Garden Child

Above are photos taken in Rosemary’s garden in Reseda. These are her Garden Grandchildren, Cean, Mark Presco’s son, and Shannon, Christine Presco’s daughter. Cean became the subject of one of Rosamond’s prints ‘Garden Child’

Christine was not an artist, and had no intention of becoming one. This was the idea of Michael Dundon, the brother of James Dundon, a twenty six year old Vietnam Vet who married Vicki Presco when she was fifteen. Jim exploited my younger sister, her friends, and myself. He put us to work in his home making leather goods when we came visit our friend and our sister. Coming from Rhode Island, he could not believe his good fortune to find a family of lazy Eloy, native California Flower Children who just adored their Bohemian Brother who hung with real Hippes up North.

I was just carrying on family traditions brought over from Bohemia by Wensel Prescowitz.

After being kidnapped by Michael to his mother Rose’s home in Rhode Island to work on his leather business, and after it never got off the ground, Michael encouraged Christine to take up art. Perhaps this was the creative means to support them both?

Consider the lilies of the field. Rosemary grew a whole lot of daisys, so her flower children could graze upon them til their hearts content whe we came to visit. These were our Salad Days, when were poor, unfamous, but, we loved each other, dearly!

That is Patty Presco, Mark’s wife, and Cindy Blake, my girlfriend, in the pool.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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