Republican Party of the Insane Satan

Many Christians believe Jesus is the acme of human sanity and sanitized sexuality, while Satan is insane, the inventor of kinky filthy stuff.

The whole premise of these Purity Balls is based upon the belief that pubescent young women have no sex drive, and only submit to sex from pubescent young boys because they are fishing for a compliment, such is the nature of Female Vanity – that serves whom? Should fathers lie to their – ugly daughters?

“Proponents of these events contend that they encourage close and deeply affectionate, but chaste, relationships between fathers and daughters, thereby avoiding the fornication that allegedly results when young women seek love through relationships with men of their own age. Randy Wilson, a clergyman involved in the creation of purity balls, advises fathers to praise their daughters’ physical attractiveness in effusive but polite terms: “I applaud your courage to look your daughter in the eye and tell her how beautiful she is.”[1]

This is mental illness at its peak! What if your daughter is not beautiful, and indeed – very ugly? Will this compliment be enough for her? Will it keep her from offering her body up to many boys – until alas she hears what she longs to hear? But by then – is too late! She has been rendered a dirty fat ugly slut and whore – that not even her father will look at!

If you look at the big picture, Christians are obsessed with sex, and want to talk about it all the time. This gets everyone to focus on their sexuality, which is normal, because humans are hard-wired that way. When evangelicals saw rock stars and movie stars getting all the attention, they looked for a way to acquire an inflamed bright red ape ass – that screams “LOOK AT ME! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

It is growing clear to all Americans – thanks to the Republican candidates – what I have known for some time, that evangelicals are insane, and they have no solutions for anything – NOTHING! We saw what their candidate George Bush did with the economy. Now, here come Brion McClanahan who wants to publicly shame Societies Parasites, those who are lesser then the Republican Norm, by making a law rendering food stamp recipients ineligible to vote. How Christian! Jesus would be all for this – NOT!

Many college students get food stamps.

“Down with Obama’s sexy and brainy eletists! Up with NASCAR Bubbas and drunks!”

The Viginal Christian Shame Cult have long owned the Franchise on Human Sexuallity. It is their bright red ape ass used to extort power and money from the masses – who love sex as a whole! Now the Virgin Cult is going after Fort Knox so they can really get us by the short hairs. Little Government – MY ASS!

Yeah! Take away food from the hungry – for some attention – you friggen moron!

Another solution is to bring in a gang of food stamp slaves to mop the floors, polish the brass, cut the lawn in preparation for the arrival of ‘Daddy’s Little Princesses’. Has the South – risen from the grave?

Jon the Nazarite

by Brion McClanahan, — 02/28/2012

[…] Why is the average taxpayer both screwed by the system and forced to watch his tax dollars being wasted on people who abuse the system?

I have a solution: Dharma-style food stamp reform. Fans of “Lost” will recognize the reference, but for those who did not watch the show, the Dharma Initiative packaged its own food to supply members of the project on the island. Each item came in a package with a simple black-and-white label and a basic description. Beer cans were marked with the word “Beer.” It probably tasted as bad as it looked. In any case, here is a picture:
Dharma-style food stamp reform would have four basic components. First, the federal government would create a government “brand” of essential food items such as milk, cheese, meat, cereal, vegetables, bread, peanut butter, beans, juice, soup, baby formula, diapers, etc., and would package the items with simple black-and-white labels and basic descriptions. The word “Government” would be stamped across the top in bold letters so everyone would know it was a welfare item. These items could be manufactured by major companies through government contracts, thus not creating a net loss to private industry. Because competition is not an issue, taste and quality, with the exception of the baby formula and baby food, would not be a top priority. Snacks, soda, cigarettes and beer would not be available through the program.
Second, the Government would lease […]
Fourth, anyone who accepts government aid would have to submit to a monthly tobacco and drug test. Food stamp recipients are, after all, wards of the state. They are slaves to the government and should be reminded of that fact. If a recipient is found to have tobacco or drugs in his system, he would be dropped from the program. People on government aid would also lose the privilege of voting.

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  1. Reblogged this on rosamondpress and commented:

    My daughter called me insane after reading tiny parts of my blog that were pointed out to her by our enemies. Boehner called Cruz ‘Lucicer in the flesh’

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