Hollis The Gettys And Hollywood






gettyma2The boy in the car with Robby is my nephew, Sean Presco. Sean is the subject in Rosamond’s painting ‘Garden Child’. Sean was doing some modeling. His mother was a good friend of the actress, Sue Lyon, whom Mark drove to Santa Monica City College when he and Sue attended classes there.

Hollis and I were extras in the movie ‘Sister Ruby’ that was shot here in Eugene. Thinking he was going to get around $60,000 dollars after he was approved for SSI, Hollis wanted me to put him in touch with the producer so he could invest in this movie, it needing about $25,000 dollars to complete. When Hollis only got $4,200 dollars, he talked to an investor about investing a thousand dollars in Disney. Hollis wanted to make both of us millionaires. When I told him they are trying to make a movie about my late sister, Hollis seemed not to hear. I wondered if he thought I was crazy. Hollis did not want to hear much about my family.

Above is a photo of Christine at the Getty mansion in New York, and a photo of our President at the Getty mansion in Pacific Heights. Garth and Christine were good friends of Larry Chazen, who was called a “predator” by Andrw Cuomo of HUD when it came to making loans to poor people. Chazen was a partner in the first Rosamond gallery. I wrote HUD back in 1997 and informed Cuomo that Chazen was my father’s private lender. Chazen is a good friend of the Getty family, and their top financial advisor. Chazen is a CEO of Nobel Oil.

I told Hollis he was going to be in my movie because he is my best freind at the end of my life. He gave me a look that said; “We’ll see!”

We are kindred to the Stewart family and Prince Michael of Kent who befriended Gordon Getty, and was with him in Russia watching Military Tattoos. This is why I wanted full military honors for my adopted son. Hollis and I are kin to the Getty family via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.


I was looking at old posts and discovered I am kin to the Getty family. Christopher Wilding, the son of my kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, was married to Aileen Getty.

Garth Benton sued his friend, Gordon Getty, for painting over a mural he did in the Getty home, where Christine Rosamond Benton spent the night. Christine’s partner in the Crossroads gallery, Lawrence Chazen, was a financial advisor for the Getty family, and their partner in Plumpjack. That is Chazen at the Rosamond gallery, and Christine at the Getty home.

Princess Diana, my possible kin, met Aileen at a foundation for AIDS victims. Aileen was stricken with AIDS and spent her fortune fighting this disease. This is key because I sent letters to Judges and Congressman objecting to my family’s Legacy of Recovery that could save many lives, being sold to, and then mishandled by lovers of money.

The Getty children were hippies and abusers of drugs, as were the Presco children. Christine’s funeral fell on her first sober birthday. I had seven years of sobriety.

After I forbid Tom Snyder to use my family recovery in his terrible book, and after he promised me he would not, he went against his word and made it a theme of ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ he pretending he knew about 12 Step programs.

Garth and Shannon Rosamond did the murals at the Getty Villa. His kindred, Aileen Getty, was an artist, a talented human being found in my family tree. Alan C. Fox has his people, I have mine. Why can’t there be a merger?

The Getty family has started many foundations and amassed one of the world’s largest art collections. Both the Getty and Fox family give grants to folks to do the research I have done. I have connected my family to great people while the un-gifted members of my family lured my seventeen year old daughter into their camp, dangling the Rosamond limelight before her – and the hint of Wealth! I don’t have a price, and thus I am a threat.

Then there is Liz’s art collection.

I am disabled and have for years recieved around $600 dollars a month to live on. Just think of what I could do if I had a little more money, and a helper or two. I have logged over 20,000 hours in my study and blogging. I have increased the value of Rosamond’s work – in every way! I never realized a dime from the bautiful image my apprentice rendered.




Nobel Oil executive, Lawrence Chazen became a partner of my late sister, the world famous artist known as ‘Rosamond’. Chazen lent the Bentons money to open the first Rosamond gallery in Carmel.
Oil tycoons say drilling for oil is a risky business, and thus the American Tax Payer must fork over their tax money to make sure oil companies don’t take a bath. But, that will never happen because those who drive automobiles pay their tithe to just a few. And, when something goes wrong, the price of gasoline will rise to the occasion.
Investing in art and artists is a risky business. Judge Silver and Morris made sure the financial advisor and partner of the Getty family did not lose a dime. However, Rosamond’s daughters lost a bundle when Morris allowed Stacey Pierrot to hire a ghost writer to tell the story of our Rosebud.
When a seer told me I had two children, they appearing as faint leaves on the stem of the rose that represents their father, the reader said;
“These leaves are very faint. I don’t know why.”
At the time, I was not sure I had sired children, born a rosebud in the world. As fate would have it, Heather was born on Rosemary’s birthday, and, her favorite song she sang at the time, was ‘Rosemary’s Granddaughter’. She did not know my mother’s name. How can mere people see such things? This sight – is an art! Here is a Kane story about what really matters – in the end!

Chazen is a partner of the Getty family, he investing in Plumpjack, a brand name Gordom Getty took from Shakespeare. Gordon wrote an opera ‘PlumpJack’ and took it to Russia. Getty flew Prince Michael Windsor of Kent to Russia to hear his opera that was not paid for by the National Endowment for the Arts. It was paid for by the tax subsidies collected from the little people who get robbed at all the gas pumps the Gettys and Nobel Oil own.
Garth Benton sued his friend Gordon when he and his wife had a Benton mural painted over. What was the last word my ex-brother-in-law uttered on his death bed? Was it;
“Up the arts!”

