My Foolish Grandson – Again!


tylergoldHappy Birthday my Grandson!

Tyler Hunt is eight years of age today.

The name Brutus means “foolish”. This is key, for Brutus of Troy is depcited by Wace in his Roman de Brut, as the primary founder of the British Empire. Here is an old post. Tyler is three years old.

Wagner’s spelling of Parsifal instead of the Parzival he had used up to 1877 is informed by an erroneous etymology of the name Percival deriving it from a supposedly Arabic origin, Fal Parsi meaning “pure fool”.[


“Foolish” Connections
Ironically, the word “Fool” is actually an appropriate term to
describe the nature of the month of April. For just as Aries is the
beginning of the Zodiac, the Fool card is the beginning point of the
archetypes of the Tarot Deck.

Meaning of Fool Card – Beginning of a journey with simple faith.
Leaping into some new phase of life. Being free spirited, carefree.
(as in the Beatles song “Fool on the Hill”).

The Zodiac sign Aries that corresponds to April is represented by a
Ram’s head, a symbol of “energy bursting forth, the creative force
of Spirit”, much like the Tarot’s symbolism, it is the beginning of
a journey.

My Foolish Grandson
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Thu Jun 9, 2005 11:05 am |
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Hello Heather and Tyler;

What a grand time to be a grandfather and father! What a wonderous
journey I had. Thank you!

I posted this in one of my Grail groups.

Love Always


“On June 6th., D-Day, I awoke in the home of my daughter’s mother
and began to read the twenty five pages that constitute the
Astrological Report for Tyler Robert Hunt, who is my newborn
grandson. At around 4:00 A.M. I announced to myself that Tyler was
going to be a real Jedi Warrior, a real jet pilot who as a citizen
will design spectacular video games for a living. There is no limit
to his imagination, nor daring. Like his father he will take
incredible physical risks. He is the Fool stepping off a mountain
into space. He may become an astronaut who will be hurled into space
atop fiery rockets. His Grand Trine in fire will bring him to many
thresholds which he will be able to cross with relative ease,
including spiritual ones. Being an Aries he is Parsifal, the Pure
Fool. He will excel in Martial Arts taught to him by his uncle
David. He will be a Artist-warrior who will heal the Karma of
distructive wars, and bring a New Salvation.

The Astrologer who did Tyler’s chart did so for free after
overhearing Heather’s mother talk about our daughter who was in the
hospital about to give birth.

On December 2, 2004 I posted several e-mails in my Grail e-mail
groups about Parsifal and The Fool of the Tarot deck. Tyler fits the
bill, and when my daughter awoke I told her of my vision. Tyler’s
father is a surfer, champion skateboarder, a snowboarder, a builder
of a very fast car. The day before, I remarked to Heather that Tyler
does not like gravity, and is a flyer. This is a Charioteer of
Fire. I am certain he is kin to the Fisher Kings. He is the Prodigal
Son of the Mountain of Salvation. One day he will come in my door,
and I his Grandfather will ask him a Grand Question.

This child is a Peacemaker. Gandhi also has a Grand Trine in fire. I
was born on Gandhi’s birthday on Yom Kippur. Tyler has come to
personify the Fool’s Journey of the High Arcana, and show us The
Way. If he loses his head, now and then, it is for a good purpose.
In the end, all good things are restored. Tyler Robert Hunt has
already begun to clean house. Fire is Cleansing, Eternal, and……


“The first Fire sign of the Zodiac, Aries, symbolizes the will to
action, energy in process. The original name in Egypt of the
constellation of Aries, was Seret, the Ewe. Aries approaches life
with the exploratory innocence of the newborn. Eager and excited
s/he leaps before he looks. “Here I am, I exist” he cries joyfully
setting out on a path of discovery. Like the Fool tarot card, Aries
trusts in the Universe.”

Jon Presco

“So, before I get back to that spring cleaning there’s just one more
thing to tell, and it’s a pleasant one at that! Sonoma has a brand
new citizen! I would officially like to welcome Tyler Robert Hunt,
born April 17 here in Sonoma Valley Hospital to our planet! And
yes, Tyler does have those fire trines! I hear he is beautiful,
alert and already making connections with everyone! I took a peek
at his chart, and what a great new human he is—Tyler, we all
welcome you to the tribe! Live long, love lots and prosper!
It’s a beautiful spring, folks, don’t forget to enjoy it. Leave
your brain on idle, walk outside and breathe. Till next time…
Grand Trines in Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Fire is identified with spiritual energy as it represents LIFE. The
element of Fire energy expresses through action and activity.
Individuals with a Grand Trine in Fire may be like the Energizer
Bunny and keep going and going until their battery finally wears
out. As a result their major challenge is not to over-extend
The element of Fire, like a flame, will burn as hot as it can until
all of its fuel is gone. These folks also are very truthful to a
fault. Sometimes their honest to others can be brutal and without
tempering. The energy expressed is expansive and along with that can
be explosive in both happiness and friction. Most Grand Fire folks
will need to be learned to conserve their energy and explore the all
emotions instead of just the emotional one.
Depending on what houses and planets are the Grand Trine, this is
also an indication of spiritual inspiration in a chart. Many great
spiritual leaders so Grand Fire trines. On the other side, Grand
Water trines can indicate that as well.

