an amphibian, a reptile and many, many more. Each of us has passed through all the forms that have come before us and are evolving into ever more miraculous forms into to future until we become the Gods we seek. This is how we spend eternity.

It is unfortunate that most of us cannot appreciate this kind of immortality. Our old bodies need to be cast off to make way for our new and improved bodies. If this didn’t happen we might still be worms. But we tend to think of ourselves as those thoughts, memories and experiences that fill our minds, and it is terrifying to know that one day they will cease to exist. We want to live forever. This is a perfect example of how evolution works. Life is so tough that only those with strongest will to survive did so, the rest perished. So we are at a difficult point in our evolution, knowing that part of us must cease to exist and able to do nothing about it.

Into The Future

What kind of creatures are we evolving into? The actual physical forms we evolve will vary as we move out into the universe. The particular environment will shape them as it has done on earth.

For example, many humans will actually live in space habitats, and zero-G life will evolve very differently from those who live in a gravity well such as a planet. Zero-G people can effectively fly and unneeded feet can evolve into hands. How many times did you wish you had four hands while working on a project?

But the ultimate form should be one of pure energy, free of corporeal limitations. A major tenet of physics states that matter can be converted into energy and energy can be converted into matter, but neither can be created nor destroyed. This tenet has been refined to suggest that matter and energy are really different states of the same thing, a single elementary particle that makes up everything in the universe. This matter to energy conversion dynamic makes life itself possible. We are on our way to becoming energy beings, pure thought, pure intelligence.

Those of you who scoff at this should consider the concept of the soul. If the soul were defined in scientific terms it would have to be defined as an energy being. Since it must be either matter or energy, and it isn’t matter like your body, then it must be energy. The only real difference is that Christians consider this energy being already fully formed and functional, trapped in our bodies ready to be released upon our death. Evolution suggests this being is still evolving within us.

Most Christians will, of course, reject these theories out of hand because they do not offer instant gratification, instant immortality in paradise. They still have to cope will the passing of the person they know and love the most, themselves. Living on in their children in not very satisfying.

But the Christian solution to this problem is totally unacceptable. Their need to believe in the Christian afterlife is closing their minds to the truth. Any new idea that has contradicted Christian religious Dogma has been vehemently opposed because it threatens their concept of immortality.

Despite all this, Christians do concern themselves mostly with the right thing. Life is all that matters. If there is an afterlife you should get there eventually. An intelligent, loving and just God can’t be as evil as Christians say He is.

The only way to resolve the conflict of evil on the planet in light of a loving God is that there is no Devil and God is not micromanaging us. Evolution may be God’s plan, and we have to cope with the suffering evolution causes such as hunger, predators, diseases, parasites and misbehaving people. It is our world.

And if God doesn’t exist, life is still all that matters. We have our own kind of immortality and something important to do for eternity: become the gods we seek.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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