Holy Vaginal Probes With Gag

On February 10 I posted Defending My President From New New Inquisition.


I had to restrain myself from commenting on the image above that went with my post. I wanted to point out the Catholic priests behind the glass, just incase the body of the victim explodes – and blood and excrement going flying! Boy! That’ll teach you to think outside the box – the confessional!

I wanted to put an image of a woman on this anal-splitter, it now a vagina-splitter. I wanted to point out the three pots on the ground that might catch a fetus or two that come popping out under great pressure. Boy! That’ll get the devil out of you.

I did point out that the Catholic Church has put mind prophylactic on all those who disagree with them.

Today, there are laws on the books in several states that allow RELIGIOUS SHAMING, TORTURE, AND RAPE – on top of silencing women who would testify in our Congress about the positive aspect of birth control.

I am a prophet. It is painful to be one, because who is going to believe your outrageous predictions. I have to be mad!

That’s what hurts. I am sane – and they are not! What kind of psychos would want to put on the holy cloth, and engage in a sick, oppressive holy peep show!

It now occurs to me, the priests behind the glass, do not like to hear the screams of their victims, they sensative to the sound of utter gore, the pleas for mercy? How then can they hear the confession? Oops!

Jon Presco

My ancestor, Gottschalk Rosemondt, is mentioned in several letter written by Erasmus who was being hounded by a famous Inquisitor. Rosemondt intervened, and appeared to be neutral in Charles Quint’s Inquistion aimed at stamping out the Protestant heresy. However, I suspect he was forced to join in on the Catholic Emperor’s desire to put a condom on the minds of folks who wanted a choice when it came to believing in Jesus Christ

Now, they’ve invited her to testify at their own unofficial hearing — and they say the Republicans won’t let them televise it.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is organizing a Democratic Steering and Policy Committee event on Thursday to allow Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student who tried to testify at last week’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, a chance to talk about the issue.

Pelosi aides say the House recording studio has denied a request to broadcast the event, “apparently” at the behest of the Republican-controlled Committee on House Administration.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill pointed to a July 2008 decision in which the committee lifted restrictions on use of the studio.

“If Chairman [Dan] Lungren has reversed this policy, he has done so in secret and not consulted with CHA Democrats,” Hammill said in an email. “This leaves us only to think that the House Republican leadership is acting out yet again to silence women on the topic of women’s health.”

Salley Wood, a spokeswoman for Republicans on the Committee on House Administration, said the policy wasn’t updated in 2008. Instead, she said the recording studio is operating under policies set in 2005.

Wood said the committee did not play a role in the decision not to broadcast this week’s hearing.

Pelosi’s office said this event is the first in which the studio has not covered a hearing or told Democrats that it couldn’t because of other commitments.

Research and common sense both tell us that mandatory ultrasounds cannot be what proponents claim they are, a harmless attempt to impart information to a woman to help with her decision on abortion. Research shows that women don’t change their minds after viewing an ultrasound, but go ahead with the abortion anyway. Common sense should tell you why. The only real way that an ultrasound imparts information is if a woman doesn’t know she’s pregnant. But women don’t seek abortions unless they’re pregnant. At most, ultrasounds tend to show women seeking abortions that the embryo/fetus is smaller and less formed than they’ve probably been led to believe. Except for the thoughtless and the dim, it’s clear that mandatory ultrasounds therefore cannot have anything to do with giving information, much less convincing women not to have abortions.
So what is it about, then? Pro-choicers have long figured it was a matter of putting up more obstacles for women who have abortions, but mostly it’s about punishment. Since they can’t ban abortion outright and therefore jail or at least fine women who have them, anti-choicers instead will write disingenuous laws that dish out punishment in the guise of concern. It’s the modern day version of putting someone in the stocks, shaming someone as punishment. Except the Puritans at least waited until after you did the forbidden thing; conservatives are going to

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/73132.html#ixzz1n4hU9knj

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