Capturing Crazy Beauty




scan0021My autobiography is titled ‘Capturing Beauty’. I came up with this title before my sixteen year old daughter came into my life for the first time. Alas, I believed God had sent me an Heir who I can leave my amazing family history to. How wrong can one be.

Above is a photo of Ryan Hunt with his two sons. Ryan did not want any children. Ryan had not finished playing. He wanted to go outside and play some more. Two beautiful young women had other plans for this young man. They wanted him to be the love of their life, which always means they wanted to give birth to his baby. Why – God only knows!

In a post on Facebook Ryan complains about being a mere pawn in the game of his girlfriend who born my grandson’s beautiful half-brother. She had set up a facebook for him that he pays no mind to, but complains that when he visits Jessica’s page there is hardly a picture of him, just his beautiful son and Brody’s beautiful mother. I think Ryan feels castrated, cropped out of the picture, he sent to Siberia lest he think he is important. Jessica is threatening to not let Ryan see his son. Jessica has got what she needed, a beautiful child. She does not want my grandson, Tyler Hunt, to see Brody. Why is that? Isn’t there a story about a mirror on the wall?

After meeting Ryan my seventeen year old daughter disappeared from my life. She could tell I was not nearly impressed with him as she was. We had been talking about I coming to Santa Rosa to attend her prom. All of a sudden, I was cut-off. When my letter was returned, I made a call. The phone was disconnected. Under California Law, this is kidnapping. This is par for the course. In a letter to Oprah Winfrey, Heather’s mother says she knew Heather was my baby, but, her husband’s name went on my beautiful daughter’s birth certificate. Ryan knew all about this, and felt more secure knowing I was out of the picture – lest I give a fatherly opinion that resembles the one he gave on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Heather is forming a secret bond with Vicki Presco who had long had a secret bond with her father, being, Vic Presco told her she was his only real child. My sister must have waned to believe this because Vic treated her much better then he did his fake children. Vic gave Vicki presents, money, and a place to live. She ended up with his mother’s car after she died. Vic ened up with all his mother’s money, and with some money Vicki got from her crazy husband, they invested in Rosamond’s art.

In a rare conversation I had with Christine’s eldest daughter, Shannon told me that Rosemary favored the boys when we were young, thus, it was only fair that Vic favor my sisters who are in their twenties. Both my sister’s did not complain when Vic cut Mark and I out of the picture, the New Deal. Only their and their father’s history mattered now.

Above is a photo of Vic holding his first-born, his son, Mark. He is wondering if this infant is really his own, and if Rosemary had cheated on him while he was at sea. After all, my beautiful mother was a sex addict according to Vicki and aunt Lillian. Rosemary rued the day she ever met this disturbed young man, and having four children by him. But, she did. This is her history, that fits nicely with all the other crazy history the beautiful women around me have made, that has utterly destroyed any hope of I belonging to a real family. I have not seen or spoken to my daughter or grandson in two years which is just fine with Linda Comstock and Bill Cornwall who have note sired or born any children. Above is a photo of Heather’s aunt Linda allowing her drunk lover to bond with Ryan’s son, because……………?

When I met Flip, he was relunctant to shake my hand, and as he did, he rfused to give me his name. I got the idea that life owed much to Flip, and, he deserved my beautiful offspring more then I.

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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