Death As An Art Form





scan0104Vicki Presco disappeared the house in Drew’s drawing – and the people that owned that house!

I called my sister up and asked her for the names of the people who owned the house at Rocky Point.

“Why do you want to know?” spat my little perturbed sister.

Because I am thinking of going out there and would like to talk to them.”

“I’m real busy at the moment. I will call you back.”

Ten minutes later, Vicki calls me.

“Those people have moved. They don’t live there anymore.”

I now wondered who Vicki called to get instructions.

Vicki removed Shamus, the rogue wave, the wind, the high tide, the helicopter, the house, the people in the house – and the truth! When I got the coroner’s report, it said they were “hikers on Highway 1” I called the coroner who was not happy to hear these people stayed overnight IN A HOUSE! There goes the highway!

He changed his report, but still does not give an address! Outrageous! Giving false testimony to a coroner – is a felony! Vicki could go to jail – just for this! To keep from going to jail, she turns my minor daughter against me and isolates me the same way Christine and Shannon were isolated. Vicki is the one who is severely mentally ill, she in Christine’s shadow for over twenty years. That shaddow has been removed!

I see my first major art show, held in Carmel. I have my huge canvases on the wall. I am painting yet another giant rogue wave as I sob, the smart gallery goers looking on as I get in touch with my feelings.

“Here is Rosamond’s hand, rising from the sea, she trying to grab hold of the rock, her nails bloody and torn!”

“Gasp!” as I paint in the dripping red blood.

“I will give you $10,000 for that painting when it is done!”

“I will give you $15,000 thousand – right now!”

To read in a legal document that says Christine Rosamond met her death by being “swept off a local beach” is madness and infuriating because the cost these legal battles swallowed up the profits that were realized from a bankrupt artistic legacy – that was on the rocks when my sister died! However, because there is no real death scene due to the many variations on a theme, Rosamond might indeed be an artistic immortal without knowing complete death. Christine Rosamond’s Death has become a legend on par with the death of Fair Rosamond, who like Christine, is suspected of taking her own life – if not murdered by a jealous woman. Over a hundred plays, poems, and books have speculated on Fair Rosamond’s demise.

When it comes to the name Rosamond, Death has takne a very long holiday.

After Stacey Pierrot was sold my families artistic legacy in 1997 she came out with a brief bio that began the Ball Of Lies, rolling. She and the first ghost writer that Christine hired, turn the turbulent ocean into a “burnished surface” which reduces the wind to about zero knots. Gone are the white caps. Drew is dipping her hands into a tide pool – at high tide. On a nearby beach, Vicki is watching her kindred, and sees no pending danger. So we now have rocks and a beach – where there is no beach!

A Phanton Author says this;

“Though death came early to Chriistine, it was not hastened by her as many around her feared it might be.”

Hmmm! Death by ones own hand is standing by in the wing just in canse no one is buying the rouge wave.
Hark! Is that ths sound of a hovering alien saucer I hear?

As we were lining up to view our dead sister, I sobbing on Mark’s shoulder, he says this;

“She’s not really dead!” There can be no case of Redrum unless there is a corpse – that is completely dead!

As stated in the legal document Christine was living off family members for years. Mark Presco was furious our sister was not going to pay back the $3,000 dollars he leant her – because she filed bankruptcy. Mark said he was considering filing a claim. Vicki offered me 50% pf every partnership print I sold at street fairs. she wanted me to fran Pinecone Death Account with black ribbon. I refused. The point is, Rosamond was not selling her images, and it looked like many people would not get their money back – unless – her Death generated sales, and the value of her work, skyrocketed! So, one can conclude that Death would not be a bad thing for the creditors – unless – Shannon was in charge. Shannon also lived off the fruit of other folks labour, and took forever to do anything. Rosamond’s fans have given up on her authoring a biography. Faulkner wuit the project, and may have interviews she conducted with Christine – whose autobiography has disappeared!

So, that leaves me writing my ass off, my kindred tilting me “insane” just case I strike pay dirt, and they have to move in and remove me to the funny farm. They could care less about the enormous amount of work and study I have done, they fed up to here with us Creative Types. But, Mark and Vicki have read both rough=drafts of the Tow Book of Lies. they iwn no artisitc gifts.

The third and first biographer, who left the project, says this, she sending a posthumous Death Warning – three years after the “rogue wave” has come and gone and I am accused of not letting IT go, and moving forward;

“Everyone, Rosamond’s family, Pierrot, Faulkner, and indeed everyone who knows the story wants to make a plea for vigilance to the many people who frequent our shoreline.

Pierrot says that “20 people are killed every year by these “rogue” waves. Christine lived here, she was used to the ocean, knew its capacity for destruction and she was KILLED in a moment of carelessness. Please…stress how important it is not to climb on the rocks, or allow your children to take any chances with the undertow.”

As my kindred prepared to go looking for tide-pool creatures, they could see the white-caps and the large waves from the house. It takes about ten minutes to walk down to the water. This is enough time for Christine to become afraid, she having nightmares about a giant wave “killing” her. Surely she fears for her daughter’s safety. Would you care about your child – as YOU head for this turbulent sea?

I see myself rendering a huge painting of the Phantom Lighthouse that rises off Rocky Point, it sending out a blood-red light that spells DANGER – and pending DOOM! When I render blood dripping down the side of the light house, a cold childfills the gallery, an my viewers, gasp!

“I bid $20 thousand! I’ll tak it like it is. You need not finish it. I get the full force of this message!”

Christine dated Denny Dent in Junior High.

You would think Vicki would have reached out and moved Drew away from Christine when she said;

“You know. If a big wave came right now, I could drown.”

This is what Tom Snyder put in his book. In the Pincecone Vicki says Christine had PROPHETIC dreams about being killed by a giant wave. Why not move Drew away – another five feet! If Shamus was there, he would have cared.

Jon Presco

The Messenger

Copyright 2013

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Why did Kim Hafner choose to get in the middle of my investigation, by contacting my daughter? Any SANE outsider, and SANE neighbor, would mind their own business. Kim claims she did not read Snyder’s book. I got that on video. I considerd Blackmail a motive for others.

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