The Death of Birthers

Two days ago I wanted to post the following but was too busy. Later, Traitor Donald Trump, began to smear our Commander in Chief, turn him into a foreigner conducting a covert deception and the owner of un-American agenda that needs to be exposed before the coming elections.

Trump is a member of the proud, the few, the filthy rich who are covertly trying to BUY YOUR VOTE via super pacs that plan to spend a BILLION DOLLARS defaming the President of United States employing Madison Avenue Hucksters and television ads. Meanwhile, our President successfully conducts the ongoing War on Terrorism while the companys of these billionaires are moved offshore in order to evade taxes. Nobel Oil is no longer an American company, but, will resume the drilling in the gulf after that evil spill.

It’s time for the leaders of Britain and France to author a international document thanking President and U.S. Citizen, Barak Obama for destroying Osama Bin Laden, and make him a honorary citizen of their nation.

I authored Rose of in 20o4 before I discovered the Roza Mira Prophecy.

Jon Presco


James Mac Gavin, new American ambassador in France, with his family and the count René de Chambrun, the president of the French branch of the Threads of the American Revolution. Paris, Picpus’s cemetery, in March 21, 1961.

Rose of the World
Genesis of a Myth

An essay by Jon Presco

Copyright 2004 by Royal Rosamond Press

It was Countess Raine de Chambrun who informed Al Fayed his son had died in an automobile accident in France. Gone was the ‘English Rose’ the mother of the heirs to the Windsor thrown. Raine was Diana’s Step-mother and manager of Herod’s International. Raine is a direct descendant of the Marquis de Lafayette and thus owns dual citizenship as do all relatives of Lafayette who were made honorary citizens of the United States by an act of Congress. Without Lafayette’s help during the American Revolution, this Nation may not have been born. In the ante room to the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, is a portrait of Lafayette wearing the apron of a Knight Templar, he identified as a Knight of the Rose Croix. There is a skull and cross-bone on this apron. His wife made a similar one for George Washington, she naming her son after the first President of the United States. Both founding fathers were Freemasons. This was one of the many orders which Lafayette was received while visiting the United States. There are three Knight Templar aprons in the chapter room.

George Washinton

The Chambrun family has been closely allied with the fate of American Democracy. Adolphe de Chambrun met with Abraham Lincoln, and wrote ‘The Executive Power in the United States: A Study of Constitutional Power’. Like Tocquevilled, the Marquis de Chambrun was fascinated by the United States and its Government. He shared Tocqueville’s view that the United States is the testing ground for the forces shaping the modern world. Tocqueville came to America with Gustave de Beaumont. Both men wrote profound books and papers recording their observation. Chambrin’s ‘Democracy in America’ was studied by Europeans who were seeking to free from the tyranny of Monarchs. Both Frenchman found America’s fledgling freedom flawed in regards to slavery and the treatment of Native Americans. De Beaumont’s ‘Marie, or Slavery in the United States’ written in 1835, is prophetic of the strife and Civil War to come. ‘Marie’ is a fascinating essay on race interwoven with a novel. It is the story of socially forbidden love between an idealistic young Frenchman and an apparently white American with African ancestry. The couple’s idealism fades as they repeatedly face racial prejudice and violence, and are eventually forced to seek shelter amongst exiled Cherokee people. Marie is the first abolitionist novel to focus on racial prejudice rather than bondage as a social evil. Beautmont’s work was also the first to link prejudice against Native American to prejudice against blacks. Here is a poetic refrain from de Beaumont that I find applicable to the plight of Princess Diana:

Washington and Lafayette

“Marie… submissive and resigned to her destiny, seeks the shadow of isolation. This is the secret of her aversion to society. Ah yes, indeed she surpasses all the women of Baltimore in intelligence, talent, and goodness; but she is not their equal…. the child of a slave belongs to the slave’s master, as the fruits of the soil belong to the owner of the land. The loves of a slave leave no more trace on society than does the breeding of plants on our gardens; and when he dies, the only thought is to replace him, as one replaces a fruitful tree destroyed by a storm.”
How can I compare a white woman, born of British nobility – who married into the Royal family of Britain – to mulatto woman who is secretly carrying the genetics of an African? I am not alone, as many authors have published novels that claim the Stewarts descend from Jesus and Mary Magdalene who secretly loved one another in North Africa. Their love was the most forbidden love of them all, if true, and when Mary’s Master was put on a cross, Marie de Magdalene fled with the fruit of King David’s seed within her womb to plant a royal tree in France from which sprang the Merovingian kings.
‘The Rose of England’ is a direct descendant of Charles Stewart the second King of England. In this essay, I will not give testimony as to whether these claims are true or false, but, will give powerful evidence a new myth is being born in the world, that may produce from our collective subconscious a better and more endearing Democratic Tree; for the one that was born to the New World by enlightened men, is dying, withering on the cross that Fundamentalist Christians have raised as their banner, as their divine permission to re-establish the rule of a Monarch in America, a kingdom ruled by King Jesus, that is secretly about denying this coming to those they deem unworthy. In the coming storm and tribulation many are being disenfranchised from the protection the Untied States Constitution, a gift meant for all its citizens…. but something got lost in translation?