The trine formation is considered beneficial and a harmonious flow
of energy. However, I would caution the reader to watch over-
generalizations in any astrology delineation. As in life the energy
is about friction and flow, positive and negative, to reach the
point of BALANCE. A chart with many trines and few SQUARES can act
have the potential of being challenging because it does not have the
balance. The abundance of trines in a chart may indicate a lack of
stimulation to achieve and may indicate energy flow of complacency.
On the other side of this is the person who needs no outside help
for motivation and is quite driven. As a result the individual may
lack a sensitivity to other folks needs, wishes or desires.
When looking at a chart that has Grand Trines, it helps to ask a few
questions. (NOTE: we are only dealing with natal interpretation and
not transit/progression interpretation)
1) What is the Ruler of the chart?
2) Where is the Ruler of the chart in relationship to the Grand
3) Is there a final dispositor that is part of this Trine?
4) What are the missing components in the chart? Aspect, element,
house placement, etc.
5) Any unaspected planets?
6) What is the predominant ASPECT in the chart?
7) Do the squares balance off the Grand Trine?
There are other questions you can ask once you see the chart, but
these are just a few to give you an idea of what you have to
consider when delineating the Grand Trine and other aspect
configuration. Again, the caution is made not to over-generalize.
View the BIG PICTURE first and then the Picture within the Picture.
The Grand Trine: This pattern involves three Planets, usually in the
same Element, each forming a Trine with the others. For example we
could have Moon in Aries trine Sun in Leo and each of them form a
Trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. This would be called a Fire Grand
Trine. People with Grand Trines seem to find that things come easily
to them, and they may have some definite talent or gift. It seems
sometimes that their boat flows through life with scarcely a
“While the monks spend a lifetime of discipline to suppress their
Aries level and attain this blessed state, Parsifal has that
capability from the start. He is the archetype of the holy fool, who
dwells, where else? in a fool’s paradise. In medieval times such
mental defectives were often revered and marveled at: someone who
lives in heaven and doesn’t know it!
Parsifal goes on after his first experience of the grail to the
fuller appreciation of this state and spends five years as a hermit.
This drop-out spiritual consciousness often leads nowhere, but it is
certainly an important part of the grail journey. We can look at the
switching of attention to “just this” as a partial inversion. We can
see the top two-thirds of the grail brain taking shape.
But there’s something missing. The new mentality is stunted. It
can’t move. It can’t go anywhere or do anything. It needs the legs
of Aries under it. We have seen how the spiritual rebirth of Taurus
leads eventually to growing up into Aries. Parsifal takes up his
warrior armor and gets back on his horse.
The adventures of Christian chivalry, which lead other knights on an
endless round of mechanical dominance, are just what Parsifal needs
to discover his duality and take a stand in the world. After his
unpromising upbringing he is not likely to embrace Aries as anything
more than a role. He is not likely to confuse it with his identity,
or think that he’s a warrior.
The knight’s role gets Parsifal back on the grail trail. And more,
Aries seems to hold the final secrets, to be setting the direction
of the journey. Pisces, in the form of the White Knight, only holds
him back. The rediscovery of Aries (Chapter 3) leads him straight to
the grail.
Inversion revolves around Aries, who must be worked around, since he
will not be moved. Care is required not to challenge his
relationships or his view of superiority.
Yet his relationships will change, and these changes must be
presented as benefits. One of them is rejuvenation.
When the old king is relieved of his responsibilities he is free to
be a young warrior again, which is the position dictated by the
revolution. He now has the most junior position, Aries just starting
out fresh, entering the world at 14 and open to new adventures.
This will be the image for Aries in the new age. And it is the image
for inversion now.
Instead of seeing it as a demotion, the old king must see the
changes as giving him what he wants most–to be young again. Then he
can turn his energy to the new order. And nothing will change
without it.
Chretien’s story breaks off at the point where Parsifal, after many
years, returns in triumph to claim the grail. The Arthurian legend
doesn’t even get that far, and Emma Jung can take us no further. But
Jessie Weston, in The legend of Sir Parsifal, Vol.II (1909), has
some scraps to add to the record:
“Never, in any case, does the Grail winner return to court after he
has achieved the quest. He remains in charge of the Grail.”
This suggests that those who find the grail keep it to themselves,
so that the stories of successful quests never get back to us.
Jessie Weston’s study was of the Modena text, authorship unknown,
and rarely referred to. It is the only one that describes what
happens when Parsifal finds the grail for keeps.
This time he goes to the old king, described as his grandfather
