Jesus says “Let’s Make a Baby!”


Founder and Chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition Ralph Reed addresses the Road to Majority Conference Kickoff Luncheon in Washington

Tyler is Born 028 (2)On the drive home from Bullhead City, Heather breaks the silence with this announcement;

“Linda was real happy with Tyler, and wants Bill and I to bring her a baby girl the next time we come.”

Now that aunt Linda is going to give Bill & Heather gobs of money to open a Bar & Grill, my ex-daughter is letting me know who will bearing the pants in their family from now on. So much for Father’s Day. Linda forego having a child to marry a rich old man whose seed was dried up, but, his bank account was pretty juicy! Linda and her new boyfriend (after her sugar daddy kicked the bucket) are drunks. Now that the silence was broken, Tyler joined in with this;

“Aunt Linda peed her pants and made a funny joke!”

Back to utter silence! I would later discover ‘Old Money Balls Linda’ peed in the back seat of the car I rented – as she sat next to my six year old grandson.

As we prepared me to meet Bill for the first time, Heather suggested her new lover would ask me for my daughter’s hand in marriage. Instead, he got a handshake from Linda & Flip, his new partners.

Just before Bill called me a “parasite” he said;

“I’m a traditional family kind of guy!”

“Oh, then you must respect your elders?”

Below is an essay by my racist brother on Racism. He and Bill Cornwell are on the same page – as well as most white evangelicals who have brought back the Age of Hitler who was obsessed with saving the white race from parasites by murdering non-Aryan folk. Before you can be a Righteous White Baby Maker you must sign a Contract with Jesus that says you are against Abortion and Raising Taxes that will be used to render minorities more fertile. Starving folks are less likely to fronicate. Ten of millions of folks were conceived by parents who were drunk at the time, and thus, considered getting an abortion.

Jon Presco

The saddest “gaffe” is the one that nobody actually bothers to dispute with facts. Such a misstep was delivered in Washington over the weekend, when Jeb Bush faced an audience at Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference. Rushing through a speech, he decided to skimp on euphemisms.

“Immigrants are more fertile,” said Bush, chuckling at himself as soon the f-word escaped, “and they love families, and they have more intact families, and they build a younger population. The one way that we can rebuild the demographic pyramid is to fix a broken immigration system.”

There wasn’t much of a reaction from the crowd, which was still settling into the hotel ballroom, but the word fertility sounded odd to the media. The gaffe was born. “Where did Jeb Bush take his sex-ed class?” chortled one CNN host. Watching the coverage you would never have guessed that Bush was right. He could have been more specific—the wombs themselves are not supercharged—but new arrivals to the United States give birth at a rate of 87.8 per 1,000 people. The rate for U.S. citizens is 58.9 per 1,000.

The press moved on from Bush, but the three-day conference didn’t drop his subject. Fertility was in the air. Jonathan Last, the Weekly Standard writer who just published a book with the subtitle “America’s Coming Demographic Disaster,” gave a capsule version of his findings to a curious audience. In speeches and panels and hallway chatter, you could hear hard questions about birthrates in America and what sort of births were best for conservatives. The usual answer was any births you got.

“The other side isn’t producing that many young people,” said the radio host Michael Medved, who spoke shortly after Bush. By “the other side,” he meant liberals. “Children are being brought up, disproportionately, by those who are more conservative, those who understand that a baby is not a choice or a burden. A baby is a blessing … what’s going to pay for Social Security if not more children?”

Medved’s theory is popular with conservatives—and statistically sound. As Amanda Marcotte wrote for Slate last year, fertility rates correlate quite well with party preferences. Mitt Romney won every state with birthrates higher than 70 per 1,000. Barack Obama won every state where the rates have fallen below 60. (What’s keeping people so busy in Vermont?)

This stuff is perfect for the Faith and Freedom Coalition and its endless quest to make social conservatives add up to a bigger share of the electorate. Founded by Ralph Reed in 2009, the coalition and its annual conference hang at an unusual place in the right-wing constellation. The group’s electoral oomph is difficult to measure. To save time, the press typically takes for granted that this “Christian Coalition on steroids” (Reed’s term) can pull out evangelical votes. A pre-election profile last year in the New York Times counted off the “17.1 million registered voters” in the Reed database and the “25 million voter guides” to be distributed in “117,000 churches.”

Then it came time to vote. The white evangelical share of the vote rose from 26 percent in 2008 to—drum roll—26 percent in 2012. If more handbills won’t grow that vote, what will? Try more people.

And what sort of people? This was the question at a Friday breakout session on outreach to nonwhite voters. “Last year, for the first time, white deaths exceeded white births,” said Ron Miller, a black Republican politician turned Liberty University administrator. (As he said this, a young white woman gave up the seat behind mine and fled the room, muttering.) “The only reason that there was any uptick in the white population of the United States is because of immigration. And [at] the same time, for the first time, half of the under-5 age group is now composed of racial or ethnic minorities. Some demographic trends tell us by 2050 we will be a majority-minority nation. I know there’s a lot of smoke and heat over this issue, but there are numbers that can’t be refuted.”