Torch at Alma Tunnel

It is unto these people that a New Genesis was born, is trying to emerge all on its own, and again they are welcome to come hither unto the light held aloft by the Guardian of our Freedom, the Rosa Mundi in New York harbor, whose flame shines bright above the tunnel Alama where Diana mysteriously died. Some claim she was murdered after she became engaged to man descended from ancient African Egyptians, and thus it was a racial prejudice that forced the conservative elements of the British Empire to take her and Dodi’s life, lest their love make a bridge to North Africa, and undermine the Imperial directive?
Let us look at the light enlightened men have made, like a bridge, like the arc of a rainbow between two beacons. What I will reveal is two Grail Bloodlines that came to America, one being born to Albemarle (Charleston) South Carolina by the spirit of Rosamonde Queen Fay of the Cimri who married Pharamond the grandfather of Merovee King of the Sicumbrian Franks. I will also discuss the nature of profound coincidences that is giving birth to a Rose Myth, and may contain elements of how the Greek Gods were born, a secret that is all but lost to us, that may forever lie captured and dormant in our psyche, our better mirror that reflect our truer self made in the image of a god and goddess.
There is something titled ‘The Fayette Factor’ that links the strange occurrences around the name Lafayette. The Marquis de Lafayette descends from the La Fay family, Fay meaning Fairy. Consider the name Al Fayed. Raine de Chambrun a close relative of Theodore, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a rose name. These two Presidents of the United States were secret guardian step-fathers to Princess Diana who was named after the goddess whom some say was the model for ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’. Let us adopt her now, like a Foundling born of Kings, and bring her to America and bestow on her our Citizenship. For was not Moses ‘The Rose of Sharon’ once a slave to a Pharaoh, a King of Kings? In some genealogies Prince Charles is shown to be descended from the Ptolomies, and thus Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt who claimed she was the reincarnation of Isis ‘The Queen of Heaven’.
In the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, at the base of an outstretched hand holding a flame covered in gold leaf, rituals take place on a daily basis. This hand is a replica of the Lady Liberties. Here we find flowers, cards, stuffed animals and other offerings dedicated to the “Princess of the People”. Americans make up the largest contingency participating in this phenomena, this worship of the ‘Queen of Heaven’ as Di has been titled
Cleopatra Ptolemy was Greek, it said she had blonde hair. Soter Ptolemy offered to raise Helios the Colossus of Rhodes when he was felled in a earthquake. It has been suggested Lady Liberty is the sun-god’s sister, the rose-symbol of new freedom that rose up in the New World. She is a Masonic Goddess from top to bottom. The colossus was conceived by Freemasons, financed, built, and installed by Freemasons in a Masonic ritual. The maker of the statue was Freemason Frederic-Auguste Batholdi. He had already made a statue of the Freemason Marquis de Lafayette for the city of New York. for the centenary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Bartholdi sailed to America at the suggestion of other Freemasons for the purpous of proposing the project. Though he had no drawing when he set sail, his Masonic biographer writes, as he entered New York harbor “he caught a vision of a magnificent goddess (Nimrod’s Semiramis – Isis or Astatre), holding aloft a torch (of Illuminism) in one hand and welcoming of all visitors to the land of freedom and opportunity.
It was the Marquis de Chambrun who met General Pershing and Patton when the first American army expedition landed in France during World War One. It was a Marquis de Chambrun who went before Congress and asked the U.S. to come to the aid of France after the invasion of Nazi Germany. Chambrun helped make “Liberty Enlightening the World and helped bring her to our shores where she stands like a beacon guarding our shores Were the
Freemasons and Templars of Europe bidding their American brothers to come to their aid?
During the Cold War Denis de Rougemont became a co-chairman of the Congress of Cultural Freedom that is now being revealed as a CIA funded group of creative people in Europe brought together by Sidney Hook in 1949 who said this about launching cultural warfare against the Russian Reds who had a grip on Eastern Europe; “Give me a hundred million dollars and a thousand dedicated artistic people, and I will guarantee such a wave of demoralizing unrest amongst the masses – yes, even amongst the soldiers – of Stalin’s own empire, that all his problems for a long period of tiem will be eternal. I can find the people.” Trained as an artist, Denis de Rougemont is one of the founding fathers of the European Union and was titled `The Prince of European Culture’. He founded the European Festival of the Arts, and helped establish the Geneva Convention and the United Nations. He was good friends of the artists, Marcel Duchamp, MaxEnrst, and Andre Breton. During the Nazi occupation of France, Denis took refuge in America where he discussed with Count Coudenhove- Kalergi, and Albert Einstein, a UnitedEurope. De Rougemont became the director of European Cultural studies, and President of the European Ecological Association. In 1951, De Rougemont founded the Association of Festival of European Music, and is quoted in the book `Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ in regards to the Albigensian Crusade. De Rougemont’s masterful study of the Grail Legends will prove valuable to the recent interest in Knight Templars and the Cathars. Denis has put forth a a theory that traces
Courtly Love and Mystical Poetry to a fusion of Iranian Manichaism, neo-Platnoism, and Mohammedism mysticism. The mystics of Persion Manichaism had a fable about a lovely maiden who await the true believer on the far side of the Bridge of Sinvant, and says “I am thyself”. She is the Lady of Thoughts and represents the “narcissism of passion.” She represent the spiritual and angelical part of man – his true self. In the `Lovers Familiar’ there exists a Castle of the Soul which has several floors and compartments. In one is found a feminine being called `The Veiled Idea’. She is the holder of secrets and giver of magic. Other allegorical characters in this castle include Beauty, Desire, and Dread, the Well-Informed, the Tester, the Well-Known, all who recall the Roman de la Rose.
Denis de Rougemont was born September 8, 1906 in Couvet Neufchatel of a French family installed in Switzerland sin the 14th. Century. In 1784 this family received recognition of nobility form King Frederic of Prussia. Both men are kin to the Princesses of Orange. Denis and I may be related, for the progenitor
of the Rosamond/Rougemont family, Sergeant Rosamond, rode alongside King William of Orange and was offered Catholic lands in Ireland. Sergeant denotes a High Sheriff in Rougemont Switzerland, also spelled Rosemont.