(corresponding to two ages before Parsifal) and asks what he needs
to know to inherit the grail. The old king shows him first the
lance, the blood-dripping symbol of Aries that represents purpose,
direction and will-power. (The corresponding symbol of Pisces is the
sword of intellect that will break and fail in an emergency. The old
king doesn’t bother with the sword.)
Then he shows him the grail and prays for guidance. Approval from
God is apparently forthcoming, and the old king gives Parsifal the
secret words:
“There be Three which bear witness
–And these Three are One.”
These are the secret words which Jesus supposedly gave to Joseph of
Parsifal receives the grail and on the third day the old king lies
down before it and expires. Tradition says that the Fisher King is
healed, but the Fisher King is not present in this version. Instead,
at this moment far away, King Arthur and his realm are restored to
happiness and prosperity. Though they never see Parsifal again, they
know that some knight has accomplished the quest and found the grail.
substituting His rhythm and impress for that of the Lucifers–for
the Christ
also, as an Archangel is a Fire Being. When this has been
accomplished, the
atomic vibration of man’s body will make it immune to disease and
Individuals of the New Age bear within themselves the glorious image
of the
The Hierarchy of Aries contains an archetypal pattern of man as he
was created “in the image and likeness of God.” This pattern will be
increasingly manifested in the New Age. The six constellations above
the equator contain these patterns in miniature, so to speak, and
the Hierarchies of these southern constellations work with mankind
to bring these patterns to fulfillment here on earth. For example,
the Hierarchy of Aries holds this perfect pattern of the new
Christed man. Libra, the sign opposite Aries and the home of the
Lords of Individuality, steps down this cosmic pattern of
Aries and is aiding man in bringing about its manifestations. as
The “Green Man” of the Spring Festival. “April Fool.” The Holy Ghost
This tradition represents the original idea adapted to the
understanding of the average peasant. The Green Man is a
personification of the mysterious influence that produces the
phenomena of spring. It is hard to say why it should be so, but it
is so: there is a connection with the ideas of irresponsibility, of
wantoness, of idealization, of romance, of starry dreaming.
The Fool stirs within all of us at the return of Spring, and because
we are a little bewildered, a little embarrassed, it has been
thought a salutary custom to externalise the subconscious impulse by
ceremonial means. It was a way of making confession easy. Of all
these festivals it may be said that they are representations in the
simplest form, without introspection, of a perfectly natural
phenomenon. In particular are to be noted the custom of the Easter
Egg and the “Poisson d’avril”. (The Savior Fish is discussed
elsewhere in this essay. The precession of the Equinoxes has made
Spring begin with the entry of the Sun into Aries the Ram, instead
of Piscec the Fishes as was the case in the earliest times recorded.)
The Warrior is the individual ego rushing into the conscious light
of life.
The Warrior seems to have a great mission to prove his existence as
an individual. He has a sense of the great life force within him,
yet may be shy and timid when confronted with the need to display
that energy. Having a pioneering and adventurous spirit, the Warrior
represents the fiery exuberance and innocence of youth and is
related to the Fool archetype, the innocent beginner on the path of
life, that may be very naive about the ways of the world. Self
centered in both positive and shadow ways, he often seems to judge
all of existence by the extent of his own consciousness. The more
limited his personal experience, the more limited is his world view.
Honoring this Warrior/Fool theme, April begins with the Day of the
The Warrior has tremendous potential energy for positive creation
and his mission is strongly focused on the search for self identity
and personal direction. He will spend much of his energy testing
himself, (and others) seeing if he has the ability to accomplish his
ideas and ideals. The Warrior’s strength is independence, an
enormous inner strength, and a strong intelligence, bravery and
courage. His shadow weaknesses are low self esteem, lack of drive
and ambition, and immature behavior which can manifest as a quick
temper and an impulsive nature, or as wimpy manipulative game
Warriors can be domineering, and at worst, violent and raging. But,
often after the fiery temper blows, peace reigns once more. However,
the “warrior power” is just under the surface and can be sensed by
others who may find the Warrior a little scary and intimidating to
be around. Feeling this rejection, the Warrior then gets into
a “what’s wrong with me” low self esteem cycle which builds more
anger and more rejection. The Warrior has difficulty with
subtleties, often seeing only the obvious, and misjudging the total
extent of a situation. He must learn how to remain calm, not give in
to the first impulse, and remember to weigh options before making a
final judgment. He must realize he is not alone, in spite of his
independent nature, and needs others’ help and love in order to
fully express his creative potential.
In our world today, nothing represents the energy of the Warrior