They can’t be read statically, either. Today’s immigrant birthrate is not tomorrow’s birthrate. It’s not going to hold fast until 2050. Six months ago, the Pew Research Center showed that immigrant birthrates were actually falling more rapidly than the birthrates of women born in the United States. Overall, sure, immigrant women gave birth at about twice the rate of other women. But from 2007 to 2010, U.S.-born birthrates fell by 5 percent; immigrant births tumbled by 13 percent.

If you take the mathlete’s view of politics and you’re trying to grow a permanent ideological majority, you’d still take those added numbers. You’d want more human beings to work in America, and you’d want them to flock to your party. Anti-immigration hardliners swear that this can’t be done; that’s what Mitt Romney found himself saying after his loss, when he told donors that Obama’s base had been won over with “gifts.” If today’s lower-income Hispanic voter is inclined to vote for the party that gave him Obamacare, why would tomorrow’s low-income Hispanic voter ever vote Republican?

It’s a hard question, and it didn’t get answered in public—at least not at the conference. The going theory for minority outreach was the one offered by Herman Cain, who was for one shining month last year the 2012 GOP presidential front-runner. How did he talk to nonwhite voters, those skeptical people with those enviable birth rates? “The same way you talk to anybody else!” It wasn’t weak minority outreach that sunk the party in 2012. No, blame “the number of conservatives that stayed home because they were not enthusiastic.”

Liberals don’t come off as Pollyannish about demographics. They talk about them with pride—they see a future in which Texas’ growing Hispanic population stays on the team and turns the state into another Florida or Ohio, another piece of competitive turf. Jeb Bush sees the same future and asks Republicans to prepare for it. Other conservatives would rather tamp down that conversation or joke about it.

“I think it’s kinda dangerous territory, touchy territory, to want to debate over one race’s fertility rate over another,” said Sarah Palin, closing out the conference to a mostly full ballroom. “I say this as someone who’s kinda fertile herself.”

On Race


First let me apologize in advance for the insults that will be heaped upon you all. The politically correct method we have been using is not solving the race problem. It is not my intention to denigrate anyone, but no effort will be made to spare anyone’s feelings, including white people.

I will depart from my usual method and write in the first person because it is a highly subjective story of a white man who has journeyed from being optimistic about race relations to an overt racist. This is because I have come to the inescapable conclusion that everyone is a racist and the only ones that seem to be made to feel guilty about this are white people. Well, no more.

Finally, I have concluded that there is no solution for the race problem at this time. We need a separation, a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. I shall attempt prove this.

The Basic Dilemma

How do we treat people, as individuals or groups? I believe there is a basic difference between the thinking of white people and the other races on this issue. This will be discussed in detail in the next section.

Since this paper is on race the focus is, by definition, on groups. I will make sweeping generalizations about the various races. You will think up individual exceptions to them. This does not negate them. You need to put forth more correct generalizations.

I maintain that the culture a people create absolutely and totally reflects the content of the character of the people who create it. The differences between the races are far more than skin deep, and those differences are reflected in the cultures they create. I reject all of the politically correct reasons for these differences. It is not a matter of geographical luck, having the right plants, animals or other resources. The ridiculous theories of people like Jared Diamond don’t adequately explain how the cultures became different, and they absolutely don’t explain why so many cultures have remained more or less the same after hundreds of years of globalization.

So what we’re really talking about here is a clash of cultures, but since my theories about culture are race based, I am a racist. I make judgments about people in light of their culture.

White Culture

White men, more than any race, including white women, are highly oriented toward individualism. This is why individual rights and freedoms, and democracies are more prevalent and successful in white cultures. But what makes white cultures work is individual responsibility. Every white man is expected to provide for himself and his family and can expect little help from any other white men. Those who cannot do this have no status in the white community. Oh sure, we work together to build roads and cities and the proverbial barn raisings that are clearly too big for one man to handle. But each white man is expected to create his own wealth.

Almost all other cultures are tribal in nature. By tribal I mean that they are basically extended families, and their economies are based on sharing. All members born into the tribe can expect his or her rightful place in the tribe and fair share of the tribal wealth. In a tribal culture a man gains status by sharing his wealth. The problem is, tribal cultures don’t create wealth. When you are expected to share your wealth you soon lose all incentive to create it.

In a white culture a man gains status by amassing wealth. Because he is expected to create his own wealth he gets to keep it. This provides incentive to create more wealth. This is the reason white cultures are so fabulously wealthy. Yes, Bill Gates got some flak for not doing more for charity but no one expects him to give away his billions. The wealthy people in white culture hold high status.

I submit as proof of this that the poorest white cultures in the world are ex-communist cultures that had a kind of tribalism forced on them by the Bolsheviks. It wasn’t Ronald Regan’s military spending that collapsed the Soviet Union. It collapsed because it was sliding into a third world economy. The new world order was economic power, not military power, and they were losing badly.

The Communists made a fatal error in assuming that if you shared the wealth equitably, everyone would be willing to do their fair share of the work. Not so. Most people, even white people, are lazy useless morons who won’t make an effort if they don’t have to. If they can get their share of the wealth without doing their share of the work, that’s exactly what they’ll do. To be fair, there is another rational reason for this. In any endeavor it is wise to maximize your earnings to effort ratio. It makes no sense to put more of an effort into it than necessary. Since communists could do nothing to increase their earnings, the only thing they could do is decrease their effort. For this reason the Soviet Union stopped creating wealth and some of its satellites are having a hard time restarting.