Chambrun de Rosemont at Arginy with Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple

Two years ago I received an e-mail from a gentleman who asked to remain anonymous who was responding to post I had made in my yahoogroup Templar-de-Rosemont. He asked me we were related. He claimed he was related to de Chambrun d’Uxeloup de Rosemont who purchased Arginy Castle and began an excavation for Knight Templar artifacts and lost hermetic manuscripts. I had posted a genealogy that had this spelling Chambrun d’Uxeloup de Rosemond. Both spellings are suggested sources for my mother Rosemary’s maiden name, Rosamond, which is my late sister’s middle name whom I had titled a ‘Rose of the World’ she known round the world as the artist Rosamond. Christine Rosamond Benton married into a famous Masonic family. Her stepdaughter, Jesse Benton, was named after the daughter of Senator Thomas Hart Benton who married the first Republican candidate for the office of the Presidency, John Fremont ‘The Trail Blazer’. John and Jesse had a bodyguard made up of Hungarian Freemasons called ‘The Jesse Brigade’. Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Hart Benton diverted Union troops to Little Rock Arkansas to protect the Masonic Library of Albert Pike. At the time I had no evidence that the Chambrun family who were titled the Knights and Lords of Rosemont, were my kin, and told this gentleman so. He then sent me a hand written genealogy pointing out his kin. The progenitors of his family are Philippe Chambrun, Jean Chambrun and Pierre Chambrun. After several days on the internet I was not able to locate a genealogy that tied these Chambruns with the Pineton Chambruns, but strongly suspect there is a connection.

