Letter From Charlottenburg

Folks who met the Prescos sensed there was an air of nobility around us. For some reason we felt special, and others treated us such.

On this site you will find the Stuttmeister Villa in the Pankow area of Berlin near, or in, Charlottenburg. It was a very exclusive area where the very rich had homes. The address of Villa Pohl is No.1 Esplanade St. which is Berlin Way on the marriage certificate of Frederick William Stuttmeister. We knew next to nothing of our this history. I believe in genetic memory.


The cremated remains of Alice and William Broderick are in Oakland.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

Charlottenburg is a locality of Berlin within the borough of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, named after Queen consort Sophia Charlotte (1668–1705). It is best known for Charlottenburg Palace, the largest surviving royal palace in Berlin, and the adjacent museums.

Charlottenburg was an independent city to the west of Berlin until 1920 when it was incorporated into “Groß-Berlin” (Greater Berlin) and transformed into a borough. In the course of Berlin’s 2001 administrative reform it was merged with the former borough of Wilmersdorf becoming a part of a new borough called Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. Later, in 2004, the new borough’s districts were rearranged, dividing the former borough of Charlottenburg into the localities of Charlottenburg proper, Westend and Charlottenburg-Nord. In addition, Charlottenburg features a number of popular kiezes.

The Stuttmeisters were Teutonic Knights

“1874 were put on the road by the owner of manor Stuttmeister
(Charlottenburg), probably this terrain belonged. On the map of 1877
the route is drawn in still without names.”

The marriage cirtificate of William Stuttmeister says they lived on
Berlin Way. The main road through Charlottenburg castle was called
the road to Berlin. I was told the Stuttmeisters owned a great
estate in Berlin. It appears Charlottenburg Castle was built on the
Stuttmeister estate where Trekhener horses were long raised for the
King of Prussia and his wife Charlotte Stewart. Vic’s mother’s
middle name was Charlotte.

The Rosenbergs were from Prussia also.


This link will take you to “The Divivion of the Roses” and Rose
Knights of Rosenberg.


Here is the Stutenmeister province of Estonia no doubt founded by a
family connected with the Teutonic Knights from which we descend.
Were we Knight Templars before that, it said they fled into this
Teutonic order?


“The Teutonic Knights ruled Livonia until the 16th century. These
peasants farmed for German Nobility who maintained ownership of land
even after Sweden occupation. Peasants paid a percentage of their
crop and their labor as taxes.”

Stuttmeister 1874 have in such a way
to designate this road put on by him.”


Pankow, local parts Prenzlauer mountain, Pankow
Process it runs from citizen of Berlin to dolomite road.

Name off after 1877

On behalf of explanation Esplanade, term from the French for a large
free space or free area, as one finds it between house lines or
between attachments and the appropriate city.

Esplanade 1
– historische Ansicht als “Villa Pohl” –
Die Häuser Esplanade 1 bis 3 waren um 1890
die einzigen bebauten Grundstücke derStraße.

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    Why was this area set aside. My father’s mother was given the middle name Charlotte. ““1874 were put on the road by the owner of manor Stuttmeister
    (Charlottenburg), probably this terrain belonged. On the map of 1877
    the route is drawn in still without names.”

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