Happy Birthday Meher Baba

Meher Baba was a bit disapointed with some of his followers in the West. He never understood why freethinkers, beatniks, beach bums, Bohemians, rock stars, hippies, and free spirits wanted to follow a Avatar, a God-man. Frankly, I don’t understand, either, so let us go exploring.

The first thing we are going to look at is the crisis in Middle East. It looks like the plug is about to be pulled, and a giant vortex is going to drag humanity down the drain. Israel wants a war with Iran. Will the religious zealots of Israel be on the frontline fighting – or will young folks in America do the dying? Looks like all spiritual paths – lead to hell! What I suggest, is an Exodus to Moy Mell for those who want Peace in the World.

Let us go where Jesus and his Disciples went – to oblivion! The idea of dropping out – has arrived again! Think of the Utopia that can be founded with all the millions given to politicians to lie and conduct a war of words? To see folks killing and dying in Afghanistan over burning words in a trash heap, says it all!

My kindred offered me a new Bible in 1987 after I returned from a three day gathering in Portland of Baba followers from all over the world. On Sunday, I nixed the idea of founding a religion around Baba, because he forbid this. In a rose garden on a Catholic University I spoke about a sient Divine Intuition spreading Baba’s message of Love and Peace. I quoted Baba who said;

“If you have need for more words, go back to established religions who have many words, but, you do not listen.”

I had never read the Bible, so I reached out my hand and took the Bible Michael Dundon gave me – and have wasted the last twenty four years of my life wondering WHAT BECAME OF THE WORDS OF JOHN THE BAPTIST, who Jesus called the “greatest prophet born of woman”? If that is true, then why can’t we read these prophetic words, like we can the other prophets of the Jews?

Well, we can, for I suspect Revelations is the prophecy that John authored, in part, and presented to his people when he was thirteen. Why is this truth hidden? Because, Revelations is the plug that keeps the brackish water in the stinking bathtub that is the three religions born of the Seed of Abraham! I pull the pug! Bon Voyage!

Come hither. Let us retire to Moy Mell, and be about the work of the poet, the bohemian, the hermit by the sea.

Behold – the kingdom of God!

Jon the Nazarite

Sam Cohen of Brooklyn, New York, was a seeker who had long been interested in spirituality and the path. He had joined the Theosophists before moving to California, where he first heard about Baba. Cohen had met him during Baba’s visit to Hollywood in 1932. Cohen lived halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in Oceano, a small town nestled along high sand dunes. After meeting Baba in Hollywood, Cohen sent a telegram inviting him to visit Oceano. Baba cabled back that he would visit soon and would be bringing eighteen people. Cohen’s small cottage was not large enough for everyone, but fortunately he was able to arrange accommodations a mile and a half away in Moy Mell at the home of Gavin Arthur, who was out of town.

Baba paid no special attention to Christmas Day. On December 26th, Baba, with the mandali, Norina, Elizabeth, Ruano, Nadine and the others, drove to Oceano in three cars and arrived at three-thirty in the afternoon. There were a few recluses or hermits living there, both men and women, who had given up the world to seek something higher than acquiring material possessions. Baba and the men mandali occupied a small hut on the property, and the women’s group stayed in two cottages or at Gavin Arthur’s house. It was quite cold at night but Sam Cohen, whose habits resembled a sadhu’s, merely wrapped a shawl around himself and covered himself with a blanket of newspapers for sleeping.

Baba granted interviews the next day to people who had heard of his visit. Dr. Rudolph Gerber and his wife were staying at the colony as was Marian Thorpe, who usually stayed in the cottage then being used by Baba. She helped look after the property at Oceano. A man named Hugo Seelig was interested in developing higher consciousness, and he met with Baba concerning this purpose. Baba explained certain aspects of lust, anger and greed, which Seelig had been confused about and wanted clarified.

That afternoon, all went to the beach with Baba. Due to the recent rain and high tides, the car got stuck in the sand. Baba walked on ahead while the car was pushed out. Baba and the group left Oceano at three-thirty in the afternoon to return to Hollywood.

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