There is an interesting anecdote about Sitting Bull. He made a bit of money touring with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and signing autographs. He gave most of it away to poor white folks because that is what a man of his stature did in his culture. He couldn’t understand how so many poor white people lived in such a rich country. He was quoted as saying “white people know how to make everything; they just don’t know how to distribute it.” He didn’t understand that white people were expected to create their own wealth.

White cultures are grass roots. They do not emanate top down from governments. All the federal government is in this country is one huge sucking parasite on American businesses and workers. Economies begin in the towns and cities where individuals and groups of individuals create the businesses, jobs and tax base. Observe the way this country was settled by white people. White men would venture into the wilderness seeking their fortune. When a certain level of development was reached white women would follow. It wasn’t until a significant economy was developed that the territory was considered for statehood. These economies were developed without the aid of a state or federal government.

Native-Americans paid a heavy price for this every-man-for-himself culture. Most of the conflicts were caused by Native-Americans getting between a desperately poor white man and his fortune, especially during the California gold rush. But to be fair, white men were just as ruthless to each other in the competition for wealth.

A lot more can be said about the negative side of developing this country to what is today. And white people were not the only ones involved. Blacks and Asians were in the mix.

But I will show that it is white people who made this country the richest most desirable place to live on the planet. A place so desirable that it seems everyone in the world wants a piece of the “American Dream”, in fact they think they have a right to it. This is setting us up for the biggest culture clash this country has seen to date.

The most important purpose of this discussion is to answer three of the most burning questions of our time.

1. Should white people feel guilty about their wealth?
2. Must white people share their wealth?
3. Do white people have the responsibility to provide economic parity to the other races?

As harsh as it sounds the answer to all three is NO!!!

It has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that communism, or any other form of wealth sharing, is a formula for poverty for all. Mao starved 30 million Chinese to death in the 1960s.

No human being has the right live at the expense of another. This is the definition of a parasite:


2. a person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others.

When one race chronically lives and grows its population at the expense of another race that race should be labeled a parasitic race.

Except for rare unforeseen emergency aid, everyone must be held responsible providing for themselves. It’s the only thing that works.

The Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement was the beginning of the end of race relations for me, but not for the reasons you might think. I was attending Oakland High in Oakland CA from ’60 to ’63. I did not perceive a race problem then. The racial mix was very close to the country today, majority white, a large black population and well represented with Asians and Latinos.


We liked the same music, went to the same dances and had a good time together. I played on the football team so many of my good friends were black. One of my best friends was black. I was very optimistic about the future, even contemplating us all melding into brown people.

I supported the civil rights movement because I knew there were still pockets of institutionalized racism in the country. I believed we were finally going to make the words of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution ring true for all Americans.

Almost immediately after civil rights were firmly established in this country, I begin to observe black people segregate themselves. The most important thing in the black community began to be perceived of as appropriately black. To this end black people have created their own music, their own dress, even their own language, in short, their own culture. This culture is not only intended to be different from the white culture, it is anti-white. To my mind it has become the most racist culture in this country. The worst insult one member of this culture can pay another is to accuse them of acting white. Within this culture constant charges and counter charges as to whether your skin is too light or too dark. Skin color is everything to this culture.

The worst of all is the concept of affirmative action which sprang from the civil rights movement. This is nothing more than reverse discrimination. Black people threw the concept of a color blind society right out window. They want us to notice their skin color and they demand privileged treatment because of it. This was the first nail in the coffin of race relations for me.

Being Appropriately Black In America

This brings us back to the basic dilemma. Do we treat people as individuals or as a group? Black people’s concept of affirmative action clearly shows that they want to be treated as a group. But this is not the only way.

It is now the 21st century and for the first time in the history of this country a man of color, Barak Obama, has a shot at the presidency. The first thing we heard from the black community is “Is he appropriately black?”

What does it mean to be appropriately black in America? It means promoting the official black agenda. They call it:

“Keeping the pressure up on the white man”:

· Keep the guilt trips coming.
· Never let the slavery wound heal, keep it open and bleeding.
· Never forgive or forget, or let white people forget, a single insult paid to black people.
· Never acknowledge a single thing white people do to for black people.
· Hold black people responsible for nothing.
· Hold white people responsible for everything.
· Blame it all on the “White Devil”.

Any black person who doesn’t do this is labeled a traitor to their race.

To prove this point: Following the civil rights movement the irresponsible reproduction and irresponsible parenting of black people has steadily increased to epidemic proportions.

From CNN’s ‘Black in America’
Seventy percent of Black children today are born to unwed mothers, while only 25 percent of Black children were born to unwed mothers in the 1960s.

These mothers are apparently getting no help from their children’s fathers. This has reached such an abysmal state that the few responsible black people in the country have felt compelled to speak up about it. For daring to hold black men responsible for providing for their children, Bill Cosby has been vilified as a traitor to his race, and Jesse Jackson said Barak Obama should “have his nuts cut off”.

Whenever white people try to take black people to task for their own failures in this country, out comes the slavery card, out comes the past injustice card or any other guilt trip black people can use to justify why they can’t be held responsible for anything in this country.

