Big Pine Down in Mystery Driveway

bruc0002Wow! I just saw the pine tree that came down in Wanda Harkin’s Mystery Driveway. If you look out the window of One World headquarters in photo above, you will see the base of a big pine tree that is leaning towards the photo of Svetlana.

One morning, Michael arose just in time to see this big pine come down and flatten his friend’s old beater parked in Wanda’s driveway. He called to “Bozo” ( a fictitious name in order to protect his true identity) to come upstairs to see his pancaked car. Bozo had spent the night in the Perlowin suite, named after Bruce who had gone on to bigger and better things. Being a heavy drinker with a hangover, this is the kind of stuff that happens to you – just you! I should know, once being a heavy drinker myself.

Forinstance, one Easter eve Jefferey and I left Pinehaven to go out drinking. Jeffery had the sense to take the bus home. About 2:00 P.M. I called Michael to come rescue me at a bar downtown. I too shit-faced to make one more trip to the bathroom. When he entered this bar I stumbled in to get out of the bright sunlight, there was a huge black man dressed in yellow chiffon conducting the talent part of the Gay Easter Bonnet contest he had entered. When Michael’s eyes got accustomed to the dark, he looked around to see about thirty men in drag wearing their Easter Sunday best. I missed Wanda’s Easter Scrum where her boys fought over the Easter Ham that Wanda nuked till it was as tough as a football.

We all got our dark and sunny side. That big pine is gone, but, most of the good memories remain.

To you Loadies and Hoods out there, feel free to use this image as your Christmas card – with legendary tree!


scrum  (skrm)
1. Sports
a. A play in Rugby in which the two sets of forwards mass together around the ball and, with their heads down, struggle to gain possession of the ball.
b. The mass or formation of players during such a play.
2. Chiefly British A disordered or confused situation involving a number of people.
intr.v. scrummed, scrum·ming, scrums
To engage in a scrum.

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