One of the most profound is the discovery of a lost cache of Lafayette’s papers found hidden the walls of La Grange Castle that was the home of Lafayette, found there by Rene Chambrun, who has since gifted this valuable history of our Nations founding to the University of Cleveland. This anonymous gentleman also sent me a website that described the search for lost Templar secrets and treasure and the formation of the Neo-Templar order. He asked me not to mention him in my group as there were many trespassers on his families property, and illegal digging going on. It was believed that that the Knight Templar Beaujeu secreted the Templar treasure to Arginy Castle after Jaque de Molay was burned at the stake. His descendant, Anne Beaujeu mentioned “very old documents that testified about the presence of a major and historical depot”. Digging under Arginy Castle the workers hired by Anne found an underground network of tunnels and encountered traps that may have been put in place by Count de Beaujeu. Finding the going dangerous, Anne Beaujeu gave up her search and had the tunnels sealed. I wonder if Rene Chambrun was also looking for treasures of the Knight Templars at La Grange.

In 1914 Arginy Castle was purchased by Duke Pierre de Rosemont who began another search for these Templar documents. After breaking down a wall that Anne had built, he too encountered traps installed centuries earlier that are reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark. When one of his workman opened a underground cavern, two stone balls were released down a ramp that crushed his legs. After searching the caverns on his own, de Rosemont discovered a hole that led straight down. One of the Duke’s descendants claims to own evidence that Pierre de Rosemont was able to gain access to the tomb of Camus and very close to the treasure of the Templars. Pierre almost reached his goal but was struck violent blows accompanied by harrowing cries emanating from below. There was mauve fire encircling the room accompanied by a strange odors and visions. When the tomb began to fill with water Pierre made a hasty retreat to the surface. Pierre then sealed the hole he had found to make sure no one discovered it and experienced the supernatural forces that drove him away, that he surmised were guarding this treasure. In 1950 an English colonel came to Arginy and asked the owner, Gilbert Marie Jacques de Chambrun d’Uxeloup de Rosemont, was willing to sell the castle for one hundred million French francs. De Rosemont turned the Englishman down.

I dare not ask the gentleman who e-mailed me if he believed in this mauve fire, or what have you, I not wanting to scare him away. I was hoping he would lend some credibility to my study as I was waging a battle to keep my families Literary and Artistic history from being sold to outsiders. In a long letter I sent to Superior Court Judge Richard M. Silver in 1998 titled a ‘Family of Foundlings’ I informed him of our rose-line, the many rose names in my family. For ten years I had been interested in the theories put forth by Baigent and Leigh in their book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’. Wherein is mentioned Rosemerthe and the Rose Line which on one hand was the Meridian Line called the Serpent de la Rouge, and on the other, a bloodline that descended from Mary Magdalene and Jesus. After my sister downed in the turbulent sea near Carmel California I began to write her biography, and do a family genealogy. This was no easy task as my mother’s father, the writer Royal Rosamond, had died in Okalahoma destitute and estranged from his family. Royal was born Frank Rosamond in a log cabin on the Missouri River, he the son of Thomas Rosamond and Ida Louisiana Rose. This information came from the brief biography Royal wrote in one of his novels.
Two years ago Jimmy Rosamond sent me a small book that traced the genesis of the Rosamond name to Rougemont Switzerland, also spelled Rosemont. The Habsburgs spelled it Rozemont and owned Rougemont Castle. I would find a genealogy on the internet that listed families descended from Merovee showing the Rougemont/Ferrette family at the base of the Habsburg family tree. Several authors have suggest the Stuarts and Habsburg descend from the Grail Bloodline, and are the ‘Rex Deus’.
I never met my grandfather. My mother Rosemary told me while in New York attempting to sign a contract with publisher to published his latest book, my grandmother Mary Magdalene Rosamond wrote him a letter and asked him not to come home. She then had her four beautiful daughters drag boxes of his book ‘The Copper Indian’ out of their garage in Ventura California and throw them in the fire she had made. According to my aunt, Lillian Molnar, Royal taught Earle Stanly Gardener the rudiments of writing she falling asleep to the sound of two men typing in the living room. Rosemary said her father was good friends of Dashiel Hammet, and they used to sail to Annacapa Island where they would camp out. Royal returned to Missouri to write novels about his Ozark roots, he writing articles for ‘The Arcadian’ a magazine owned by his close friend the Ozark historian Otto Rayburn. From the University of Arkansas and archives in Oklahoma, I began to piece together the missing years of grandfather. In Otto’s history of there is a photo of Royal and Thomas Hart Benton the famous American artist, and cousin of my future brother-in-law. Through a rare book dealer I purchased Royal’s ‘Revola of Thunder Mountain’, and on the internet I found the cabin Royal had built on front of ‘The Arcadian’. Royal had bought forty acres in the Arkansas wilderness and had plans to found a Poet’s Society complete with fishing expeditions. For a year I searched for his final resting place. Alas I found my grandfather in a un-marked grave in Oklahoma City. My aunt Lillian and I placed this marker:

Washington and Lafayette

Most twentieth century historians – especially the French – debunked Lafayette as a vain, immature, mediocre, doctrinaire, and simpleton. Many conservative, including his descendants, viewed him as a traitor to his class. Lafayette’s grandson inherited Castle La Grange, and married a British woman, a Tory. She consigned Lafayette’s books, papers, and other personal possessions to the third-floor attic of the northwest tower, a space which Lafayette called the “Couloir des Polonais” the “hiding place of the free Poles”. The next two generation maintained the Tory atmosphere around a hidden cache, a forsaken cradle of American Democracy waiting to be found. After a renewed appreciation for Lafayette, Rene le Chambrun, who descends from Lafayette’s daughter, Virginnie, acqured La Grange in 1955 and explored the northwest tower and attic where they discovered a treasure of letters, mementos and manuscripts. Here are excerpts from the Gazette of the American friends of Lafayette;
“Library of Congress Filmed Document Loaned by Count Rene de Chambrun
Washington D.C. It was in 1956 that the count Rene de Chambrun found a large collection of papers of his ancestor, the Marquis de Lafayette, at La Grange, the 15th. Century chateau which he had acquired. The Cache was fond in one of its towers behind fake walls and fake cabinets. According to an article by Sarah Booth Conroy in the Washington Post September 11, 1995, the collection amounted to 50,000 papers containing long hidden, barely rumored secrets of the American, French, and at least three other revolution as well a impassioned love letters.
The Library of Congress greeted the Count who had made arrangements for the national library to film these valuable documents. They include a secret code used by Washington and Lafayette during the Revolutionary War, a letter from John Adams to Lafayette in which he informs the French nobleman of his defeat in the Presidential elections of 1800, and a handwritten note by Lafayette of the siege of Yorktown. Dr. James Billingtom, the librarian of the Library of Congress and the one who organized a team to travel to France to microfilm the remarkable discovery, arranged accommodations for the count de Chambrun at the Hotel Madison. The filming was completed recently and scholars will soon be able to research this extraordinary treasure.
In 1952 de Chambrun d’Uxeloup de Rosemond, along with Jacques Breyer began another search for the Templar treasure at Arginy. They began to dig underneath the Tower of the Eight Beauties, and hit the underground stream that caused the flooding that turned back Pierre de Rosemont. Jacques Breyer believed that the treasure was taken from the Treasury of the Temple in Paris and involved a large quantity of gold. He also suspected there was a spiritual treasure that gave an detailed account of the rituals of the Order and possibly information on Hermetic magic. Breyer suggested Arginy was a “alchemical stronghold” where alchemical experiments were conducted.
The birth date of neo-Templarism is currently accepted as June 12, 1952, the birthplace: Arginy castle. The event is referred to as “the Resurgence of Arginy” that became the focal point of the Rosicrucian’s, Freemasons, and other Order including Templar Orders. In 1959 the head of the French Secret Service, Constantine Melnik, visited Arginy, and cordoned off the entire castle. Melnik, then participated in night-time ceremonies. As a profound coincidence, Francoise due Temple de Rougemont was a high-ranking member of the French Secret service and are related to the Regiments of Switzerland. The “due Temple denotes the large block in Paris that was the stronghold of the Knight Templars.

Banker: Alfred Denis de Rougemont

The family of Rougemont was known at the XII 2nd century. Like the Knights Templar, they appear to have been the Bankers Mundi. One of the Temple was with the third crusade, and another was banker to king Philippe the Bold. Geoffroi of the Temple was Banker to Philippe les Hardi, and Jean du Temple the Banker of King de Navarre. Pierre of the Temple de Rougemont was generous to the churches of Chartres and was buried in the chorus of the church of the Jacobins who were intent on putting the Stewarts on the Throne of England. Diana is descended from King Charlees Stewart. Here is a quote from Karl Marx and Engels in regards the Temple area during the French Revolution.

“Here the national guard, around eleven hours also, had taken the barricades on the side of the street of the Temple and occupied the accesses to the boulevard. The heroes who took by storm these barricades were the middle-class men of the second district which extends from the ex-Royal Palate
until the end of the Montmartre suburb. It is there that the rich person tradesmen live street Vivienne, street Richelieu and boulevard of the Italians, large bankers street Laffitte and street Shepherdess, rentiers jovial fellow of the Roadway of Antin. It is there that Rothschild and Fould, Rougemont de Lowemberg and Ganneron live. It is there, in a word, that is the Stock Exchange, Tortoni [6] and all that is attached to it.”