White people have stupidly fallen for this con game, especially the liberal white media. This is because most white people genuinely feel guilty about the behavior of a minority of white racists. Black people refuse to acknowledge that the civil rights movement was backed by the majority of white Americans, including the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court who were vastly majority white. And it was white national guardsmen shoving guns in George Wallace’s face that really integrated The University of Alabama. Black people prefer to believe that it was Martin Luther King Jr. and Co. who stood alone and defeated the entire evil white empire.

A lifetime of listening to this; a lifetime of listening to black people try to blame it all on white people; a lifetime of listening to black people hold white people responsible for everything, hold themselves responsible for nothing; and a lifetime of listening to black people try to paint me as a white man to be their own personal white devil has left me with no sympathy for black people, no respect for black people and no desire to live with black people.

Black verses White

Ever since the civil rights movement black people have systematically demonstrated their total incompatibility with white culture. As stated above, white culture requires individual responsibility, not just in creating your own wealth but in all other aspects. Black people’s concept of affirmative action has given them such a sense of entitlement that they are holding white people responsible for providing them economic parity to white people. They actually believe that the economic inequity between our races is proof of white racism and white oppression. This is a totally false premise.

Black people don’t have their fair share of the pie almost entirely because they don’t create their fair share of the pie. All my life I have listened to black people demand that they be given their fair share and precious little about their responsibility to create their fair share. This is the kind of tribal mentality described previously.

Black people hold white people responsible for giving them jobs, but it’s not their responsibility to stay in school and get an education or otherwise develop a marketable skill. The black dropout rate has been upwards of 50% all my life, and it’s not clear how much of an effort the ones who remain in school make.

Oprah has determined that they are not worth her time and money. She would rather educate Africans.

“… I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools that I just stopped going. The sense that you need to learn just isn’t there. …”

Just who the hell is she holding responsible for educating black children, white people? What can white people do when these children rationalize their behavior by claiming that educating themselves is “acting white” and they are not going to do it?

And yet white people are being held responsible for providing economic parity to black people; and if we don’t give them jobs then we must give them welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps, health care, and so much more that I have come to believe that black people consume far more in social welfare programs than the pay in taxes. There needs to be an accounting and I would like to be proven wrong.

If you think I am exaggerating consider this source:

Gwen Richardson:
Why African-Americans Can’t Get Ahead: And How We Can Solve It with Group Economics

“Unemployment rates for African-Americans have historically been twice as high as for white Americans… and the plight of young black males is even worse, especially in the country’s inner cities… An even more telling statistic shows that less than 1 per cent of jobs held by African-Americans are created by African-Americans. In other words, we are literally dependent upon other groups for our very livelihoods.”

Gwen Richardson is a black author and apparently one of the few black people willing to take responsibility for black failures. I haven’t read her book so I can’t comment further. However, I believe the majority of black Americans, especially the black establishment, would justify the fact that black people create jobs for only one percent of their people because of slavery, past injustice, racism, oppression etc. You know the song and dance: Blame it all on the white devil; black people can’t be held responsible for anything in this country. You’ve had to listen to it for 50 years.

Black Americans have a myopic view of race relations, defining themselves almost entirely in relation to white Americans. It is time to step back and look at the big picture. The bottom line is this; there are two highly correlated facts throughout the world:

All white cultures are at the top of the world socio-economic ladder and the most desirable places to live because they absolutely and totally reflect the content of the character of white people.

All black cultures are at the bottom of the world socio-economic ladder and the most undesirable places to live because they absolutely and totally reflect the content of the character of black people.


Black people turn every place they exist into poverty stricken hell-holes. This includes every sub-Saharan country in Africa, Haiti (as well as all other black communities in the Caribbean and Latin America) and the inner cities of the USA.

I will not tolerate any nonsense that this is due to white racism and white oppression because there is yet one more highly correlated fact throughout the world. Black people who live with white people enjoy a much higher quality of life than those who don’t. This is true for Europe, the US and even South Africa during the height of apartheid. This is because they are incredibly overly subsidized by white people. That is why the migration from black to white cultures is increasing. Even Africa is overly subsidized by white people.

As stated previously, every culture in the world absolutely and totally reflects the content of the character of the people who create it. I reject all politically correct arguments as to why black people are doing so poorly in the world. But black people have added two more verses to their “Blame it all on the white devil” song and dance. All of the problems in Africa are because white colonialism has trashed black cultures so badly they’ve never been able to recover. Haitians have been so traumatized by slavery they’ve never been able to recover. If there is a single reason why black people are not doing better in the world than they’re doing, other than an innate inability to do for themselves, it is their systematic refusal to hold themselves responsible for anything. The one thing they have become expert at is to guilt trip white people to provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves anywhere in the world.

It should be clear by now that black Americans enjoy a much higher quality of life than they have earned. But they still see themselves as victims because they are not provided with economic parity to white people and they hate us for it. This is irrational because white people don’t do this for each other as explained above. Statistically there are twice as many poor white people than black people, but these poor whites don’t seem to get the same attention.

I will now make the case that black people are the real victimizers in this country. I will use negative racial stereotypes which if not entirely accurate reflect the way black people are perceived in this country.

The first victims of black people are their own children. Blacks have a higher birthrate than whites, 70% of their children are born to unwed mothers and get little help from their fathers. There is a very high infant mortality rate. They know these children are going to grow up in the mean streets of the black communities. They don’t care because I believe too many of them try to use their children to retire on the welfare system. If they want a raise they drop another one. These children are raised to believe they are victims of white oppressors.