more than the rebellious nature of youth. Like it or not, the
Warrior is a universal archetype that is part of human
consciousness. King Arthur created the Round Table for his young
warriors who needed warrior challenges in time of peace, and
advocated “Might for Right”, a model we might re-explore to channel
our young warriors into activities that teach the right use of
power. Athletics and physical activities of all kinds, and advocacy
of just causes are positive examples. Since warriorship was
dishonored during the Viet Nam War, the draft was abolished and the
military maligned, an all too obvious shadow form of the Warrior
archetype has arisen in America, the impulsive and deadly “foolish”
use of violence and weapons by our young Warriors and their need to
create shadow Warrior Societies (gangs) to feel powerful. They dress
in distinctive “uniforms” pierce and tattoo their bodies as did many
ancient warrior societies and are fascinated with weapons, blood,
horror and death. All this reflects the shadow side of the Warrior
archetype that results from society’s attempt to repress all warrior
In the physical body, the Warrior rules the head, face, adrenal
glands, muscle structure and general strength of the body. The
wearing of helmets, special hairdos and headdresses both emphasizes
and protects the source of strength and power, the head/mind, in the
patriarchal world of the Warrior. As a result, Warriors of diverse
cultures beheaded, scalped or cut off the hair of their enemies to
capture their power. Modern day Warriors like to wear hats of all
kinds and are concerned with their hair, its style, cut and color.
Their hair reflects their power and personality. If a Warrior is
having a bad hair day, watch out! Warriors need to be strong and
physically fit, thus most of the serious regulars at the health
club, on the ski hill, hiking and biking in the summer, etc., will
be Warrior archetypes. If the Warrior force within you is
disempowered and unable to express itself, you may be prone to
headaches and head injury, ear infections, sinus, poor eyesight and
diseases of the eye, high fevers and high blood pressure, tooth
decay and gum disease, muscular dystrophy and other muscle
disorders. Adrenal disease and dysfunction are also Warrior related
as adrenaline is the “fight or flight” hormone. If your sun or
rising sign is Aries, you may embody the appearance of the
archetype: strong and athletic with tall, imposing lean and sturdy
body. The head is emphasized with prominent nose, dark piercing
electric eyes, noticeably large or small. Warriors have high
foreheads, prominent brows and eyebrows, thick hair with a reddish
tone and often a widow’s peak.
The Warrior requires an occupation which involves him totally and
allows him the freedom to constantly express himself. It is very
difficult for him to take orders from anyone else and he’ll always
try to maneuver himself into a position of leadership. He is often
the idea person, the entrepreneur who initiates projects without
having to attend to all the details necessary for the manifestation
of his inspirations. He thrives on competition and will not be held
up by delay and setbacks. In the modern world, he is the daredevil,
athlete, or advocate championing a cause. As the ancient Warrior
valued his weapons, horses, and chariots, the modern Warrior is
often drawn to the military, hunting, martial arts, football and the
rodeo, to a fascination with guns and other weapons, motorcycles,
fast cars and pickup trucks (modern day horses & chariots.) The
highest manifestation of the archetype, the Spiritual Warrior (Joan
of Arc, Henry V, King Arthur, Robin Hood, the Knights Templars, the
Samari and Native American traditions to name a few examples) is
empowered to fight for his God, for positive good, to help the less
fortunate and better the world for all humankind. As he evolves
towards his opposite archetype, Libra the Lover, he gains the
balance of power with compassion needed to become the Spiritual
If much of the above resonates with you, take this time in the sun
to honor your positive Warrior power, potential and possibilities.
Try to identify other Warriors around you and begin to relate to
them with better understanding. Two Warriors can easily get into
battle, but they also have the ability to empower one another like
Knights of the Round Table. Look for positive examples of
warriorship in the world today. Women warriors…you Amazons out there…
often unappreciated or even maligned in your Warrior role until
recently, you may need to release the repressed anger and
frustration wounded or dishonored Warriors feel and discover the
positive potentials of the Warrior within…now is the time.
Until next month, and the Archetype of the Artist/Priestess—many
Passover is a time of an incredible Itaruta d’leila, an undeserved
outpouring of kindness and beneficence from G-d. Israel had
descended to the 49th level of impurity and had almost no merits
with which to beseech G-d for salvation. Nevertheless, G-d initiated
a great Exodus for Israel. On Passover a person must be an open
vessel to receive this blessing of Divine Flow. In preparation, we
rid ourselves of chametz, all the vanity, the inflated ego, and the
resistances for change. On Passover we must remove all the false
exteriors, we must be free of obstructions, and open ourselves to
receive G-d’s blessing of new beginnings.

