War Against Rome

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Last Sabbath, December 17th. I posted on signs in the heaven in regards to Harry Truman saying “I am Cyrus!” I did not know about the comet Lovejoy. This is a prophetic post.

The sons of Queen Helena of Adiabeni are blamed by the Jewish historian and quisling, Joseph Flavius, for starting the rebellion of God’s People against the Slave Master of the World. Joseph wrote his version to counter the versions that come from the Freedom Fighters, and Nazarite Saints who have been practicing “innovations”. Jospeh does not discribe this new – way! Paul hunted these followers of
the New Way, and tortured them in order to get them to denounce “their Lord”

Jospehus says the Parthians came to help the Jews – ohly when they were offered gold and virgins. This is propganda from a man who had been adopted by the Roman Emperor.

Jon the Nazarite


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