There is a film of a black women standing up in a crowded auditorium and shouting at the top of her voice: “We are going to breed ourselves into the majority and white people are going to pay for it.” If anyone can find a copy of it please send it to me. These people know what they are doing. It is you politically correct white morons who are clueless. Let us count all the ways white people are paying for it.

Welfare: We have had to become a welfare state to subsidize the incredible amount of irresponsible reproduction and irresponsible parenting of black people. This is a perversion of the white culture outlined above. For blacks everything emanates top down from government. The costs include welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing etc.

Health Care: In addition to the regular care “poor” people require from Medicare, Medicaid, Emergency rooms etc. add these costs: The high infant mortality rate can cost $500,000 per premature birth. Among these welfare queens there is an obesity epidemic; this is translating into a diabetes epidemic. Blacks account for half of HIV/AIDS cases, and two-thirds of American women recently diagnosed are Black. The emergency rooms costs as black children shoot each other down like dogs in the street.

Education: Every so often someone comes up with yet one more grand plan or costly government program such as magnet schools or “no child left behind” to convince black children to educate themselves. They all fail. According to a 2007 article in The Washington Post, the Washington D.C. public school district spends $12,979 per student per year. This is the third highest level of funding per student out of the 100 biggest school districts in the U.S. Despite this high level of funding, the school district provides outcomes that are lower than the national average in reading and math. Black children are victimizing the schools, and all of us are stigmatized by the poor performance of American students.

Criminal Justice System: Many of the black dropouts do so because they know their future is in criminal enterprise. The cost to deal with black’s overrepresentation in the courts and prisons is humungous. Although I agree that the drug problem should not be dumped on the Criminal Justice System, I don’t know how much difference this would make.

If you think I am being harsh or unfair, I go to these lengths because I believe that many, if not most, black people actually see these as proof that they are victimized. In fact, they are victimizers. They say this is due to poverty. But they are poor because they have shown little ability to create their own wealth anywhere in the world. They don’t create jobs for themselves or their children and at least half of their children refuse to educate themselves. They cannot justify their irresponsible behavior because of their irresponsible behavior and hold white people responsible for it all. There can be no justification for this irresponsible behavior, ever.

What is the solution for this? I don’t think there is one in this country. Affirmative action, the effort to be appropriately black, the refusal to act white has proven to me that we cannot live in harmony. Being appropriately black means being poor everywhere in the world, be it Africa, Haiti or any black community in the Americas. Acting white means being rich everywhere in the world, be it Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand or even South Africa. I submit that if black people are tired of being poor they should start acting white.

However, their instincts are correct. They aren’t going to make it in the world by being imitation white people. They don’t think or behave like white people. But what they’ve come up with isn’t working as far as I’m concerned. They are going to have figure it out for themselves, white people can’t do it for them.

The black race must be considered to be a parasitic race as defined above. They are totally dependent upon white people to provide them jobs, welfare, housing, health care, etc. And what have white people received in return for this hospitality? Resentment, hatred and endless complaints about how we are not doing enough to end poverty in America. The people who are not doing enough to end poverty are black people themselves. They are not educating themselves or creating jobs. They are not creating their fair share of the pie.

We need a separation, a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. All my life I have heard black people complain about how awful it has been for them; how they were dragged out of Africa against their will; enslaved an oppressed by the white devil and how we owe them reparations for this injustice. I agree, we owe them repatriation to Africa. It’s time to take them home, to where we so rudely took them from in the first place.

Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t the only black man with a dream. There was a black man with an even better dream. Marcus Garvey had a return to Africa dream. He even formed a steamship company called the Black Star Line to make it happen. I think we should all work together to make his dream come true.

One possible solution is that black people in this country trade places with white people in Africa. Africa can rid itself of the last vestiges of colonialism and America can shed itself of the legacy of slavery. It has been reported that the black racists in South Africa are preparing to do to white people what Robert Mugabe has done to whites in Zimbabwe, but are being inhibited out of respect for Nelson Mandela. We can find a way to sort this “Africa is for Africans” out peacefully.

You do not have to remind me that there are plenty of black achievers in this country. My response is that Africa is in desperate need of these people. Who has the greater responsibility? White people to continue to provide them a quality of life they have in this country, or these achievers to help their less fortunate relatives in Africa. All my life white people have been guilt tripped to help poor black people. What have black achievers done for poor black people anywhere in the world?


There is a population explosion going on in the world today. Experts project that by the time the population levels off, the world population will double or even triple to 10 to 15 billion people. The numbers are frightening enough. It is questionable whether there are enough resources, even water, to sustain this population, but definitely not enough for everyone to use them at the rate the United States is using them.

But it is much worse than sheer numbers. It is the people least capable of providing for their children that are having most of the children; and there is no better example than what we call the Hispanic race. For the purposes of this discussion Hispanic means non-white Latin Americans since it is generally accepted that white people throughout the world have reached zero population growth, which is where we should all be at this point in time.

It seems to me that the entire Hispanic race has determined that the only chance they have of attaining any kind of quality of life is to elbow their way into this country, dump themselves on white people and demand that white people provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves in their own countries and cultures. This must be case since any U.S. citizen who objects to this illegal migration is called a racist in the shrillest manner possible. There can be no doubt that this accusation is aimed directly at white people.

