DeSantis Uses My Families Party To Gain Untraditional Power

Trust & Verify: Florida is one of the top 5 states for banned books

Ron DeSantis claims he owns many State and Religious rights to make all the States over in his image. because HE IS RESTORING TRADITIONS. His rule and edicts are Anti-Fremont and destroy everything the Republican Party – stood for! After Trump destroyed my families party, here comes THE CARPETBAGGER! Ron has planned a trip to Israel to claim the Messiahship that Donald enjoyed. I anticipate Ron will unveil his Christianized plan for America. How will the Jews of Israel respond to his TRADITIONAL BOOK BANNING?

GET OUT! Form own party!

John Presco.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to “make America Florida.”

As the Republican gears up for a likely presidential run, we created this guide to current legislative proposals in the Sunshine State that offer a lens into his vision for the country.

How DeSantis became Florida’s most powerful governor in a generation

The bills cover topics such as permitting gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without a license and eliminating funding for diversity and equity initiatives in state universities.

The speed with which the state legislature has already passed several DeSantis-backed proposals shows how he has consolidated power in Florida’s Capitol.

If you believe Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis would be a less dangerous presidential candidate than former president Donald Trump, take a moment to consider the recent ruling striking down DeSantis’s “Stop WOKE Act.” That opinion — as well as other rulings against his attempts to inhibit dissent — makes clear that DeSantis is just as willing as Trump to embrace the GOP’s authoritarian element and use state power to punish his enemies.

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To recap, the Stop WOKE Act — also perversely known as the Individual Freedom Act — is the Orwellian scheme that DeSantis signed into law earlier this year to muzzle the candid discussion of race and racism in classrooms and the workplace. As U.S. District Judge Mark E. Walker explains in his opinion, “The law officially bans professors from expressing disfavored viewpoints in university classrooms while permitting unfettered expression of the opposite viewpoints.” He dryly continued, “Defendants argue that, under this Act, professors enjoy ‘academic freedom’ so long as they express only those viewpoints of which the State approves.”

DeSantis, in attempting to curtail the discussion of political positions of which he disapproves, followed in a long line of authoritarians who have attempted to paint dissent as dangerous and, therefore, unprotected.

Freedom means the government bans something new every day. Just ask the newest rising star in the Party of Small Government—at least according to very savvy politico types—Florida Governor Ronald DeSantis. He cut his teeth as a national figure by styling his state as the last bastion of human freedom in the United States during the pandemic, a place where the government wouldn’t make you do anything ever. But DeSantis is almost inevitably going to run for president, and now that the pandemic is finished as a public policy issue, he needs some grand public gestures to get him into the news cycle and onto the Fox News airwaves on a regular basis. It’s certainly more fun than talking about his record on Medicare and Social Security. Enter the bans.

Below, you’ll find a list of things whose banning the Florida governor championed or carried out directly. As you reach a new subject, remember that you’ve taken another stride towards true freedom.


PEN America compiled a list of 176 books that were removed from classrooms in Duval County, Florida, last year because they fell afoul of new laws passed by the Florida legislature and signed by DeSantis. ABC News reports that upwards of 1 million books are now under review in that jurisdiction, home to Jacksonville: “There are approximately 1.6 million titles in our classroom and media center libraries that need to be reviewed by a certified media specialist,” said Tracy Pierce of Duval County Public Schools. These “media specialists” are incentivized to err on the side of banning a book because of vague criteria—more on that below—and fear of stiff punishments if they fail to ban all the right books. There are widespread reports of teachers removing or covering up their classroom book collections.

Titles that have been caught up in these reviews include books on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, “Queen of Salsa” Celia Cruz, and baseball legends Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente. (County officials have said the latter two are back on shelves.) When asked about the Clemente book, DeSantis said, “Roberto Clemente? I mean, seriously. That’s politics,” which is accurate in a way. These books require investigation because they supposedly run afoul of three fresh laws: The “Stop W.O.K.E.” Act, the Parental Rights in Education law, and House Bill 1467, which focuses on books alleged to contain “pornographic” or otherwise “inappropriate” content.

Traditional Radical Republicans

Posted on May 4, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party into the Twilight Zone. We the People are guessing what reality is, and are afraid of what our President will do next. Come back to Reality! Come back to your roots! I am running for President as Radical Republican who fought Jim Crow in the defeated South, and helped elect former slaves to office.

Joseph Biden, the Vice President who served our Nation’s first Black President, said that Jim Crow is coming back. For this reason I encourage White and Black voters in the Southern Red States -whose votes do no good in the Presidential contest – to vote for me  so we can create a viable faction in the Abolition party founded to fight slavery. We want a voice at the Republican Conventions! We want to fight Jim Crow from within the party that has been taken over by Neo-Confederates – Trump refuses to condemn! That megalomaniac is destroying traditional values – that made America Great!

John G. Presco

Presidential Candidate for the Traditional Radical Republicans.

