Nazarite Prophets Will Try Ginni Thomas and The Wicked Signers

The New Inquisition is here!

Rosamond Press

File:Jacob de Wit - Moses elects the Council of Seventy Elders - Google Art Project.jpg

EXTRA! Ten minutes after I posted this, I reread it in my easy chair. ALL OF A SUDDEN – I owned the answer to a question I have been looking for thirty-five years. I surmised that Jesus died on the cross as a Nazarite, and his vow was broken on purpose in order to fulfill a prophecy. What prophecy? WELL, here it is. Right before OUR EYES! Jesus was fulfilling the wish of Moses, that all the Lord’s people become prophets. Jesus – AND HIS FATHER – anointed The Twelve PROPHETS who took the Vow of the Nazarites. So be it! Ask and thou shall receive!

“I thirst!”

I have long believed Jesus and Moses founded and reborn a Democratic Theocracy. Now – I have proof. No Christian Nationalist can use any of my discoveries.

“But Moses replied, “Are you jealous on my account? I wish that all the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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