It is remarkable to me how similarly to black Americans Hispanics behave. Like black people they are non-achievers in their own parts of the world and they are non-achievers in this country. Like black Americans the dropout rate is upwards of 50%, and they are as overly represented in the criminal justice system as black Americans are.

They don’t have the built in excuse that black Americans have been using. They weren’t dragged here against their will and enslaved and oppressed in this country by the white devil. They have come here against the will of most Americans. We can’t beat these people off with a stick. But they are beginning to blame their poor performance in this country on white racism. This is an incredible load of racist crap.

Hispanics claim they have a right to be here because this is a country of immigrants. This is a specious argument because every country in this hemisphere is a country of immigrants. In fact immigrants from Europe begin arriving in Latin America in 1492, 128 year years before the English established the Plymouth colony in 1620. They don’t have a right to come to this country without our permission any more than we have a right to go to their country without their permission, and we don’t.

The real question is why is the “American Dream” north of our borders so much better, so much preferable, than the “American Dream” south of our borders. Don’t forget, America applied to Latin America first. By every politically correct argument Latin America should be 128 years ahead of North America. Mexico City was a thriving colonial city when the University Of Mexico was established in 1551, 69 years before the Plymouth colony.

The answer has already been defined. This is a white culture and is the most desirable place to live because it reflects the content of the character of white people. Every Hispanic culture south of our bolder, without exception, is an unacceptable poverty stricken hell-hole that absolutely and totally reflects the content of the character of Hispanic people. It is not a matter of geographical luck. You have to be a low-grade moron to believe that this country full of Hispanics will be any better than any other country full of Hispanics.

Hispanics and their supporters have argued that this migration is good for the US. They assert that they do the work Americans don’t want to do, they are needed to fund the retirement of the boomers and we need them to grow our population and to grow the economy. At the risk of boring you to tears I will debunk these arguments at length.

There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that slavery has been a totally unmitigated disaster for this country, but because of the wide open way this country was colonized nothing could be done about it. However, slavery began to die out on its own because it wasn’t economically advantageous. Immigrant labor from Europe became cheaper than the capital costs of purchasing, feeding, clothing and housing slaves. That is until cotton became king. Then you heard this argument: We can’t get Americans to work the cotton fields so we need to import cheap labor in the form of African slaves.


So now you hear the same kinds of morons make the same kinds of arguments. Gee, we can’t get Americans to work the bean fields; therefore we need to import cheap labor in the form of Hispanic immigrants. Thereby creating, expanding and exploiting yet one more lower socio-economic class based on race. You morons just don’t learn. Exploiting lower socio-economic classes based on race is a formula for disaster and this next lower socio-economic class will be the biggest disaster of all.

The founding fathers of this country split from England to escape the class system that had a strangle hold on the old world. We weren’t oppressed or poor. We simply didn’t want King George running our lives for us. We wanted to continue our efforts to build a country based on independence, freedom, self sufficiency and egalitarianism. Slavery has always made the Declaration of Independence ring hollow as does the exploitation of any other race, even when that race is aiding and abetting us in their exploitation.

It is not so much that we can’t get American’s to work the fields, but to work the fields for what the growers want to pay them. And the problem it isn’t just big business. Every one of you white morons who are delighted to have cheap labor to clean your house, do your yard work or raise your children for you are part of the problem. The labor gains that we built up in this country are being eroded away by the flood of cheap labor. In an egalitarian society you should have to pay people what you think you should be paid if you had to spend your life doing that work. The class system you are establishing in this country is spelling your own doom.

There is no evidence that the growing Hispanic population will be a net contributor to the tax base. I believe that whatever economic advantage some people got from exploiting black slaves has been paid a thousand times over by the social welfare costs blacks have required for generations. While the Hispanic immigrant is willing to be a cheap peon for white people, their children aren’t. And since half of these children refuse to educate themselves and are as overly represented in the criminal justice system as blacks, I believe they will be more of a burden than a benefit considering their large families. I see no evidence that Hispanics are creating any more jobs for their people in this country than they are in their own countries.

If white people continue to let this go on they will find themselves a minority in an Hispanic culture. If you want to know what kind of Hispanic culture this will become, take a good hard look at Venezuela. In Venezuela the majority race, the indigenous population, voted one of their own, Hugo Chavez, into power for two reasons. First, because everyone is a racist; and wants their own race in power. Second, because he promised them he would redistribute the wealth. This is exactly what he is doing. Latin American countries have a history of taking sharp turns to the left, especially those with large tribal populations. When the Hispanic race becomes the majority race they will vote themselves into power and will probably want to redistribute the wealth because they have shown little ability to create their own wealth anywhere in the world. That is why they are here in the first place.

Finally, let me make this argument. It is the 21st century and no human being should be required to do what we are hiring Hispanics to do. White men can build machines to do most of this work. Our biggest industries such as wheat and corn are almost fully mechanized. All agriculture and the other monotonous repetitive work can be mechanized. The thing that is delaying this is the population explosion of the non-achieving races. They are not only eager, but desperate to do the work we can build machines to do cheaper than we can build the machines to do it. I am intentionally insulting because this population explosion is not dooming only them, but the whole human race to be cheap human machine labor.

