Roses and Maggots

My Rosamond kindred owned slaves in South Carolina – after they fought in the War of Independence so only white folks could be free of the maggots in Britain wearing corwns. My great, great, great grandfather, James Rosamond owned nine slaves – who worked for no wages! In theory, my kindred took the wages due their black slaves – and put it in their pockets. They did this when they sold slaves. They broke up families, they not applying Christian Family Values to men and women they believed were born inferior to them. However, Jean Rosamond allowed his slave, William, to choose his mast from his children. This is a choice Maggot Newt would cynically offer, while carrying Jesus’ cross to the food stamp office to drive out the hungry parasites!

The “Don’t tread on me.” flag has its roots in South Carolina. The Wilson folk mentioned below, my be kin to Joe Wilson who called our black President a “Liar”

Jon the Nazarite

Data Description:Will of James Rosamond
Submitter: Jimmy Rosamond
Date Posted:16 July 2001
File Size: 4 KB


“I, James Rosamond, leave to Mary, my wife, two Negro wenches, one
named Nellie and the other Charity, and likewise two Negro boys,
one named Ralph and the other named Sam. My wife shall also have
three horses: my brown borse and black gray and young bay mare as
well as the plantation tools. I also leave my whole stock of cattle
excepting two or three which I allow her to give to her son, James,
when she thinks he has occasion for them. I also leave to my wife
and children one-half of my hogs and sheep and the other half to be
sold. Likewise, I give to my wife all household furniture. My son,
Nathaniel, shall have my Negro, Smart, but that he shall be sold and
the money put to interest until he comes to age. Likewise to my son,
Nath, I give my part of a tract of 947 acres of land lying in Laurens
County on the waters of Saluda and Reedy Rivers near where Ruben
Piles, Esq. now lives.

Item: To my son, Thomas, I leave my Negro named George.

Item: To my son, Benjamin, I leave my Negro girl named Jenny.

Item: To my son, Samuel, I leave my Negro girl named Elon.

Item: To my daughter, Mary, I leave my Negro girl named Nancy.

Item: To my three sons, Thomas, Benjamin, and Samuel, I leave the
rest of my land; to be divided equally amongst them and to be given
to them as they come of age. I allow my wife to have use of it
while she lives, the tract of land that I now live on. On her
death, this land will be equally divided between Thomas, Benjamin
and Samuel.

Item: The Negro, Sam, that I purchased from George Welded and my
stills and all my other property not above mentioned, I desire
that they shall be sold at public sale to the highest bidder, except
one horse called my young bay and a saddle which I give to my wife’s
son, James Dahorty.

Item: At the death of my wife, the four Negroes that I leave her
shall be divided among my four sons: Nathaniel, Thomas, Benjamin
and Samuel. In the following manner to Nathaniel I leave Nell; to
Thomas I leave Charity; to Benjamin I leave Ralph and to Samuel I
leave Sam. My two sons, Nathaniel and Thomas, if their Negroes
should have any increase before she comes of age, shall makeup an
equal portion with one of themselves to my daughter, Mary.

Item: My will is that all monies arising from the sale of the above
mentioned, after paying all my debts, be equally divided between my
wife and four sons and a horse and saddle to my daughter, Mary, besides
her equal share with the rest.”

I do constitute and ordain Samuel Rosamond and James Watts executors
and Mary, my wife, executrix of my last will on July 15, 1795. Signed
and sealed in the presence of James Watts, William Norwood, Robert Ingram.

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 329, Box 80, Pkg 1949, Abbeville Co., SC.
Proven July 10, 1806.

Recorded date not available. A. Hamilton, O.A.D.


In 1790 Abbeville County, SC census for James Rosamond:

1 male and 1 female, age 40-50 years’
2 males under 16 years
9 slaves

A transcripted copy of his will is located in the SC Archives, Columbia, SC
under Abbeville County, Vol. 1, 1787-1815, page 441. An abstract of Rev.
War account is on file at Historical Commission in SC.

From: Jimmy Rosamond
Subject: Will of Jean Rosamond
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 18:50:57 -0700

Posted on: ROSAMOND Wills
Board URL:

Surname: Rosamond, Wilson, Hodges, Weems


11 JANUARY 1793

In the Name of God, amen I Jean Rosemond of Abbeville County being weak
in body but of a sound and dispossing mind and memory do make and ordain
this my last Will and Testament.
For way and manner following________that all my just debts be paid and
my funeral charges be satisfied Then that my brother Samuel shall have
my negro fellow named Will. Whilest he liveth and after his death I will
that the Sd Negro shall have the priviledge to chuse his own
master or mistress of the children of my Sd Brother Samuel. My mare called
Pleasure, my will is that Sarah My Brother Samuels wife shall have her.
Then I will that my Sister Margaret shall have the half of a piece of Cambrick
that I have and like wise that she shall have my mantle. Then to my cousin
Matthew Wilson, I will and bequeath a white
two year old heifer against _________ and one little orphan yearling. Then
my will and desire is that my Bed Bolster and Pillows blanket quilt and
two sheets cow heifer calf 2 steers & a bull & one white cow two yues and
two Rams My Books. What two_______and Whatever other property
I legally possess of not here mentioned be equally devided among my two
Brothers and two Sisters viz. Samuel Rosemond James Rosemond, Margaret
Weems, Sarah Hodges and to make and ordain My loveing Brother Samuel Rosemond
sole Executor of this my Last Will in witness where of I do set my hand
and seal this Eleventh Day of January in the year of our Lord
one thousand seven hundred and ninety three.


Jean X Rosemond

Signed and Sealed
In Presence of
James Waltz
Matthew Wilson

Agnes X Wilson

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