The Hebrew month of Nissan corresponds to the English month of April.

The English month April is when a new energy cycle begins. The
word “April” comes from the Latin verb “Abrir” which means to open,
to release. The term itself implies the energetic work we must do –
opening and releasing – to clean house for the New Energy to enter
and stimulate a change in us. “Spring cleaning” is a beginning
point to host a Divine visitation.

Origin of April Fool’s Day
Just as Nissan is the first of the Hebrew months according to the
Torah, April was the New Year in the Old World calendar. Ancient
cultures, including those as varied as the Romans and the Hindus,
celebrated New Year’s Day on April 1st. Even the Zodiac wheel
begins with the constellation of Aries (April). But in the year
1582 this natural in-sync resonance with the cycles of nature
changed, at least with a new Church mandated calendar. In 1582 Pope
Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar (the Gregorian Calendar) to
replace the old Julian Calendar. The new calendar called for New
Year’s Day to be celebrated Jan.1st. Many countries, however,
resisted the change. In fact, some European countries held out for
centuries (Scotland until 1660 Germany, Denmark, and Norway until
1700 and England until 1752). But the first to resist the new
calendar changes were in France. Still keeping their traditional
calendar (celebrating April 1st as their New Year) they were
labeled “April’s fools” and it became local custom to pull pranks on
those people.

“Foolish” Connections
Ironically, the word “Fool” is actually an appropriate term to
describe the nature of the month of April. For just as Aries is the
beginning of the Zodiac, the Fool card is the beginning point of the
archetypes of the Tarot Deck.

Meaning of Fool Card – Beginning of a journey with simple faith.
Leaping into some new phase of life. Being free spirited, carefree.
(as in the Beatles song “Fool on the Hill”).

The Zodiac sign Aries that corresponds to April is represented by a
Ram’s head, a symbol of “energy bursting forth, the creative force
of Spirit”, much like the Tarot’s symbolism, it is the beginning of
a journey.

