“I tried to make Bush cry”

After claiming he is trying to help President Obama take his job seriously, Boehner broke down and confessed he did his damnedest to get George Bush to take his job seriously – but failed!

“I’m a big failure! I couldn’t get him to cry!” Boehner told this reporter. “I couldn’t get Bush to take the search for WMD seriously! I cried almost every day as our search made liars out of our beloved party of neo-cons. Then came the mortgage meltdown. While banks were failing all over the world, Mr. Chuckles wanted to go to his ranch and make some real mesquite charcoal for his Big B Bar B Cue. I cried all the way to the ranch. Then I realized I forgot my cowboy hat my daddy gave me and I had to be given a big shot of tranquilizers – which made me blubber all the more! The quart of whisky I drank, only made matters worse. When I got off the plane, George just pointed at me – and laughed! He never took me seriously!”

“Will someone go get Boehner a dress – and a bonnet?”


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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