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Early this morning I created the domain ROSAMONDPUBLICATIONS.COM

In theory I am continuing the Family Partnership founded by Christine Rosamond Benton, Victoria Mary, and Victor Presco. According to the partnership agreement, surviving members of the partnership can carry on – go forward!

Yesterday, Vicki told me she is out of the art business, and does not want to do what Shannon Rosamond recently suggested, that Vicki and I take over the business of selling her mother’s beautiful images now that Stacey Pierrot has no right to market them. Drew Benton and Shannon Rosamond now have legal rights to these images that Pierrot had control of. There is a question as to whether my two nieces can come together and put aside their differences in order to go forward and realize the profits their mother intended for them – just them!

To this end, I offer to market the four images that Rosamond rendered for this family partnership. What I suggest is that the four images be reduced in number, and a Family certificate of authenticity be applied to all sales via Rosamond Publications. I will apply my Seal of Approval, even sign unsigned prints with a combination of our family names – JOHN ROSAMOND.

Several of Christine Rosamond’s fans have asked me how they own a ROSAMOND, and make sure Christine’s daughters are getting the proceeds. I am positive that Christine only wanted her children to realize a profit from the art she left them in her Legacy. This plan allows Rosamond’s loyal fans to fulfill her Last Wishes. Rosamond Publications was a partnership outside the Probate.

What I suggest is that all but a thousand partnership prints be destroyed in order to create a viable market that hopefully will be integral to collectors and investors in Rosamond’s work. A fixed price should be applied that is agreeable to Drew, Shannon, and my daughter, Heather Hanson, who came to own some of these prints via her grandfather’s investment of his mother’s legacy that Melba once intended for all four Presco grandchildren.

Here is the opportunity for Melba’s three great granddaughters to go forward and realize monies that would be a great help to them in these hard times. For instance: If you set the price of the prints at $250 dollars, then we are looking at a legacy worth $250,000 thousand dollars. This could mean the three granddaughter could receive $80,000 dollars apiece. The remaining $10,000 will go to expenses and possible marketing of the other Rosamond images, that will also be Family Certified. This does not mean these images will sell. This is a plan that will attempt to establish sane expectations, and hopefully like the Vincent Rice Trust, put money in the hands of family members so they can realize their dreams.

Shannon, Drew, and Heather are artists. There are Rosamond fans who want to see their art, want to see our family do well. Folks want to be a part of our dream. This is what makes Art valuable. Those born with a Gift are the designers and builders of our boats that take all of humanity forward, into a creative world that gives hope to us all. Now that Rosamond’s Legacy is back in her family, we can now design and build the vessel Christine always had in mind, when just after she became world famous, she made me a sincere offer to teach me her style so I could be famous too, so I would no longer be dirt-poor, so I would no longer be an Anonymous, but an integral Artist with money, whose vision, and Love of Art and the Truth, inspired my beloved sister, for Art was my religion.

Never in the annals of Art has such a generous offer been made. Who would consider such a thing? These are the profound considerations that Christine Rosamond weighed, he artistic identity but an infant in a realm she knew very little about.

I turned down Christine’s amazing offer, for I didn’t know what to do with it – and I knew much about Art. It is the one thing in my life I regret, not that I would be “rich too” but that she went to our parents for help, and they were happy at our falling out, they not once inquiring what had gone wrong between us, they instead exploiting the rent in our loving bond till the day they died. This bond was the most valuable thing I owned. Christine were more then allies in a abusive home, we were like Love Parents who forever tried to nurture our family. Not only were we the housekeeper and cook, we were creative and imaginative, we were Healers!

This is the bond I will bring to light in my story ‘Artist Anonymous’ becasue I truly believed if I took Christine up on her offer, our bond would soon come to and end. Being born in the world at the same time, from the same womb, was one of the bests things that ever happened to me. Vicki told me Christine wanted to see me again near the end of her success, for the reason she had come to the same conclusion.

In the final Divorce granted Rosemary, “Extreme Cruelty” was cited as the reason why these two had to separate. Though sperated, they used their children and grandchildren as conduits of the continuing cruelty. When I got sober in 1987, I sent a long letter pleading with my siblings to get their throw-away children back, because, “IT WAS BOTH OF THEM!”

The days of the imprisoned Child Jurors – is over! The Presco Divorce – is over! Forgive Melba, and look to June and Vinnie Rice as parents, and grandparents – who loved you!

Now that Stacey Pierrot is out of the way, I will give THE ANTIDOTE to the poison that kept Christine and I apart. If my gift should produce a book, a movie, a television series, then I will take %25 percent for my self, and gift %25 percent in a Trust to Shannon, Drew, and Heather so they can launch their boats across the pond, and alas arrive in a happier homeland.

Rosamond Publications will also publish Royal Rosamond’s and my poetry.

I am willing to spend up to $1,000 dollars to have my attorney (who handled the Rice Trust) draw up an agreement, and $500 dollars for a renowned genealogist prove the Benton connection to the Royal Stewarts, and the Windors. How many world famous artists have royal connections? Christine made a brilliant marriage, but, I believe their was a Guiding Hand, from a Higher Power, at work here. Family members can now help author the end of Rosamond’s story. Like I told my daughter when all looked lost;

“All’s well, that ends well!”



John Presco

Presdient: Royal Rosamond Press

The child plays
The toy boat sailsacrossthe pond
The wrok now has just begun
Oh child
Look what you have done.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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