Passover occurs this same month, for it is also a new beginning. It
is the holiday commemorating the birth of the nation Israel into
freedom after the being released from the constraints of Egypt.
Tarot – The Fool – #0 – Zero Point
The Fool fearlessly begins the journey into the unknown. To do this,
he does not regard the world he knows as firm and fixed. He has a
seemingly reckless disregard for obstacles. In the Ryder-Waite deck,
he is seen stepping off a cliff with his gaze on the sky, and a
rainbow is there to catch him. In order to explore and expand, one
must disregard convention and conformity. Those in the throes of
convention look at the unconventional, non-conformist personality
and think “What a fool”. They lack the point of view to understand
The Fool’s actions. But The Fool has roots in tradition as one who
is closest to the spirit world.
In many tribal cultures, those born with strange and unusual
character traits were held in awe. Shamans were people who could see
visions and go on journeys that we now label hallucinations and
schizophrenia. Those with physical differences had experience and
knowledge that the average person could not understand.
The Fool is God. The number of the card is zero, which when drawn is
a perfect circle. This circle represents both emptiness and
infinity. The Fool is not shackled by mountains and valleys or by
his physical body. He does not accept the appearance of cliff and
air as being distinct or real. When you receive The Fool in a
reading, you are ready to begin The Fool’s Journey into the unknown.
The Fool’s originality, enthusiasm, sense of adventure and faith in
the world are yours.
Tarot: The Fool’s Journey, Part 1 Back to main
The journey through the 22 major arcana cards is a passage
through the archetypal experiences of humanity and the many states
of being, as if culled from our collective unconscious. The number
22 is significant because in numerology 22 is one of the master
numbers (as are 11 and 33). 22 is the number of the master builder,
and the journey through the 22 major aracana cards is masterfully
built on a structure of cycles. Tarot archetypes speak as freshly
today as they did in medieval Spain, mythic Atlantis, or ancient
Egypt for universal life experiences transcend boundaries of space
and time.
Our tarot journey begins with the first major arcana card: The
freedom-loving FOOL. He represents new beginnings as he starts his
heroic quest for self knowledge. In his naive innocence, the FOOL is
very creative for he does not yet know rules or limitations. He is
the court jester, village idiot, clown, time traveler, speaker of
truth, and prodigal son. Mythologist Joseph Campbell interpreted the
FOOL as the hero with 1,000 faces. His number is 0, the empty vessel
waiting to be filled. He is ruled by the planet Uranus, the planet
of revolution and liberation.
The Waite-Rider deck shows a youth about to step off a cliff.
He could crash downward, or instead soar to the highest heavens
because he took a creative risk and has faith. The Crowley deck
shows the FOOL with all things there for the taking. The Hebrew
letter at the bottom of the card is aleph, meaning ox.
Divinatory meaning of the FOOL: Now is the time to take a risk
or seek adventure because you are guided by faith, folly, or fancy.
Be open to new opportunities. But those who are uncomfortable with
change may dislike experiencing the FOOL card because they are not
used to freedom and taking creative risks with an unknown outcome.
Once the FOOL takes a risk, he finds his power in the next
card, the mighty MAGICIAN. Under the MAGICIAN’S influence, all will-
powered endeavors are manifested. This is a powerful man who can
work magic and heal.
In the Waite-Rider deck, the MAGICIAN holds a wand in his
upraised hand. The wand is a conductor of energy from heaven to
earth. On the MAGICIAN’S table are symbols of the four elements: the
wand of fire, the cup of water, the sword of air, and the pentacle
of earth. All four magical tools can be picked up and used as
The MAGICIAN is called the MAGUS in the Crowley deck. The
plural form of the word magus is magi. The three wise men, or magi
(magicians), visited the Christ child at his humble birth in a
manger. They brought the gifts of frankincense which is sacred to
the sun, myrrh which is sacred to the moon, and gold which is the
alchemist’s metal. The Crowley deck MAGUS is depicted having a
breakthrough of power and perception. The wings on his feet and the
caduceus on his head are symbols of Mercury (Greek Hermes), the
messenger who connects humanity with the divine. The Hebrew letter
on the bottom of the MAGUS card is beth, meaning house.
Divinatory meaning of the MAGICIAN and MAGUS: You are
completely in your power and can manifest your goals. You are
experiencing magical strength and can actualize your desires through
your own creativity and will.
April Fools and France
From 1363 AD on, France was one of those countries having the
tradition of celebrating the new year on Easter. The story goes that
in 1563 AD a young pompous King Charles IX (born 1550 AD– died 1574
AD) declared to his subjects that heretofore New Year’s Day would be
celebrated on January 1. (Notice this is prior to the “Gregorian
calendar” change and the pope’s edict in 1582 AD)
When this happened, there were some folks who apparently either
hadn’t heard word of the king’s edict or who had decided to
stubbornly “stick to their guns” and defy the young king’s edict –
and, thus, they continued celebrating New Year’s Day on Easter.
Remember now… that Easter normally occurred around the first part
of the month in April. These people, continuing to celebrate New
Year’s Day on Easter, were given the moniker of being “April Fools.”
It wasn’t until 1567 AD that most of France finally got with the
king’s program and began celebrating New Year’s Day on January 1.
The French tradition of sending folks out on a “fool’s errand” then
began with a vengeance.
Today, in France, April 1 is called “Poisson d’Avril.” The tradition
is that French children fool their friends by taping a paper fish to
their friends’ backs. When the “April Fool” discovers this trick,
the trickster yells “Poisson d’Avril!” (meaning: April Fish!) The
origin of the “fish tradition” is considered to be “unknown.”
However, it makes the most sense that the origin behind the “fish
tradition” is that the Sun has now left winter and Pisces (the
fishes) the final Sign of of the Zodiacal cycle and has now entered
into the new birth and new hope of springtime in the Zodiac Sign of
Aries (the ram).
The first Fire sign of the Zodiac, Aries, symbolizes the will to
action, energy in process. The original name in Egypt of the
constellation of Aries, was Seret, the Ewe. Aries approaches life
with the exploratory innocence of the newborn. Eager and excited
s/he leaps before she looks. “Here I am, I exist” she cries joyfully
setting out on a path of discovery. Like the Fool tarot card, Aries
trusts in the Universe. Injustice and a lack of experience in
consequences may spur them to argue equally courageously with head
mistresses or armed robbers. Aries can be full of fun and an
exciting lover.
Z 1The Enterer of the Threshold
The General Exordium
The Speech of the Silence:
The Words against the Son of Night:
The Voice of Thoth before the Universe in the presence of the
Eternal Gods:
The Formulas of Knowledge:
The Wisdom of Breath:
The Radix of Vibration:
The Shaking of the Invisible:
The Rolling Asunder of the Darkness:
The Becoming Visible of Matter:
The Piercing of the Coils of the Stooping Dragon:
The Breaking forth of the Light:
All these are in the Knowledge of Tho-oth.
The Particular Exordium
At the Ending of the Night:
At the Limits of the Light:
Tho-oth stood before the Unborn Ones of Time!
Then was formulated the Universe:
Then came forth the Gods Thereof:
The Aeons of the Bornless Beyond:
Then was the Voice vibrated:
Then was the Name declared.
At the Threshold of the Entrance,
Between the Universe and the Infinite,
In the Sign of the Enterer, stood Tho-oth,
As before him were the Aeons proclaimed.
In Breath did he vibrate them:
In Symbols did he record them:
For betwixt the Light and the Darkness did he stand.
The Fool – 0 – Thoth Tarot Deck