The population explosion of this race cannot be allowed to dictate the future of this country. Hispanics have not been shy about promoting a racist agenda to promote their illegal invasion into this country. Don’t feel guilty about promoting a racist agenda to preserve this country and culture.


The same white racists who hate black people seem to hate Jews even more. This has been somewhat of a mystery to me since most of these whites are Christian; and as far as I’m concerned Christians are Jews, at least culturally. Jesus, their Lord and master, is a Jew. They supplicate themselves to a Jew almost every day. Yes, there is a history of religious animosity between these groups which reaches back to the time when Christians absolutely considered themselves Jews, but what I’m talking about is racism. I assume that these are lower middle class whites who believe Jews are enriching themselves at their expense. Blacks can identify with this since it is well known that they think Jews have too much economic power in their communities.

The point I am trying to make is that no amount of white racism or white oppression has kept Jews from being economically successful, nor is it keeping anyone else from doing so. Down through the millennia Jews have been kicked out of virtually every country in Europe at one time or another chiefly because they have been perceived as being too economically successful. The last case in Germany was a perfect example. Germans suffered more than most during the depression because France did everything they could to punish them for World War One. It was easy for Hitler to scapegoat the Jews.

I don’t have a particular problem with Jews because I don’t perceive them as an immediate threat to my culture. They create their fair share of the jobs and the economy, maybe more than their fair share. They are well represented in the sciences and the professions, maybe overly represented. They have created the only real economy in the Middle East.

Achievement commands respect.

Reject the White Man’s Burden

White people cannot be held responsible to solve the problems of the non-achieving races of the world. It is their responsibility to make their own parts of the world as desirable as we have made ours. It is their responsibility to provide their children with the same quality of life we provide ours. If they cannot do this, what good are they? If they cannot do this, the world does not need these people at all. And if they cannot do this, the world does not need to be over populated by these people, which is exactly what’s happening.

Whatever white people do to help the non-achieving races help themselves, we must not do the following:

1. It is not white people’s responsibility to provide the non-achieving races a quality of life they cannot provide themselves.

2. It is not white people’s responsibility to provide their children a quality of life they cannot provide them.

3. It is not white people’s responsibility to subsidize the population explosion of the non-achieving races,

4. White cultures do not have to fling open their borders and absorb the population explosion of the non-achieving races.

5. White cultures do not have to become multicultural as the non-achieving races desperately seek a better quality of life in them. White cultures are infinitely preferable to their cultures because they are not their cultures. White cultures are infinitely preferable to their cultures because they are white cultures; and in order to remain white cultures they must remain majority white, and I mean vastly majority white.

6. And above all, white people do not have to tolerate becoming minorities our own countries and cultures as the non-achieving races of the world decide that the only chance they have of attaining a better quality of life is to elbow their way into white cultures, dump themselves on white people and demand that white people provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves in their own countries and cultures.

Most white people will think I am cold and heartless. They feel guilty that they have so much and so many others have so little. They want to help alleviate the suffering of the poor people of the world. But I warn you, you can only help them help themselves, and if they cannot do it for themselves there is little you can do. If you continue to subsidize the population explosion of these non-achieving races they will turn your culture into their culture and you will watch your children suffer the same low quality of life as theirs.

The most important thing you can do for them now is to stop the population explosion of these “poor” people. The sheer numbers are keeping them poor and “enslaving” them as cheap labor.


In my opinion white people have taken an unfair hit because of colonialism. In a real sense colonialism tried to bring the advantages of white culture to the rest of the world. For a long time many of the successful parts of the non-white world were former British colonies like Hong Kong and Singapore. Kenya was considered the “shining light” of Africa until ethnic violence broke out. This kind of ethnic violence that is sweeping Africa and other parts of the world is nothing less than racism.

But these colonies considered themselves oppressed and sought independence. Their attitude was: our countries are for our people, white people go home. There was an “India is for Indians” movement, an “Africa is for Africans” movement, and in Latin America “Gringo go home”. For the most part white people simply got tired of listening to it and packed up and went home. They weren’t evicted by force although Africans consider Robert Mugabe a hero for the only successful war against white people.

It seems that a lot of these people are following white people home. Well, back at you….. White cultures are for white people, brown people go home.

The Human Population Explosion

At the risk of belaboring this point ad nauseam, the biggest threat to us all is the human population explosion. We are crowding out the rest of the life on the planet to the point that we are causing a mass extinction epoch, the first caused by life itself on this planet. Our consumption of resources is having an increasingly negative impact on this planet from pollution to global warming. There are not enough recourses for the current world’s population to consume them at the rate white people are consuming them, let alone double or triple the population.

The reason white people use so much recourses is because we created the industrial revolution. We created the technology that runs on fossil fuels. We have had the luxury of having it all to ourselves for a very long time. Even after white men invented it and showed the world how it was done, the other races just didn’t get it… except for the Japanese. The reason for white colonialism wasn’t any burning desire for global domination. It became a kind of global arms race between major European powers. If you didn’t get out there and grab the world’s recourses, then your European rivals would. And the reason that white people could grab all these recourses for ourselves is that the native populations weren’t exploiting them for themselves.

