The Toyota Toy



Today I hired a new attorney to help me with my crisis over the new monies due me from the Rice Trust that could render me homeless. But, alas I have someone on my team – and I might be going to Europe! Hurrah!

As for the Toyota I tried to give to Michael Dundon after I did repairs with monies from the Rice Trust, this turned out not to be legal according to my Special Needs Trust. The car was not running when I offered it to Michael, who showed no interest in taking responsibility for the repairs that the trust paid $260 dollars for. I did more repairs since Michael’s birthday because the exhaust pipe was off. My lips were tingling after I drove it. That cost the trust another $160 dollars. That’s $420 dollars. The monies from the Trust our kindred, June and Vinnie Rice left many members of our family, can only be spent on – ME! I can not use this money to fix another persons car, or pay for anyones funeral, but my own!

If Michael had accepted the Toyota, as is (for $50 dollars) then he could have made the repairs. I will be keeping the title, and, that is that! We do the best we can.

The good news, is (and let us all hope things go well) When Vicki Presco gets her share of the Trust, she promised to spend $5,000 dollars on Alex Dundon getting braces. I hope I have not embarrassed anyone.

Also, the Rice Trust monies will help Vicki support my niece, Drew Benton, who suffers from several disabilities, and would be homeless after her father, the muralist Garth Benton, died, if Vicki had not taken her in. Drew connects our kindred to the Stewarts, Harry and William Windsor, and America’s Art Dynasty.

It also looks like I will be able to pay for Hollis’ funeral in full – and have the full military service I wanted for my foster son. I have to cash the check, and then spend it down before I reapply for SSI. Tricky legal stuff, this.

Here is the official adoption doc that will gleefully cost me $2,000 dollars. Thanks aunt June and Uncle Vinnie!

“Be fruitful and multiply.”

Jon Gregory,_Duke_of_Cambridge

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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