Radical Republicans Then and Now

Posted on August 22, 2012 by Royal Rosamond Press

Before the Civil War Radical Republicans were against the systematic rape and breeding of black slaves, anything that looked like Christian family values denied them – along with voter’s rights. Imagine being a fifteen year old black slave who has just been raped by your white master, or the male slave he chose for you to breed with in order to produce a stronger worker. Would you want to abort that baby who will be born a slave – and nearly worked to death? Would your master punish you for even considering not being pro-life? If other black mothers conspired to abort their babies would their slave master try to make this conspiracy against State Law, it now an act of treason to not want to give birth to slaves that the economy of the south depends upon?

Fremont’s Radical Republicans

Posted on July 14, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press

Kettle Creek Battlefield Marker

The Rosamond family fought alongside the radical ‘Swamp Fox’ Francis Marion, in our Revolutionary War. John Fremont tops the list of Radical Republicans who did not take to Lincoln, and was the real force behind freeing slaves in the Land of the Free. Senator Thomas Hart Benton freed the Oregon Territory from British Rule. The settlers Benton encouraged to go West, carried with them the history of Francis Marion who drove the British out of the Northwest. There is a county named after Benton.

With the marriage of Christine Rosamond Presco, to Garth Benton, there are genealogical ties to Oregon’s core history. Add to this the woolen mill in Salem, then one beholds the birth of the Free Enterprise System in the West where Fremont and the Radical Republicans prepared a way for Free Blacks.
When you add the fact Anthony Hodges located, and did a genealogy of my ancestors in the South who fought for the Confederacy, then one beholds the core radical revolution and cultural battle that rages in our Democracy.

Above is a Kettle Creek monument showing that Samuel Roseman was an officer.

Jon Presco

Secular-Socialist Foundation of Zion

Posted on December 21, 2011 by Royal Rosamond Press

It was radical socialist Jews, who belonged to sports clubs, that founded the state of Israel, and not Rabbis or a Messiah. The only person giving the title ‘Messiah’ was Harry Truman, a Democrat. The group that gets most of the credit is the Israelitische Turnverein, a group of Jewish gymnasts who were expelled from the Berlin Turnverien. My Stuttmeiser, Janke kinfolk were members of the Tunrverein, and were radical Forty-Eighters who are also give credit for the founding of Israel. These Forty-Eighters made up John Fremont’s and Jessie Benton’s bodyguard. The Freemasons are here. Other clubs that followed were named after “Bar Kochba” who was seen as a Messiah until he failed to drive the Romans out of Judea. His name was changed to “Simon bar Kozeba” (Hebrew: בר כוזיבא‎, “Son of lies” or “Son of deception”).

Whne you add it all up, for some strange reason my kindred are right there at the center of the Zionist controversy that has overcome the Republican Party, all but destroying it. The Zionist Evangelicals – disguised as Patriots – have brought our Democracy to a halt. In order to keep the focus on them, budgets are not going to be passed. Millions will be hurt financially. These religious fanatics use our Federal Taxes like a secular tithe in order to spread their propaganda that backs the Hawks of Israel. The only thing that keeps them hidden in the wings, is they have failed to capture the White House. When they do, the Capitol building that houses the Senate and Congress, will be turned into the Evangelical Vatican. They do these things because they know their cosmology is not tenable, is based on delusions and lies. They are Decietful Parasites looking for a legitimate host. This is why I registered as a Republican two years ago.

Get out of the Republican Party founded by my kindred. Form you own party.

Jon the Nazarite

As early as the 19th century, Jewish sports clubs were founded in Eastern and Central Europe. The first club was the Israelite Gymnastic Association Constantinople (German: Israelitischer Turnverein Konstantinopel) founded in 1895 in Constantinople, Turkey by Jews of German and Austrian extraction who had been rejected from participating in other social sport clubs. Two years later, haGibor was formed in Philipople, Bulgaria and 1898 saw the founding of Bar Kochba Berlin along with Vivó és Athletikai Club in Budapest, Hungary.
Other clubs that followed were named after “Bar Kochba” or Hebrew names such as “Hakoah” or “Hagibor” that symbolized strength and heroism. One of the basic premises behind the founding of these clubs was Jewish Nationalism. The concept was that Jews were not only a religious entity, but also one based on a common historical and social background, having special cultural and psychological concepts that have been preserved to this day, resulting in a strong recognition of collective belonging.
In 1906, the first Jewish gymnastics club was formed in Palestine. Clubs later would spring up in other cities. By 1912, all of them joined the Maccabi Federation of Israel. That same year, the first relations were established between them and their European counterparts, when a decision was taken at the Maccabi Conference in Berlin to begin group trips to Palestine.

Simon bar Kokhba (Aramaic: שמעון בר כוכבא‎, also transliterated as Bar Kochba) was the Jewish leader of what is known as the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Roman Empire in 132 CE, establishing an independent Jewish state of Israel which he ruled for three years as Nasi (“Ruler”). His state was conquered by the Romans in 135 following a two-year war.
Documents discovered in the modern era[1] give us his original name, Simon ben Kosiba, (Hebrew: שמעון בן כוסבא‎) he was given the surname Bar Kokhba, (Aramaic for “Son of a Star”, referring to the Star Prophecy of Numbers 24:17, “A star has shot off Jacob”) by his contemporary, the Jewish sage Rabbi Akiva.
After the failure of the revolt, the rabbinical writers referred to bar Kokhba as “Simon bar Kozeba” (Hebrew: בר כוזיבא‎, “Son of lies” or “Son of deception”).