The Prince was present when Scottish bagpipes marked into Red Square.

Prince Michael of Kent GCVO KStJ (Michael George Charles Franklin; born 4 July 1942) is a grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, making him a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. He is also the first cousin once removed of Prince Philip. Prince Michael occasionally carries out royal duties representing the Queen at some functions in Commonwealth realms outside of the United Kingdom. Otherwise, he manages his own consultancy business and undertakes various commercial work around the world. He has also presented some television documentaries on the royal families of Europe. He is named after Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia, the younger brother of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and first cousin of three of his grandparents.

Prince Michael is also involved with various aspects of Freemasonry—mainly as both the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, and Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex.[10]

Prince Michael has a strong interest in Russia, and displays some physical resemblance to Tsar Nicholas II, a first cousin of three of his grandparents. When the bodies of the Tsar and some of his family were discovered in 1979, the remains were later identified by DNA, using among others, Prince Michael’s blood sample for recognition.[19] He attended the 1998 burial of the Tsar and his family in St. Petersburg.[20] Prince Michael speaks fluent Russian, and travels to Russia frequently. Prince Michael is an Honorary Member of the Romanov Family Association.[21]






If you noticed the faintness of the report I filed, after I sent it, I dug in the dumpster for beer cans so I could buy an new ribbon for my Brother. To do this as a sober soul, was hard, but, the stories of true artists, go like this.

Just think of what I could have done – and can do – if people would just tell me the truth instead of putting a dreadful obstacle course before me! But, true love goes like this. I have been blessed with a gift, and more then one beautiful Muse.

Jon Presco


Copyright 2012


It has been said California has produced its own breed of royalty to
compete with the bluebloods of the East Coast, who in turn competed
with the royalty of Europe for prestige. Christine had risen from
poverty to be in their ranks, she and they not knowing the
Rosamond/Rougemont name was linked to the Habsburgs.

Jon Presco

Princess Diana and Stricken Getty Heiress Visit AIDS Clinic
AP , Associated Press AP News Archive Jun. 27, 1996 10:17 PM ET
LONDON (AP) _ Princess Diana and oil billionaire’s daughter Aileen Getty, each drawn to the AIDS cause for a different reason, visited Britain’s largest AIDS clinic Thursday.

Diana, the estranged wife of Prince Charles, is patron of the National AIDS Trust, while Getty, the 36-year-old daughter of oil baron J. Paul Getty Jr., developed AIDS six years ago.

Diana grasped the hand of her friend as they listened to doctors at central London’s Mortimer Market Center explain the latest figures on the spread of AIDS-related illnesses.

Diana officially opened the center in December 1994.

Getty, a longtime California resident, recently moved to London, she said, to establish an AIDS clinic specifically to treat women and children.

She contracted the HIV virus nearly 10 years ago through unprotected sex during an affair.

Diana and Getty were told that heterosexual infection was the fastest-growing method of AIDS transmission in Britain _ 13 percent of the total cases up from 3 percent in 1986.

Diana talked with eight patients for about 25 minutes, and paid particular attention to one small boy in the group, putting him on her knee. Officials declined to say whether he had HIV or full-blown AIDS, or was the uninfected child of parents carrying the disease.


Sir Jean Paul Getty II was originally born Eugene Paul Getty. He
married three times, to Gail Harris, Talitha Pol, and his current
spouse Victoria. He received an honorary knighthood in Britain for
contributing over $200 million to British causes, and is known as
both a patron of the arts and a devoted cricket fan. However, Sir
John Paul was also a registered heroin addict in Britain; both his
son and grandson would become addicts as well. He continues to live
in London, where he has resided for over 25 years.Garth Benton, a
cousin of the painter Thomas Hart Benton, has been interested in art
since the time his father gave him a book on his counsin’s
paintings. He went on to study art at Art Center College of Design
and at UCLA. In 1971 he received his most important assignment –
murals for the J. Paul Getty Museum. He won the commission with
extensive renderings in the first-century-Roman style based on his
research at the Metropolitan’s cubiculum — a rebuilt Pompeian room
with original frescoes.


California philanthropists Ann and Gordon Getty are being sued for
$327,000 plus attorney fees and punitive damages by artist Garth
Benton for painting over his mural in their home, reports the San
Francisco Examiner. According to the painter, the untitled 15 by 40
foot painting was created on canvas to allow removal and the Gettys
were advised of that fact before the work was installed in their
mansion in 1986. Benton says he discovered the $327,000 piece had
been destroyed after asking for a photograph in March. for his
upcoming catalogue raisonné. A spokesman for the family says experts
are now working to remove the paint from the mural and restore it to
its original condition.


As has been recently reported in the press, the artist Garth Benton
is suing Gordon Getty, son of the art collector J. Paul Getty.
Benton claims that one of his murals which was in Getty’s home has
been painted over. The action is being brought in California under
the Art Preservation Act of 1979, which prohibits intentional
defacement, mutilation, alteration, or destruction of fine art.

While we consider this a matter to be resolved privately between the
two parties, the implications of such a statute on the work we do at
A.M.P. could not go unnoticed. The Art Preservation Act of 1979 is
clearly an infringement on personal and civil rights regarding
issues of speech and property, not to mention common sense. The
unfettered production of physical works of art has reached crisis
proportions and threatens to drown us in mediocrity. There just
isn’t enough room. It’s time to make the difficult choice.


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