War Against Rome

Last Sabbath, December 17th. I posted on signs in the heaven in regards to Harry Truman saying “I am Cyrus!” I did not know about the comet Lovejoy. This is a prophetic post.

The sons of Queen Helena of Adiabeni are blamed by the Jewish historian and quisling, Joseph Flavius, for starting the rebellion of God’s People against the Slave Master of the World. Joseph wrote his version to counter the versions that come from the Freedom Fighters, and Nazarite Saints who have been practicing “innovations”. Jospeh does not discribe this new – way! Paul hunted these followers of
the New Way, and tortured them in order to get them to denounce “their Lord”

Jospehus says the Parthians came to help the Jews – ohly when they were offered gold and virgins. This is propganda from a man who had been adopted by the Roman Emperor.

Jon the Nazarite

Did the God of the Jews come to America in 1946, four days after Harry Truman founded the Nation of Israel and allowed the last Exodus to take place? On October 8,1946, a bright star appear over the city of Lost Angels. The majority of the Jews that live in Los Angeles, are Iranian (Persian) Jews. Six years ago, I placed the Shekinah on Santa Cruz Island – for safe keeping – until the hawks of Israel have had their day. God has made another way. Peace on Earth.
“What may have been the highlight of this event was the appearance of a large blue-white fireball over Southern California at 3:38 UT. Forsyth said it left a yellow train which lasted over three minutes. As the train drifted and became diffuse, it took on the shape of a horseshoe.”
It appears Cyrus the Great took to heart the praise from Yahweh, and worshipped Him, he and his Persian people watching over the Jews from afar, and looking for a sign another Savior (Horn) another Horn will be raised to deliver God’s Children from their enemy.
Did Meher Baba, the Persian, prepare the way for Yahweh in America?
Jon the Nazarite
Personal accounts of the 1946 Giacobinids are interesting. Several
friends of mine saw the display in 1946. Stan Mott of Ottawa, Canada
was up in North Bay, Ontario with the group led by Dr. Peter Millman.
He was the group’s official recorder – manually recording all the
observations! Mott said that there were so many meteors that they
just started watching specific areas, like the head of Draco. With
all the point meteors, he said that “it looked like the eyes were
just winking.” When asked if there were lots of both bright and faint
meteors, he said that most seemed to be about magnitude 2, but then
added that they gave up on anything fainter than about magnitude 3.
He said that there were a mixture of long and short meteors, and that
some had trains. Most of the meteors seemed to be white in color. He
said that it “really did look like a shower,” and that “the meteors
were coming fast and furious, with several at any instant.” It was
cold in North Bay, and they were all bundled up in heavy blankets. In
Stan’s words, they all looked like “Tibetan monks studying the stars
for omens… “

Now at the time when this great concussion of affairs happened, the affairs of the Romans were themselves in great disorder. Those Jews also who were for innovations, then arose when the times were disturbed; they were also in a flourishing condition for strength and riches, insomuch that the affairs of the East were then exceeding tumultuous, while some hoped for gain, and others were afraid of loss in such troubles; for the Jews hoped that all of their nation which were beyond Euphrates would have raised an insurrection together with them. The Gauls also, in the neighborhood of the Romans, were in motion, and the Geltin were not quiet; but all was in disorder after the death of Nero. And the opportunity now offered induced many to aim at the royal power; and the soldiery affected change, out of the hopes of getting money. I thought it therefore an absurd thing to see the truth falsified in affairs of such great consequence, and to take no notice of it; but to suffer those Greeks and Romans that were not in the wars to be ignorant of these things, and to read either flatteries or fictions, while the Parthians, and the Babylonians, and the remotest Arabians, and those of our nation beyond Euphrates, with the Adiabeni, by my means, knew accurately both whence the war begun, what miseries it brought upon us, and after what manner it ended.

Antigonus the Hasmonean was captured and taken to Rome in 63 B.C. He escaped and returned to Judea in 57 BC. After an unsuccessful attempt to oppose the Roman forces there, the senate released him but he refused to surrender his ancestral rights. After the death of his older brother Alexander, Antigonus claimed that his uncle Hyrcanus was a puppet in the hands of the Idumean Antipater and attempted to overthrow him with the help and consent of the Romans. He visited Julius Cæsar, who was in Syria in 47, and complained of the usurpation of Antipater and Hyrcanus. In 42, he attempted to seize the government of Palestine by force with the assistance of his brother-in-law, Ptolemy Mennei but was defeated by Herod.[1]
He gained the adherence of the aristocratic class in Jerusalem and the leaders of the Pharisees. The Parthians, who invaded Syria in 40, preferred to see an anti-Roman ruler on the throne of Palestine. When Antigonus promised them large sums of gold and five hundred female slaves besides, they put a troop of five hundred warriors at his disposal. Hyrcanus was sent to Babylon after suffering the mutilation of his ears, which rendered him unfit for the office of high priest. Herod fled from Jerusalem. In 40 CE Antigonus was officially proclaimed king and high priest by the Parthians. His three year reign was a continuous struggle.[2]

On Herod’s return from Rome in 39 he opened a campaign against Antigonus and laid siege to Jerusalem. In the spring of 38 Herod wrested control of the province of Galilee and eventually all of Palestine as far as Jerusalem. Due to the approach of winter, Herod postponed his siege of Jerusalem, where Antigonus and the remnants of his army took refuge, until spring. Herod was held off for 3-5 months, but famine led to surrender. Antigonus was taken to Antioch and executed,[3] ending Hasmonean rule.[4]
[edit] Death

A coin (Hendin 485) issued by Mattathias Antigonus circa 40 BCE featured a Menorah Obv: Menorah with Greek inscription “Basileus Antignus” (King Antignus) Rev: Table (Shulchon) with Hebrew inscription “Matisyahu HaKohen” (Matisyahu the High Priest).
Josephus states that Marc Antony beheaded Antigonus (Antiquities, XV 1:2 (8-9). Roman historian Dio Cassius says he was crucified. Cassius Dio’s Roman History records: “These people [the Jews] Antony entrusted to a certain Herod to govern; but Antigonus he bound to a stake and scourged, a punishment no other king had suffered at the hands of the Romans, and so slew him.”[5] In his Life of Antony, Plutarch claims that Antony had Antigonus beheaded, “the first example of that punishment being inflicted on a king.”[6]
[edit] Recent Archaeology
In 1971, bulldozers removing earth in Jerusalem for a construction project uncovered a tomb with an inscription that, according to some scholars, indicates that this was the tomb of King Antigonus, the last Hasmonean king.[7]
[edit] In Popular Culture
Author Robert Graves in his historical fiction novel King Jesus presents Hasmonean King Antigonus as the father of Mary the mother of Jesus, i.e., the maternal grandfather of Jesus Christ. Graves claimed to have proof supporting this association but never published said evidence. Author Joseph Raymond in his book Herodian Messiah attempts to provide a case for Jesus as the grandson of King Antigonus.[8]

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