Adam Schiff Did Not Weaponize God’s Justice System

There were other Chinese balloons. It is clear this blog is dedicated to Military and Espionage topics in regards to protecting and preserving the Creative Bohemian lifestyle that has been the enemy of despots and dictators. General Jiryl Zorthian is the Living James Bond, and representative of the Bohemian Nations that are under attack.


WASHINGTON, Feb 6 (Reuters) – A senior U.S. general responsible for bringing down a Chinese spy balloon said on Monday the military had not detected previous spy balloons before the one that appeared on Jan. 28 over the United States and called it an “awareness gap.”

The Pentagon said over the weekend that Chinese spy balloons had briefly flown over the United States at least three times during President Donald Trump’s administration and one previously under President Joe Biden.

A screenshot of Sarah Beth Clendaniel dressed in military gear and holding a large gun is shown.
Accused Maryland woman Sarah Beth Clendaniel.
Screenshot: U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland

A neo-Nazi leader and a Maryland woman planned to attack electrical substations, which form the interface between the distribution grid and transmissions systems, around Baltimore in an attempt to permanently “lay this city to waste,” according to the FBI.

Authorities arrested Sarah Beth Clendaniel, a 34-year-old woman from Maryland, and Brandon Clint Russell, a 27-year-old from Florida who leads his local neo-Nazi group, on Feb. 3 and charged them with conspiracy to destroy an energy facility. In the unsealed criminal complaint, the FBI presented evidence of the duo’s extensive plans to carry out the attack, including securing weapons and specifying substations they wanted to target.

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“That means Barr could potentially reveal intelligence shared with the US by other countries related to Russian election meddling and, in the process, risk damaging those critical relationships with foreign partners. The United Kingdom and Australia are members of the critical so-called Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, rounded out by the United States, New Zealand and Canada.”

My Muse woke me early again, and set me to work on how Representative Adam Schiff could be rewarded for his Courageous Love of Democracy. I shoved aside the Presidential Medal. It was not enough. Becoming a Senator of California is what he says he wants, but, every time I see Adam, and hear his words, I know I am looking at a man who believes in God’s Justice, and His Love of Truth, is the Cornerstone of all Democracies.

I turned on MSNBC news…

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