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I was hoping to finish my painting The Hill on the 6th. but there was more drama. With Kevin’s shout out to Trump, and the Speaker saying Trump put him over the top, we have another invasion of the Insurrectionists. I have to admit my role in the Republican Party has become a cultural event. I can barely keep up – as new history is made! The hypocrisy in our Capitol – is over the top! It has been captured on film. We saw The Swamp at work. I know a million Seniors – are in shock! They see themselves rolled out of their sick bed – on to the street – as the Moral Panic increases!


The Rise of The Two Witnesses

With the light apparition in my painting ‘The Guardians of The Voice’ I have been led to look at the Two Witnesses in Revelations who may have been the men in white at Jesus’ tomb. Owning a near-death experience, I will go into a realm few can follow.

Seer John

The Resurrection of the Two Witnesses

In the previous article we saw God’s two anointed witnesses: the Word of God and the Spirit of God, be totally disrespected by the spirit of hypocrisy. This type of total disrespect will kill the ability of any true conviction upon sinners. Consequently sinners will have no fear to become religious hypocrites who call themselves “Christian”.

Rosamond Press

Here are the models for……The Guardian Voice of Our Choice

I was looking for a way to reverse the images of the two women that were credited with saving the ballot boxes, but, in truth they were bringing them to the Senate Chamber. This video shows the women facing in the direction I want. I choose the two blonde women In Black for reasons that will remain mute for I want my painting to speak volumes.

John Presco

(1) Congressional Aides Rescued Electoral College Ballot Box – YouTube

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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