Despite the devastation wrought by the Romans during the First Jewish-Roman War (66–73 CE), which left the population and countryside in ruins, a series of laws passed by Roman Emperors provided the incentive for the second rebellion. The last straw was a series of laws enacted by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, including an attempt to prevent Jews from living in Jerusalem; a new Roman city, Aelia Capitolina, was to be built in its place. The second Jewish rebellion took place 60 years after the first and re-established an independent state lasting three years. For many Jews of the time, this turn of events was heralded as the long hoped for Messianic Age. The excitement was short-lived, however; after a brief span of glory, the revolt was eventually crushed by the Roman legions.

A complete Roman legion with auxiliaries was annihilated. The new state knew only one year of peace. The Romans committed no fewer than twelve legions, amounting to one third to one half of the entire Roman army, to reconquer this now independent state. Being outnumbered and taking heavy casualties, the Romans refused to engage in an open battle and instead adopted a scorched earth policy which reduced and demoralized the Judean populace, slowly grinding away at the will of the Judeans to sustain the war.

The first all Jewish gymnastic club was formed in 1895 known as the
Israelitische Turnverein Konstantinopel (Israelite Gymnastic
Association Constantinople), it was formed by German and Austrian
Jews residing in Constantinople (Istanbul – Kushta) who were
unwelcome at the German gymnastic societies with their “Aryan –
only” membership proclivities.

Modeling themselves on the very German organization which had barred
them, they adopted the slogan of the vigorous, devout, cheerful and

Another milestone in the formation of the Jewish sport movement
occurred at a meeting of the permanent committee of the Second
Zionist Congress held in Basel in 1898. Dr. Max Nordau made an
impassioned plea for a Muscular Judaism noting that “We Jews possess
an exceptional gift for physical activity. It may by that this will
appear paradoxical since we have been accustomed for generations to
view ourselves in the mirror which our enemies have held up to so,
and to discover any number of physical blemishes. It is true that
our muscles have been weakened and that our attitudes and postures
are not always satisfactory… but when Jews do engage in sport their
defects vanish, their postures improve, their muscles become strong
and their general health gets better”. Similarly, Herzl stressed
that the derisive term coined by the anti-Semites, Judenjungen (akin
to “Jewboy”), should be reversed in both form and content, and give
way to the meritorious appellation Junge Juden (Young Jew).

Following Herzl’s and Nordau’s call, many clubs were quickly
organized. This nascent movement received an immeasurable boost with
the appearance in 1900 of the first periodical dedicated entirely to
Jewish sport, Die Juedische Turanzeitung, which was the official
publication of the pre-eminent Jewish gymnastic club, Juedische
Turnverein Bar Kochba – Berlin.

Bolstered by the newspaper’s daring proclamation, the by now
numerous Jewish gymnastic clubs banded together in 1903 under the
umbrella organization of Die Juedische Turnerschaft (Jewish
Gymnastic Association) with headquarters in Berlin. The constitution
of Die Juedische Turnerschaft permitted membership to every Jewish
gymnastic club that accepted that “the aim of the society is to
foster gymnastics as a medium to build up physical fitness as part
of the Jewish National Idea.”

On the fourth of May [1856] the regular annual festival of the Turnverein Association of San Francisco took place, with all the usual accompaniments of music, dancing, gymnastics, oratory, eating and drinking. The festival, which was inaugurated by a procession of the Society to welcome their brother Turners from the interior, lasted three days, and everybody passed off in the most orderly and agreeable manner. The gymnastic performances were excellent, and formed a large portion of the ceremonies.

The celebration of the “May festival,” although in the United States it is conducted under the control of the Turnverein Association, is a national festival in which all the Germans partake, and which is celebrated throughout all Germany. The origin of the Turner Association, which has now become so large and so important a one among our German citizens, was a political one. Germany is divided into thirty-six different States, with as many Governments of a despotic nature, and many of them hostile to each other.

Young Germany, deeply imbued with the spirit of freedom, has been for a long time anxious to throw off these yokes, and unite under one liberal, consolidated Government; but the rulers, in order to prevent this, have forbidden all assemblies or associations for political purposes, under heavy penalties. In order to avoid this prohibition an enthusiastic republican named Jahn made the meeting and associations for gymnastic exercises the occasion for the spread of democratic doctrines, and the Turnverein (or gymnastic association,) soon spread and grew into importance wherever Germans are found. This association now exists in, and exercises a great influence over the whole German population.

There is no secrecy about the association, neither is there any direct connection between the different associations, although a Turner of any one city considers himself, to all intents and purposes, a member of the Turnverein of any other city.

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