“I am thirsty.”

The first words I spoke after I came back to life, after lying in my room for two days, was’

“I am thirsty. I would like a glass of water.”

Tim Scully’s sister had approached me, knelt, took my hand, and asked me what I wanted. Tim was a member of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, as was my friend who was with me when I died on a powerful dose of Orange Sunshine, of which I had an hour before taken another dose so I could get back into my body. There were about five members of the Brotherhood present who had heard of my death. I never met them.

When I took a few sips of water from the crystal goblet, I said this;

“With this water I swallow, I wash the drug LSD from my system, into my urinary track, and I need to use the toilet, where I will flush this drug into the sea, and dilute it, take it from you forever. The game is over.”

And I rose, and did just that. I purged Orange Sunshine from my body, and a movement I was a part of. Later, I would tell two young men who were preparing a batch of LSD for Europe;

“The cops are outside waiting for you.You’re going to get busted.”

Most of the Brotherhood got busted – after the powerful king-like entity that was inside me, rebuked them, with permission of the Lord of Truth I beheld on McClure’s Beach February 11, 1967. I was being asked to be a anti-war Messiah. The LSD I took, did not go with me where I saw my sisters adorned in the jewels of heaven. Back here on earth, I was adorned in precious jewels with wisdom beyond compare. LSD was doing damage to a very delicate God-consciousness that I have been attuned to most of my life. You can say this is where the Holy Spirit dwell, the Councilor.

In 1990 I was told by Seers that I go to the Cathedral of Souls while I sleep where I have a reserved seat at a great table. There is a hooded figure standing behind me.

We are not talking about God-Jesus, who was the embodiment of King David the Redeemer. He was just a man, the king of the Jews, and unto the Jews that was everything. The evangelicals are waiting for the Jews to restore the Kingdom of David so they will be saved. The core of their religion depends upon it. Meanwhile they wage war on Hippie. I laugh, because – I am Hippie! Am I in David’s family tree?

Peace – brother!

I have been asking folks whether Jesus established a Democracy, and no one has risen to this challenge. In a democracy we do not allow kings to rule over us. However – there is God and the Holy Spirit……………..the Gift of God!

When I lost everything, I was twenty years of age, and virgin. My new life, was impossible I began a sipriitual work – without rewards. My isolation has been exrtreme. I have been the scapegoat for a generation of sins. I turned many around, towards the ways of the Lord.

When I read the Bible for the first time, and Jesus’ last words “I am thirsty” I was in deep deep, water, and trouble. Who would believe that I have been touched by the soul of God?

I own one great fear, being, when it is time for me to die – I won’t die! For I have seen Heaven! And I have seen The Kingdom of God. It’s right here, under our feet! What a beautiful place, if we all allow God to rule our beautiful spirits. Be reborn – now!

After I purged alcohol from my system in 1987, I baptized myself in the McKenzie River after taking the vow of the Nazarite.

Jon the Nazarite

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The Hippie Mafia: Brotherhood of Eternal Love
By TheAllSeeingI | Published: January 25, 2011

Thirty nine years ago, the biggest raid that had ever been staged in America’s war on drugs took place when a task force of state, local and federal law enforcement agencies combined to take down a secretive group of hippie acid dealers and hashish smugglers known as the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. On August 5, 1972, cops in California, Oregon and Maui arrested dozens of people, sending an even larger group scattering around the world in pursuit of an underground life that in some cases lasted decades.

By then, the Brotherhood, better known among cops as the “Hippie Mafia,” had become America’s biggest hash smuggling network, with a direct pipeline to Kandahar, Afghanistan. They were also the country’s hardest-working distributors of LSD who even had their own trademark version of the mind-altering drug, Orange Sunshine. They operated their own storefront, Mystic Arts World, in Laguna Beach, where many members lived. After befriending ex-Harvard psychology professor Timothy Leary, they lured him to Laguna Canyon and later, to a mountain ranch in Idyllwild, California. Members, including the group’s charismatic leader, John Griggs, slept in tipis and ate vegetables from their own garden – all with the aim of creating a self-sustaining utopia.