Chateau Schadau

Swiss Bankers have recently appoligized for financing the slave trade in the new world,..

“The city Zurich was included into this Swiss and European network of financial and trade relations. Particularly Leu and Rougement are to refer to Hottinger & Cie on textile exports to west India as well as the banks.”

The Napoleonic wars were a theater in the sense that both Napoleon and his enemy, Wellington, were financed by the same group of bankers. Napoleon was financed with the silver from Veracruz that was transferred from Lazard Freres in Louisiana to the Hope Bank in Amsterdam and the bank of Gabriel Ouvrard in Paris. The family of Ouvrard was Intermarried with the family of Labouchere head of the Hope Bank. The Rougemonts are kin to the Labouchere family and can be found in a genealogy on the banking family of Mallet.
You will also find Anna de Rougemont de La Schadau, who I assume is the daughter or sister of Alfred Denis de Rougemont. The Du Temple de Rougemont family are found in the Bonaparte/Murat genealogy, it said the Emperor made a point to marry into Banking families. The Ouvrard-rochechouart-larochejacquelein funds entered to the Public records by purchase in December 1981 of the La Roche Bank of Switzerland. In addition to the banker Gabriel-Julien Ouvrard (1770-1846) and his son Jules (1799-1861), the Larochejacquelein families and Rochechouart, became linked by marriage in Ouvrard. The count Aimery de Rochechouart had married Marie de Larochejacquelein. This family is the De La Roche family that descend from the Rougemonts and Fromond de Dramelay, also, Tramelay, that is the same name as the fourth Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Bernard de Tramelay. It has long been suspected the Knights Templars came to own the Shroud of Turin, some scholars suggesting it is the Holy Graal itself. Jeane de Vergy, the grandniece of Othon de la Roche, son of Pons de la Roche, presented the shroud to Amadeus de Tramelay, Archbishop of Besancon, and Latin Duke of Athens. Two Rougemonts held the title of Archbishop of Besancon. Fromond Dramelay married N.Rougemont, and from them descend the de la Roches, they the Lords of Neufchatel. You can follow the Rougemont line to Aumiry de Rochefoucauld who was the Grand Master of the Templars in Paris. Rougemont Castle Rougemont Chateau

Rougemont Castle

Rougemont Chateau

June 12 1952 was the day that Jacque Bryer, Barbalut and his psychic wife, along with other, conducted an alchemical ritual. Breyer believed he was the reincarnation of Jacques de Molay, and tried to reach the ghost of Guillaume de Beaujeu. Whose remains according to legend, were placed near the Templar treasure. It is said Breyer was successful, and de Beaujeau asked for a special ritual to be performed so that his spirit could be brought back to life. This ritual involved the sexual union of a man and his wife at Arginy where the resulting child would be the reincarnation of the Grand Master.
Breyer spent seven years at Arginy Castle in this “haunted place” that he claimed was a place of initiation. Breyer conducted occult and magical rituals in an attempt to contact the souls of eleven Templars whose spirits had been charged with guarding the Templar treasure. At Arginy Breyer wrote several books, but are not available to the outside world. His most famous book is ‘Arcanes Solaires’ dedicated to the the ‘Ancient Arch Masters’ eleven in all who came and assisted him in is revelations. In the Tower of the Eight Beauties Breyer drew ancient coded symbols on the wall.
Bryer then founded a neo-Templar order, the Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple, which is not be confused with the Order of the Solar Temple that was responsible for the collective suicide of 53 people in Canada and Switzerland in 1994, and of 16 people in France of in 1995. Jacques Breyer was the inspiration behind the foundation of the Order of the Solar Temple and knew its leaders. The Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple was supposed to be the new Order of the Knights Templars. The eleven entities whom Breryer conversed with requested that Breyer raise the spirit of the former Grand Master Guillaume de Beaujeau in order that he might be the guardian, the mund of the resurgence of his Order. Everything had been put in place so that this ritual could be conducted, but apparently something went wrong that no one had prepared for and the ritual turned into a nightmare. According to local villagers, there eminated strange noises and horrible cries from the Tower of Eight Beauties. Luminous events resulted in a fierce escape of the participants. It was concluded that only someone closely related to the owners of Arginy would approach the well kept secret. As a stange coincidence the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Princess is named Rosamond, also spelled Rosamund.

‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Walter Crane

Rougemont/Rosamund Cote of Arms

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