J.R. A Artistic Dynasty

Aunt Linda loves money. Like Jesus, money is the answer for Linda. Heather was stupid to take the bag of money Linda Comstock has waved in her face since she was born – hoping she would betray her mother and father, and be a empty ornament hanging in her barren family tree. Linda’s father was a brutal drunk who caused her mentally ill mother to jump off a cliff down in LA. Linda did not want Heather to have a wonderful father. She wanted my daughter to be remade in her image. She wanted someone to drink with.

Heather lost me when she said;

“Your family is dead, is of deadness. Bill is fun! Linda is fun!”

They are going to kill my beautiful grandson, starting with a Shirley Temple. Here is the poison apple put before Tyler by an evil witch. They want this boy to fall asleep, and be one with them.

Heather is not a Reader. I doubt she read one of my posts. She may have spotted the name Jesus, and concluded I am self-righteous Jesus Freak now that I got sober – and am no fun anymore!

Heather has been playing the Surrogate Daddy Game that Tyler has adopted. Just before we went to Bullhead City Heather announced proudly that my grandson called Bill Cornwell “Daddy”. When we first met, my daughter told me she never called Randall Delpiano, Daddy, but, when she was showing me her photo album, there was Randy holding Heather in his arms when she is six months old. Under the photo she wrote;

“Me and my Daddy.”

When did Patrice Hanson inform my daughter Delpiano was not her real father? Was it the day they found the ‘Rosamond’ Artistic Dynasty on the internet? Patrice refused to put my name on my daughter’s birth cirtifcate, after she removed Randall. Later, Heather said she legally changed her surname to Hanson. I will investigate.

What I was trying to tell Heather, was, I am dying and will not be on the planet very much longer. Due to my research, I discovered the Rosamond’s are an American dynasty, and thus my offspring should carry on this dynasty. The progenitor of the American Rosamond Family is J.R. John ‘The Highwayman’ Rosamond. Most of thse folks who claim they are All American Patriots – are liars! Very few families own the history the Rosamond Family does. Many would kill for this history! Bill Cornwell and Linda Comstock want what we got. Heather is too stupid to realize what has real value. She is a whore who puts herself and my grandson on the auction block! She is the living nightmare of Family Tradition.

Several times I have signed my blog John Rosamond. In the video of the movie Giant, we see Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor entering the ranch with a R hanging over the entrance.

My grandson does not look like anyone in Patrice’s branch of the family, the Vorels. He looks just like my aunt June and Bonny in the photo above. The fat cheeks come from my grandfather, Roy Reuben Rosamond, and from Sir Isaac Hull, the Captain of the U.S.S. Constitution – and the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Bill Cornwell bid my daughter and grandson to throw away the source of their great genetic material, so his and his father’s material could rule over my CHILD and GRANDCHILD. Surely my DEAD ANCESTORS behold Tyler Hunt, and say;

“He is one of us!”

Tyler, the usurpers got rid of your grandfather. Reclaim your Birthright, and rule over the pretenders!

Let us hope Tyler beocomes a Reader and a Thinker, and comes upon these truths when he is older!

John ‘God’s Gift’ Rosamond ‘The Rose ofthe World………………..THE RESURRECTED!

“In 1724, my ancestor John ROSAMOND and his friend William Ray were
arrested in Abingdon, Berkshire, England for stealing a hat, periwig,
30 pounds British sterling, five pairs of shoes, and a brown gelding.
They were held in the gaol in Reading, Berkshire, after their trial
where they were sentenced to be exiled to the colonies for 14 years
hard labor.

Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we
forgive our debtors.

“I was a highwayman. Along the coach roads I did ride With sword and
pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade Many
a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade The bastards hung me in the
spring of twenty-five But I am still alive.”


The photograph of my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, was made into a postcard, as were the photo of she and my grandfather, Royal Rosamond, camping on Anacapa Island. The photo overlooking Ventura by the Sea was also a postcard, and appears to be my grandmother, and perhaps the photographer who took these photos. Was he a friend of my grandparents, or, was this strictly business?

One possibility, is that Out West magazine was promoting the Rosamonds as THE ideal California family. Is it possible that George Wharton James took the photographs of Royal and Mary, and their four daughters, included my mother, Rosemary. What makes me wonder this is the Native American baskets in the photo of June and Bertha. Like Charles Lummis, James collected these baskets. Were postcards made of the Rosamond girls, later to become the Rosamond Women?