That dream ended in August 1969 – the same month that saw Woodstock, the Manson murders and the first moon landing – when Griggs died of an overdose of synthetic psilocybin. By then, Leary had been busted for marijuana possession, and not long after Griggs died, he went to prison. That’s when the BEL pulled off one of the most spectacular stunts in American counterculture. They raised some cash and paid off the notorious anti-war radicals, the Weather Underground, to bust Leary out of prison and help him escape to Afghanistan, where he was finally arrested in 1973.

During the early 60’s Griggs and his crew were a gang of itinerant surfers, custom car enthusiasts, junkies and petty crooks known as The Street Sweepers. In ’66 they came into a stash of LSD (a substance they knew nothing about and which was ironically still legal at the time) through armed robbery. This would be the watershed moment: a week later Griggs “threw away his gun and was running around hollering, ‘This is it.’ That’s how it all began.”

Legally incorporated in 1966–ten days after LSD became illegal–in California, the tax-exempt organization declared a dedication “to bring to the world a greater awareness of God through the teachings of Jesus Christ, Rama-Krishnam Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mahatma Gandhi and all true prophets and apostles of God.” Some of their nascent ideology was reflective of Timothy Leary’s east coast League of Spiritual Discovery, but the BOEL were headquartered in Laguna Beach, California, “a sleepy little township and artists colony and resort thirty miles south of Los Angeles.” As for membership, “there were no fixed rules for joining; no name signing or ritual. But there was one basic rule among the Brothers–they believed in taking as much of the psychedelics as possible, the largest doses of LSD they could buy.”

“There was a lot of grass and there was a vibe that you could make it with love and digging each other. It was cheap and it was fun. You know the bond, the thing that tied us up together was surfing and dope and balling.” The focus went from grass to LSD and large quantities of hash rather quickly, it seems, and before long, a “hippie mafia” (as it was labeled by local law authorities and then Rolling Stone magazine) was in effect. But before then, for just just a couple years, the Brotherhood were at the center of “a Haight-Ashbury on the sea.”

The Brotherhood’s products/sacraments did not stay free for long. Linked with (in)famous Grateful Dead-associated LSD (al)chemist Owsley Stanley up in San Francisco, and with Leary on the east coast, the Brotherhood’s operations got grandiose and risky. Cash was everywhere, ranches were bought, surfboards full of hash were made and mailed around the world, an infamously incoherent Jimi Hendrix film was financed, and at one point a tentative offer was tendered to the government of France to buy a tiny Pacific French island to become “the world’s first independent state based on LSD.” Timothy Leary’s son, at a Laguna Brotherhood gathering, torched one of many $1000 bills, and when Leary called to apologize for his offspring’s behavior, he was told “Hey, Uncle Tim, we all wanted to burn a thousand-dollar bill. It was a great thing he did, very enlightening.”

Legal authorities were not so enlightened or amused. In Laguna Beach–which sits in Republican stronghold Orange County, just up the coast from Nixon’s West Coast White House–longhairs started to get busted for just being there, and suspicions were aroused by the presence of money and Leary. Still, the Brotherhood funded Leary’s famous escape from California prison and supported him with an extra $25,000 while he was the exiled guest/hostage of Eldridge Cleaver in Algeria. State, Federal and and international investigations got underway as well. Mystic Arts World burnt to the ground in a 1970 fire widely viewed as arson that was approved, if not committed, by local authorities. By the time a couple of founding leaders has overdosed or been arrested (including Leary, who turned out to be more liability than leader) trouble was everywhere for the Brothers. A big bust became pretty much inevitable, and in 1972 it came. “Between 1966 and 1971 the Brotherhood was virtually untouchable, but in the course of the investigation 750 members had been identified in a business the IRS estimated to be worth $200 million.” Such estimates tend to be inflated, but no matter, the BOEL Corporation was assessed over $70 million in back taxes. Which seems odd to me considering the feds had already granted them tax exempt status, but whatever. Members rolled over and turned one another in to avoid doing time. A government report estimated that the Brotherhood was held responsible for 50% of all the LSD and hash to be found in the United States.

By then much of the illegal activity had shifted to Europe, as personified by a mysterious figure named Ronald Stark, who flitted around the world under various false identities (multiple fake passports were a Brotherhood specialty). Still even the more professional gangster types couldn’t survive the crushing weight of indictments nor the near religious zeal the authorities exhibited in their pursuit. It wasn’t long before the Brotherhood was gone: dead, in prison or scattered to the wind, on the lam in the far flung areas of the globe.

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