The fool is the personification of the emanation from KTR to ChKMH,
the fire is there but not yet aimed to cup or BINH although this is
his unconscious motivation. Parzival has not encountered Kundry,
innocence is at the heart of his faultlessness and purity.
The fool is pig-headed to show his ignorance or lack of worldy
experience. Perhaps the grapes do not represent his knowledge of
ecstasy but the ingredients that are as yet unpressed. Another way
of viewing the fool is as an early representation of the foetus
before his/her sex has been determined (hence the breasts). The card
represents beginnings of all kinds including initiation.
The three rings are the three evils of negative existance from which
he issues forth, himself being the fool who tries to explain that
nothing comes from something. The rings around him are spirialing
down, as he is the yod the spiral. In the spiral around him is a
dove and a butterfly which resembles mercury/hadit
The dogma of Sun as macrocosmic phallus is also represented. The sun
is over his sexual organs, and this is all that the sun is with sex.
in the back of the card is the symbols of all the trumps (like he is
the symbol of air), this is showing he is ALL
He’s holding fire in one hand and water/chalice in the other,
showing that this fool is a high fool the father and mother or as
above and so below, and all that this could mean. in YHVH fire is Y
and water H, 10+5 is 15
the spiral begins and ends at his heart, which could be seen as
parzival working towards K&C w/ HGA, hadit or will is going towards
his heart or HGA, also so is the dove or love/AGAPE flowing towards
his heart or HGA, and the will(hadit) is going to his heart/HGA
before the love/dove/agape. therefore its love under will.
Aleph is representational of the dove or holy spirit. It is the
first ‘divine tranmission’ and the first word and the first letter
of the alphabet – either greek, hebrew or latin. It’s value is 0.
The egg.
0 is nothing or the all just as pan is the all, since this is taro
card 0 and the letter is aleph value of 1 which is kether the father
of the rest of the sephiroths in the tree of life, kether has all of
the sephiroths in it, just as malkuth but opposite of malkuth in
that malkuth has alot of the lowest low and only a little of the
highest high, but kether has alot of the highest high and only a
little of the lowest low.
There’s reference to folklore: the fool that has started on his
archetypal quest – with his sack of belongings containing a sizeable
inheritance that has been converted for the convenience of
travelling (he is not really poor as some old tales would have it).
More than holding mere assets, he has also experienced the ecstacy
of wine.
Here is also the vulture, linking him to maut, the vulture goddess,
the vulture mythologicaly being known for becoming pregnant by the
intervention of the wind. This links the symbolism back to air, just
as the word fool comes from follis which means “a wind bag”. He is
green to show his connection with the traditions of the celtic green
man. He has 2 horn, linking him to bachus dipheus and as well
perhaps hinting at rev. “the lamb with two horns”.
Grapes are sacred to dionysus, and the cup as well could show wine
and drunkeness. The sac is full of coins which have on them all of
the signs of the rest of the tarot pack, showing has in himself all
of creation already. The attribution to pan to would not be wrong
either, since again the two horna, and also the idea of Pan as the
All, which is identical with the nothing or with the ain suph
As baphomet he is linked with the inner force of baphomet, but the
outward form better suited to teh Devil, which shows the image in
the form which it was worshipped by the templars and also shows
Parsifal grown to a man and bearing the lance, having come to
understand his nature. Which also reminds us of parsifal setting out
on his quest to save the King and redeem his daughter. The fool was
traditionally the one who had to challenge the king in order to win
his daughters hand in marriage and to find his palace.
No fool card is not complete without an animal biting a fool’s limb
to signifiy the fierce grip with which base emotion and untamed
passion has at this first step in the fool’s journey of
“The Rich Fisherman”: Percivale.
The legend of Percivale, integral of the mystery of the Saviour Fish-
God, and of the Sangraal or Holy Grail, is of disputed origin. It
appears certainly, first of all, in Brittany, the land best beloved
of Magick, the land of Merlin, of the Druids, of the forest of
Broceliande. Some scholars suppose that the Welsh form of this
tradition which lends much of its importance and its beauty to the
Cycle of King Arthur, is even earlier. This is in this place
irrelevant; but it is vital to realize that the legend, like that of
the Fool, is purely pagan in origin, and comes to us through Latin-
Christian recensions: there is no trace of any such matters in
Nordic mythologies. (Percivale and Galahad were “innocent”: this is
a condition of the Guardianship of the Grail). Note also that
Monsalvat, mountain of Salvation, home of the Graal, the fortress of
the Knights Guardians, is in the Pyrenees.
It may be best to introduce the figure of Parsifal in this place
because he represents the western form of the tradition of the Fool,
and because his legend has been highly elaborated by scholarly
initiates. (The dramatic setting of Wagner’s Parsifal was arranged
by the then head of the O.T.O)
Parsifal in his first phase is Der reine Thor, the Pure Fool. His
first act is to shoot the sacred swan. It is the wantoness of
innocence. In the second act, it is the same quality that enables
him to withstand the blandishments of the ladies in the garden of
Kundry. Klingsor, the evil magician, who thought to fulfill the
conditions of life by self-mutilation, seeing his empire threatened,
hurls the sacred lance (which he has stolen from the Mountain of
Salvation) at Parsifal, but it remains suspended over the boy’s
head. Parsifal seizes it; in other words, attains to puberty. (This
transformation will be seen in the other symbolic fables, below.)
In the third act, Parsifal’s innocence has matured into
sanctification; he is the initiated Priest whose function is to
create; it is Good Friday, the day of darkness and death. Where
shall he seek his salvation? Where is Monsalvat, the mountain of
salvation, which he has sought so long in vain? He worships the
lance; immediately the way, so long closed to him, is open; the
scenery revolves rapidly, there is no need for him to move. He has
arrived at the Temple of the Graal. All true ceremonial religion
must be solar and phallic in character. It is the wound of Amfortas
which has removed the virtue from the temple. (Amfortas is the
symbol of the Dying God.)
Accordingly, to redeem the whole situation, to destroy death, to
reconstitute the temple, he has only to plunge the lance into the
Holy Grail; he redeems not only Kundry, but himself. (This is a
doctrine only appreciable in its fullness by members of the
Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis of the ninth degree of O.T.O.)
The Lady, the Knights and “the Force” or How “Medieval” is Star
by Dr Sylvia McCosker
“Medieval legend sent into deep space” is how Mary Henderson
describes the Star Wars saga. Henderson curated an exhibition about
the series and has produced the book “STAR WARS – The Magic of Myth:
Companion Volume to the Exhibition at the National Air and Space
Museum of the Smithsonian Institution”.
While detailing the affinities between Lucas’s saga and Joseph
Campbell’s theories about myth she also shows that Lucas was
probably inspired just as much by individual stories in specific
genres. She identifies details drawn from “westerns” and pulp sci fi
magazines. It’s also clear that Lucas had encountered versions of
certain medieval European stories.
Henderson is a useful guide to much of this “medieval” material. But
even without her help many things in Star Wars look familiar. We can
spot parallels if we know our Grimm’s and Perrault (even if only via
Disney), our Chretien de Troyes and Malory, Tennyson, Wagner and the
various Arthurian, Crusader and Robin Hood stories – even Monty