White people have been vilified for ravaging the world and raping the environment, and there is a lot of truth in this. But this is what has made white cultures so wealthy and desirable. This is what has made the “American Dream” that everyone else in the world wants a piece of. Everyone in the world wants the quality of life that Americans enjoy. Everyone in the world wants to use recourses at the rate white people are using them. It is not possible.

It has been delightful to watch the economic explosion in China. This generation of Chinese may enjoy the same grand era that Americans enjoyed in the ‘50s and ‘60s; the “Happy Days” that I grew up in; the same degree of technological advancement and upward mobility. I didn’t think the world would see another such era. But they are making exactly the same mistakes we have made. Scavenging the world for resources and buying economic prosperity at the cost of environmental degradation. We just don’t learn. Gone are the days of cheap fuel and maybe even cheap food. Can the rest of the world follow China? I don’t think there are enough resources, even water.

White people cannot continue use resources at the current rate we are using them. And although we are developing alternative fuels, recycling and trying to change our bad habits, it is a horse race as to whether technology can solve the problem as the current population increases their use. Increasing populations severely aggravate this effort.

We must stop the human population explosion. It is the best, and maybe the only hope of raising the quality of life for the rest of the world. Whites and Japanese have reached zero population growth. The Chinese have imposed a draconian one child per family law in their effort to stem the tide. The achieving races are doing the right thing. It is the people least capable of providing for their children who are having all of the children. It must be stopped. The sheer numbers of these people are keeping them poor and their population explosion is devaluing them further.

I have gone so hard over on this issue that under no circumstances will I agree to subsidize the population explosion of the non-achieving races of the world. I am furious that this country has become a welfare state that subsidizes the population explosion of brown people in this country. I am furious that I am paying to pump food and health care into Africa and other parts of the world to alleviate the horrible suffering of these people. I believe this chronic suffering is due to populations growing past their ability to provide for themselves. The only program I am willing to pay for is population control. It is the only real and long lasting solution. And above all I am furious that these populations are allowed to explode into this country as well as all white cultures.

I am so hard over on this issue that if these people refuse to do the right thing and control their populations like the modern nations do, we should control their populations the old fashioned way. They should be forced to stay in their own parts of the world and starve to death. You think I am evil, heartless and cruel, but consider this. When Africans start starving to death they get little help from their fellow Africans even though there is enough food. If Africans can watch their fellows starve to death so can I. This goes for all of the other chronically poor parts or the world. Although I am willing to do something, I will not subsidize their population explosion. You cannot guilt trip me into subsidizing their irresponsible behavior because I’m rich and they’re poor. Population control first. The health of the planet depends upon this.

The Future Of The Human Race

Allow me go down a path that will scare the hell out of even most white people. You have probably surmised by now that I am way out in left field…. You don’t know how far.

I believe the future of the human race is in space. In fact I believe our very survival depends upon this. As long as we are all huddled on this tiny rock, squabbling over what little land there is left on it we are in danger of going the way of the dinosaurs. To continue this analogy, somewhere out there, there is an asteroid with our name on it. It’s not a matter of if it will smack the earth; it’s a matter of when. If it hits before we can deal with it, or before we have colonized space, we’re history. And of course there are many other scenarios that can spell the end of humanity on the planet. I’ll discuss them in more detail in another paper.

The question is: who will venture into space? In 1903, two white men, working out of their bicycle shop and in secret, created the first practical airplane. In 1969 white men were walking on the moon. This is what white men can do in 66 years. But all during this space effort I had to listen to black people assert that white people shouldn’t be allowed to spend their money in space. They should be forced to spend it on the poor. Translation, we should be forced to subsidize the irresponsible reproduction and irresponsible parenting of black people. This was another nail in the coffin of race relations for me. White men, we cannot piss away any more of our time and money subsidizing the population explosion of the non-achieving races. We must move into space as quickly as possible.

The Japanese and Chinese are developing their own space programs thereby demonstrating their intention to be involved and I applaud their efforts. We need to move ahead on all fronts. But what about the other races? Black Americans have contributed little more than negativity.

The glaring unanswered question in this discussion about who should return home is the one asked by Native-Americans. When will white people go home? And believe it or not, I am somewhat sympathetic to this argument. I harbor a romantic vision of sending the other races back to their homelands, moving white people into space and returning stewardship of this beautiful land to Native-Americans. But I have as much chance of convincing most white people to move into space as I have of convincing the other races to return home. And if I could, it will take quite a bit of time. So I ask you, Native-Americans, do you want to return to the Stone Age, or do you want to reach for the stars?

Actually, my ultimate fantasy is to move the whole human race off the planet and leave Gaia (mother Earth) to evolve even more fantastic life forms. There is a lot of room out there. We have Mars and Venus to terraform. We are builders of worlds. We have the technology now and we need to get on with it.

I must conclude this discussion on race by the most outlandish concept of all. I believe that when we move into space that’s exactly what we’ll do move into space. I believe that the next great strides in human evolution will be in zero gravity habitats. There is unlimited room to grow in space and we can once more “be fruitful and multiply in number”. This will create new human races. In zero gravity people can essentially fly, unneeded feet can evolve into hands, and who can say what else. This may cause more race problems, but oh well.

Whatever else happens, space can be the final refuge where white people can build cultures free of the non-achieving parasitic races that hate us for our success and then insist on dumping themselves on us and demand we provide them a quality of life they cannot provide themselves.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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