Above we see the beautiful women Philip Boileau rendered. His wife, Peggy, was his favorite model. Philip is the son of Susan Benton, the sister of Jessie Benton, and thus Philip is kin to my niece Drew Benton and her father Garth. Christine Rosamond Benton made her own clothes, and modeled for some of her paintings. She took photos of me so I would be her first male portrait. She used photos of the children descended from Mary, who made all her clothes, and supported her four daughters making hats. Philip descends from a noble French family, and Susan lived in France where she had a Salon. Jessie had a Salon in San Francisco, where literary and artistic greats gathered. This is a Artistic dynasty kin to the Royal Stewarts. Since 1964 I wrote many long letters to the Executor of Rosamond’s legacy, giving him many good reasons why no outsider should be put in charge of the Creative Legacy for it is a Family Legacy, and outsiders will destroy it.

As it, there is a imitator, a man who signs his work Sarah Moon, so that the public will think he is a woman, and perhaps the archetype Rosamond Woman. For years people guessed at who she/he was. This parasite has exploited my family, who are guilty of exploiting each other so we can put food on the table,and pya our rent. That the Rosamond Family married into the Benton family, who authored Manifest Destiny, and sent expedition West to exploit the untamed land, makes the Rosamond/Benton union ‘The First Family of the West’. Surely fate and destiny has played its hand. No one in my family knew about Philip, whose women proceed Rosamond’s Women, but, what about the photograph of Mary Magdalene Rosamond, the Mother Rose of the World? Did she see Boileau’s woman on the cover of Post Magazine, she taking an interest in the flowery hats that crown these Royal American Beauties? Now, if proof Elizabeth Rosemond Tayler is our kin would surface.

Christine Rosamond gave me credit for her success. I was her Teacher, and her true Historian, who receives a Rosy Family Blessing from beyond the grave. I have immortalized MY FAMILY.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011


A Canadian by birth, Philip Boileau lived in Baltimore for many years, where he painted portraits of the fashionable women of the day. In 1902, he moved to New York, and married Emily Gilbert, a drama student, in 1907. Most of his postcard paintings were published between 1905 and 1918 by Reinthal & Newman, New York. He died in 1917 at his home on Long Island, Douglas Manor, a victim of pneumonia.

Boileau’s obituary in the New York Times, January 19, 1917, revealed that many of his most famous illustrations were of his wife, Emily, whom he called “Peggy.” His initial success was a picture of her, known as the “Peggy Head.”

You can find more information and examples of his work at The Philip Boileau Society.
Thomas HART I “the Immigrant”
ABT 1660 – ____
ID Number: I68388

RESIDENCE: England and abt 1690 Hanover Co. VA
BIRTH: ABT 1660, England
DEATH: Plantation in Hanover Co. Virginia
RESOURCES: See: [S1210] [S2644]

Family 1 :
1. +Thomas HART II
Hon. Thomas Hart BENTON
14 Mar 1782 – 10 Apr 1858
ID Number: I88595

OCCUPATION: US Senator of Missouri
RESIDENCE: Hillsboro, NC and Williamson Co. TN and St. Louis, MO
BIRTH: 14 Mar 1782, Harts Mill, near Hillsborough, Orange Co. North Carolina
DEATH: 10 Apr 1858, Washington, D.C.
BURIAL: Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri
RESOURCES: See: Bio notes
Father: Jesse BENTON Sr.
Mother: Ann (Nancy) GOOCH

Family 1 : Elizabeth MCDOWELL
MARRIAGE: 20 Mar 1821, St. Louis, Missouri
1. +Sarah McDowell BENTON

Benton, Thomas Hart (1782-1858) of St. Louis, Mo. Father-in-law of John Charles Frémont. Born near Hillsborough, Orange County, N.C., March 14, 1782. Democrat. Member of Tennessee state senate, 1809; U.S. Senator from Missouri, 1821-51; U.S. Representative from Missouri 1st District, 1853-55. Fought a duel with Andrew Jackson, who later became a political ally. His portrait appeared on the U.S. $100 gold certificate from the 1880s until the 1920s. Died in Washington, D.C., April 10, 1858. Interment at Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo. Benton counties in Ark., Ind., Iowa, Minn., Ore. and Wash. are named for him. See also: congressional biography.

