Jack Frosty’ s Day

I woke up with a vision of where Victoria and Starfish go when they land in Portland at 1:00 A.M. They go to an old blimp hanger owned by Jack Day, a vicious Prosecutor from Brooklyn, who put allot of Cool People in prison for smoking grass. When Oregon made pot legal, he had an epiphany. He moved to to Portland to create the coolest place on earth.

Because I am 36 years clean and sober, I debated if I would write this chapter. Then I remember my muse, Alina Timo, who I have not checked-out in months. She had me laughing in bed, because she can do all the things – I no longer do! I can not say – can’t do. I am just a kiss away.

At Frosty’s hangar, the once Coldest Dude in American, holds dances, where amateurs rehearse a number, get a lesson from a pro – then they are on! This is like Stomp the Yard. Starfish is recognized by a woman she danced with at Wayne Morris Square, and is given a lead in…..Born!

Here is a video of Alina saying she is too high in public, and needs to go home. Ms. Timo has a unique form of Honesty, that borders on being completely phony. She could give lessons on how to be a Complete Phony. I love this being! She is a member of the Bond Family. Born with a silver spoon in her pouting lips, but, she doesn’t know it – yet!

John Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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