Newt ‘Church Lady’ Invents Secular Devil

Newt Gingrich was converted to Catholicism by his present wife who wanted a fresh, clean, sin-free husband. Newt ‘Space Kitty’ attacked the secular left for trying to spoil the vision of the founding fathers, claiming it was a religious one. Prove it! Describe this vision!

Gingrich said that the religious foundation of America is being attacked on two fronts: “We have a secular elitist wing that deeply, deeply disbelieves in America, that wants to create a different country based on a different set of principles,” he said. “And we have a radical Islamist one which legitimately and authentically hates us and should.”

Is there a catholic saint for LSD? How about Saint Lucy of Diamonds at Tiffany?

Newt claims he is not being religious, but, claims there EXISTS a religious base that gives our Democracy “meaning”. Such as – not freeing the slaves. Not giving women the right to vote. Forbidding Americans to drink alcohol.

“The forces of the secular left believe passionately and deeply, and with frankly a religious fervor, in their world view and they will regard what I am saying as a horrifying assault on what they think is the truth,” Gingrich said. “Because their version of the truth is to have a totally neutral government that has no meaning.”

Try this meaningful vision on for size; put a silver wig on Newt, and we got the Church Lady in Chief!

But, why the whig? If Newt gets in the White House we got the First Church Lady!

The original Republican Party was founded by Socialist, Leftist, Freethinkers, and members of the Turner Societies. These men and women did attack the religious institutions that backed slavery that was not abolished by the Founding Fathers. To invent a DEVIL to attack your SAINT is the oldest trick in the Pope’s book. Stupid folks down south will think this is a new attack, and vote for Republicans who say they are for Jesus.

It was radical socialist Jews, who belonged to sports clubs, that founded the state of Israel, and not Rabbis or a Messiah. The only person giving the title ‘Messiah’ was Harry Truman, a Democrat. The group that gets most of the credit is the Israelitische Turnverein, a group of Jewish gymnasts who were expelled from the Berlin Turnverien. My Stuttmeiser, Janke kinfolk were members of the Tunrverein, and were radical Forty-Eighters who are also give credit for the founding of Israel. These Forty-Eighters made up John Fremont’s and Jessie Benton’s bodyguard. The Freemasons are here. Other clubs that followed were named after “Bar Kochba” who was seen as a Messiah until he failed to drive the Romans out of Judea. His name was changed to “Simon bar Kozeba” (Hebrew: בר כוזיבא‎, “Son of lies” or “Son of deception”).

Whne you add it all up, for some strange reason my kindred are right there at the center of the Zionist controversy that has overcome the Republican Party, all but destroying it. The Zionist Evangelicals – disguised as Patriots – have brought our Democracy to a halt. In order to keep the focus on them, budgets are not going to be passed. Millions will be hurt financially. These religious fanatics use our Federal Taxes like a secular tithe in order to spread their propaganda that backs the Hawks of Israel. The only thing that keeps them hidden in the wings, is they have failed to capture the White House. When they do, the Capitol building that houses the Senate and Congress, will be turned into the Evangelical Vatican. They do these things because they know their cosmology is not tenable, is based on delusions and lies. They are Decietful Parasites looking for a legitimate host. This is why I registered as a Republican two years ago.

Get out of the Republican Party founded by my kindred. Form you own party.

Jon the Nazarite

CUMMING, Ga. – Newt Gingrich turned the church pulpit into a history class when he addressed the congregation at First Redeemer Church, comparing the struggle of American colonies under British rule to what he sees as the modern day assault of religious freedom in America

“I don’t come here as a religious leader and I don’t come here as a saint,” Gingrich said as soon as he began talking. “I come here as a citizen who has had a life that at times has fallen short of the glory of God, who has had to seek God’s forgiveness and has had to seek reconciliation.” As such, Gingrich said, he was speaking in the pulpit “as a historian, where I think I can talk with some credibility and some authority” on the role of God in America

Listing the demands of the colonists — no taxation without representation, getting rid of British judges imposing dictatorial power — Gingrich said America is back “in some ways” at the same state.

“You have elites in the bureaucracy, elites in the judgeship, frankly elites in the news media, elites in the academic world, and elites in politics — and they would all like to impose on us an America that none of us believe in,” he said to a congregation of over 2,000 people — standing room only, but smaller than the crowd Rick Santorum drew here last week.

The White House recently created an uproar when it mandated that religious institutions pay for insurance that includes contraception methods opposed by the Catholic church, and Gingrich used the administration’s decision as an example of “the inevitable nature of the left to use government to impose on us their values.”

“Now they’ll tell you, well they stand for separation of church and state,” Gingrich said. “My answer to that is that they have perverted Thomas Jefferson’s words beyond belief.”

“What happens is you go from a request for toleration to the imposition of tyranny, and you do it with remarkable speed,” he added.

Gingrich said that the religious foundation of America is being attacked on two fronts: “We have a secular elitist wing that deeply, deeply disbelieves in America, that wants to create a different country based on a different set of principles,” he said. “And we have a radical Islamist one which legitimately and authentically hates us and should.”

He drew a standing ovation for slamming a State Department meeting with the Organization of Islamic countries, which Gingrich said had “the purpose of talking about how to protect Islam from being described inappropriately. I have passionate opposition to the government of the United States lying to us and censoring us as we try to understand those who would kill us.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said after the July 2011 OIC meeting “combating religious intolerance” that the United States remains “focused on interfaith education and collaboration, enforcing anti-discrimination laws, protecting the rights of all people to worship as they choose, and to use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don’t feel that they have the support to do what we abhor.”

By contrast, Gingrich drew a stark picture of radical Islamists, saying, “Those people who want to kill us want to kill us because from their world view, we are the greatest threat they’ve ever faced because we represent freedom and freedom is the end of their religion.”

Referring to the burning of churches in Nigeria, Egypt, and Malaysia and the fleeing of Christians from Iraq “that we supposedly liberated,” Gingrich said, “I haven’t heard any apologies. It’s amazing. Saudi Arabia allows no open worship by Christians or Jews, period, and then lectures us. And we don’t today in our elites have the nerve to stand up and say this is baloney. We are not going to have a one-sided offensive against our civilization in which we’re supposed to accept defeat, we’re supposed to accept humiliation, and we’re supposed to death of our young men and women, and we have to accept those who are killing us? I don’t think so.”

Gingrich drew another standing ovation.

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Corporeal vision is a supernatural manifestation of an object to the eyes of the body. It may take place in two ways: either a figure really present strikes the retina and there determines the physical phenomenon of the vision, or an agent superior to man directly modifies the visual organ and produces in the composite a sensation equivalent to that which an external object would produce. According to the authorities the first is the usual manner; it corresponds to the invincible belief of the seer, e.g. Bernadette at Lourdes; it implies a minimum of miraculous intervention if the vision is prolonged or if it is common to several persons. But the presence of an external figure may be understood in two ways. Sometimes the very substance of the being or the person will be presented; sometimes it will be merely an appearance consisting in a certain arrangement of luminous rays. The first may be true of living persons and even, it would seem, of the now glorious bodies of Christ and the Blessed Virgin, which by the eminently probable supernatural phenomenon of multilocation may become present to men without leaving the abode of glory. The second is realized in the corporeal apparition of the unresurrected dead or of pure spirits.

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