The Rich Wizard of Zion

If Sheldon had only consulted me, Jon the Nazarite Prophet, he could have spent more of his millions connecting young Jews to Zion. Adelson could have put me on a retainer as his Opposition Prophet, and read my proof God is speaking through me – just in case it was true. I could have been the King’s Fool. He could have had me for $60 dollars a month, but, then he would not believe he was getting his moneys worth at such a low price. (tee-hee)

Many Republican Seers are blaming Romney and fellow Republicans for the Fall of the Republican Evangelical Empire. I am a registered Republican, thus, I am now at the top of the heap – because I was right!


Jon the Nazarite

Hotel/casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, whose $60 million or more of contributions to Republican candidates this election cycle made him the largest political donor in U.S. history, is taking the failure of that spending in stride.

He backed eight candidates, including Mitt Romney, mostly with donations to super PACs and outside interest groups. None of the eight emerged victorious Tuesday.

Asked Tuesday night how he thought his money was spent, the Las Vegas titan responded, “Paying bills, that’s how you spend money. Either that or become a Jewish husband — you spend a lot of money,” The New York Times reports.

Adelson certainly wasn’t alone in putting his fortune to work for Republican candidates. Billionaire financier Harold Simmons doled out $26.9 million to super PACs supporting Mitt Romney and Senate candidates.

And Texas homebuilder Bob Perry forked over $21 million to super PACs working for Romney and Senate candidates Connie Mack in Florida and George Allen in Virginia.

Donors who provided more than $300 million to American Crossroads and Crossroads GOP, the groups associated with strategist Karl Rove, expressed their displeasure with the fruits of their donations after the elections.

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Jewish billionaire businessman Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam Ochshorn.
Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90
Federal prosecutors and pro-Israel Republican stalwart Sheldon Adelson’s casino company Las Vegas Sands Corp. may have come to an understanding on issues pertaining to money-laundering laws allegedly violated in the cases of two criminal high-rollers, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Lawyers for the Sands and federal prosecutors met on Thursday after the Sands failed to obtain a dismissal.  Prosecutors threatened to charge the Sands and a company executive with conspiracy to commit money laundering.
Now, the prosecution may indeed drop the case, with the Sands paying a fine and updating regulations on handling customer money.
Sands representatives stated that the casino was cooperating with federal investigations and denied any wrongdoing.
Las Vegas Sands was investigated when it allegedly failed to report a potentially suspicious financial transaction by two wealthy gamblers to the federal government.  The two apparently worked millions of dollars in “dirty” money through the accounts of the casino operator.  The cases hinge on whether it was possible for executives of the Sands to know that the money could have come from illegal activities, and whether they should have had reasonable enough suspicion to alert law enforcement.
One, Zhenli Ye Gon, a Chinese citizen with a Mexican pharmaceutical factory, was charged in 2007 with manufacturing a component of methamphetamine, during which time evidence showed he had spent over $100 million at Las Vegas casinos.  Charges against him were later dropped by federal prosecutors.  But the case raised concerns over whether the Sands failed to report deposits made by a suspicious person.
For their part, the Sands said it performed due diligence measures to ensure the cleanliness of the money, even hiring a private investigator to determine whether Ye Gon was legitimate.
The second case, of former Fry’s Electronics executive and admitted 2009 kickback schemer Ausaf Umar Siddiqui, who made major transactions at the Sands despite an apparent history of being unable to pay gambling debts.
The Sands is also being investigated regarding alleged bribes paid overseas.  The company has maintained its innocence.
Adelson, owner of the Sands, is also the owner of the Israel HaYom newspaper, has contributed over $100 million to the Birthright Israel project to connect Jewish youth to their roots through his family foundation, and is married to an Israeli physician, Miriam Ochsorn.

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