Boycott Jack

It’s time for another Three’s Company spin-off.

Boycott Jack


John Presco


Jack Trippy can’t find a cheap appartment in Orlando. He’s assured a job at the library if he can relocate from Santa Monica California. He moves into a woman’s only abode – after he dresses in drag! Things go great until he realizes – he is more woman than man! He stops dating these sexy dishes and protests about the Governor of Florida banning books from the library. He get’s on the news. The Governor bans him from going to Disneyworld. He can not go on the Governor’s toll roads – to the Land of Make Believe!

Jack gets a job on a left-leaning news show where he reveals he is a Transvestite. His two roommates are torn. One is a blond MAGA airhead. The other is a Liberal Bernieite. Their friends clash when they have a party or Bar-B-Que. There is a call to boycott Jack’s show. At the end of the first season, Jack goes to the hospital to have a sex change.

There will be gust appearances by Bernie Sanders and Ron DeSantis. Jack will be groomed and wooed to replace Tucker Carlson on Fox who made him an offer he can’t refuse. He is torn. He has integrity – and values. He has strange conversations with his imaginary friend, his conscience, played by Tucker Carlson. Disney counters this offer. They want Jack to be a Artifical Intelligence Micky. Half human, and half mouse. Jack is torn – some more!

“Can I be……Minnie Mouse?”


Florist Janet Wood and secretary Chrissy Snow live in Santa Monica, sharing a multi-bedroom apartment with their roommate Eleanor. When Eleanor decides to move out, culinary school student Jack Tripper crashes her going-away party at the apartment and is found by Janet and Chrissy the next morning, passed out in the bathtub. Needing someone to cover Eleanor’s share of the rent, the women offer to let Jack move in with them and he quickly accepts so that he can have a place to stay other than the local YMCA.

However, overbearing landlord Stanley Roper refuses to allow unmarried men and women to live together in his apartment. He allows Jack to move in only after Janet tells him that Jack is homosexual. Although Stanley’s wife Helen quickly figures out that Jack is straight, she trusts him with the girls and keeps the secret from Stanley, who tolerates Jack but mocks him. Frequently siding with the three roommates instead of her husband, Helen’s bond with them grows through the couple’s departure, leading into the spin-off The Ropers.

Jack continues the charade when new building manager Ralph Furley takes over the apartment complex because Mr. Furley insists that his hard-nosed brother Bart (the building’s new owner) would also never tolerate such living situations. Jack eventually meets a love interest, Vicky Bradford, which leads into Three’s a Crowd.

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