From: “Jon Presco”
Date: Thu Dec 2, 2004 1:44 pm
Subject: Frodo Harpocrates braskewitz
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Frodo Harpocrates
Like Melicertes, Frodo was a Foundling and a Fool, he losing both
parents. He is the embodiment of Harpocrates, only his innocence
allowing him to complete the task of throwing the Ring in the volano
of Moldar…..where nothing innocent could survive. Here is
the ‘Fool’s Journey’ and Parcifal’s Quest.
May your own innocence survive the dark days to come when the Oily
Orcs of the Texas Goo come rule the land of the Eagle as ravenous
Roman wolves dressed in the pure white robes of the Good Shepherd.

Jon Presco
Copyright 2004
“Jon Presco”
Date: Thu Dec 2, 2004 11:33 am
Subject: The Kingdom has Come The Fool is Parcifal braskewitz
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The Kingdom has Come The Fool is Parcifal
I had not heard from my daughter in over two years. In the webpage I
made for her when we found each other three years ago, I titled
her ‘The Sleeping Beauty Princess’ whose name was Rosamond.
When I climbed that rock at McClure’s beach, I had just read all the
J.R. Tolkein books, and saw the three of us climbing a volcano to
throw the ring of invisibiity within lest the Evil Lord of Warfare
in Vietnam obtain this most precious Gift of Aleph ‘the invsible
one’ who is the child born from a blue egg, Harpocrates. Meher Baba
did not speak for the last forty years, and promised to break his
silence so that the whole universe would be reborn, and thus the
Quest and the Kingdom. Baba died in 1969. My friend James Taylor
became a respected follower of this Avatar, this Breath of Truth.
Jon Presco
At the head of the King’s authority
He carved out of the supernal luminescence
a Lamp of Darkness.
And there emerged out of the Hidden of Hidden –
the Mystery of the Infinite –
an unformed line, embedded in a ring…
measured with a thread….

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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