BENTON, Thomas Hart, 1782-1858
—————————————————————– —————
Senate Years of Service: 1821-1823; 1823-1825; 1825-1837; 1837-1851
Party: Republican; Jackson Republican; Jacksonian; Democrat

BENTON, Thomas Hart, (father-in-law of John C. Frémont; brother-in-law of James McDowell [1795-1851]), a Senator and a Representative from Missouri; born at Harts Mill, near Hillsboro, N.C., March 14, 1782; attended Chapel Hill College (now the University of North Carolina); was admitted to the bar at Nashville, Tenn., in 1806 and commenced practice in Franklin, Williamson County, Tenn.; member, State senate 1809-1811; served as aide-de-camp to General Andrew Jackson; colonel of a regiment of Tennessee volunteers 1812-1813; lieutenant colonel of the Thirty-ninth United States Infantry 1813-1815; moved to St. Louis, Mo., where he edited the Missouri Inquirer and continued the practice of law; upon the admission of Missouri as a State into the Union, was elected in 1821 as a Democrat to the United States Senate; reelected in 1827, 1833, 1839, and 1845 and served from August 10, 1821, to March 3, 1851; chairman, Committee on Indian Affairs (Eighteenth through Twentieth Congresses), Committee on Military Affairs (Twentieth through Twenty-sixth and Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth Congresses), Committee on Foreign Relations (Thirtieth Congress); author of the resolution to expunge from the Senate Journal the resolution of censure on Andrew Jackson; unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the Senate in 1850; censure proceedings were initiated against Benton in 1850, arising from an incident of disorderly conduct on the Chamber floor, but the Senate took no action; elected as a Democrat to the Thirty-third Congress (March 4, 1853-March 3, 1855); chairman, Committee on Military Affairs (Thirty-third Congress); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1854 to the Thirty-fourth Congress and for Governor of Missouri in 1856; engaged in literary pursuits in Washington, D.C., until his death there on April 10, 1858; interment in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Mo.

American National Biography; Dictionary of American Biography; Benton, Thomas H. Thirty Years View: Or A History of the American Government for Thirty Years From 1820-1850. 2 vols. 1854, 1856. Reprint. New York: Greenwood Press, 1968; Smith, Elbert B. Magnificent Missourian: Thomas Hart Benton. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1957.


Early years spent in Tennessee. 1815 moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Town in Tennessee called Bentontown was originally tract of land of 3,000 acres on 40,000-acre tract called “The Widow Benton’s Settlement”.
Became United States Senator for State of Missouri. Was called “Old Bullion”. Organized the first federal bank.
2 Elizabeth BENTON b: 12 Feb 1822 + William Carey JONES b: ABT 1822
2 Jessie (Julia ?) Ann BENTON b: 31 May 1824 d: 27 Dec 1902 + John Charles FREMONT b: ABT 1824; 3 Darie BENTON b: ABT 1844; 3 Anthony BENTON b: ABT 1844
2 Sarah BENTON b: Mar 1826 + Richard Taylor JACOB b: ABT 1826
2 John Randolph BENTON b: 11 Nov 1829 d: 17 Mar 1852
2 James McDowell BENTON b: Jun 1831 d: 1835
2 Susan BENTON b: 1833 +
Benton Gauldrée de BOILLEAU
Birth: FEB 1858, Calcutta, India (British)
Father: Charles Henri Philip Gauldrée de BOILLEAU (b. 1823, Toulouse, France; d. FEB 1894)
Mother: Susan Taylor Virginia McDowell BENTON (b. 1833, Cherry Grove, Rockbridge Co., VA; d. 8 MAR 1874, Paris, France)
Family 1: Marie Bedient de GUION (b. 14 MAY 1861, New York City, New York Co., NY)
Marriage: 14 JUN 1898, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City, NY


Index Surnames

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Charles Henri Philip Gauldrée de BOILLEAU
Birth: 1823, Toulouse, France
Death: FEB 1894
Title: Baron
Family 1: Susan Taylor Virginia McDowell BENTON (b. 1833, Cherry Grove, Rockbridge Co., VA; d. 8 MAR 1874, Paris, France)
Marriage: 4 JUN 1855, Washington, DC
Pensée de BOILLEAU (b. ABT 1856)
Benton Gauldrée de BOILLEAU (b. FEB 1858, Calcutta, India (British))
Charles Gauldrée BOILLEAU (b. ABT 1862; d. 29 DEC 1901, Loughborough Junction, England)
Philip Gauldrée BOILLEAU\BOILEAU (b. 17 JUL 1863, Quebec, Canada; d. 18 JAN 1917, New York City, New York Co., NY)
Desirée de BOILLEAU (b. ABT 1866)
Hubert Léon MacDowell de BOILLEAU (b. 19 SEP 1868, Versailles, France)
Mary de BOILLEAU (b. BET 1870 AND 1872, France)
Pauline de BOILLEAU (b. BET 1870 AND 1872, France)

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