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I awoke and lie in bed thinking of inventing a word that would describe some of my writing, especially The Royal Janitor. This is how – real writers awake – I guess. Sounds good.

I own reservations about going after Phil Knight and Christine Drazan, because they are BOTH powerful people now that they are – A TEAM! I employ MY TEAM, my fictional characters, whose business is to look into other people’s business, and assess if they are – THE ENEMY! Both people entered the WORLD OF POLITICS that reached a NEW LOW with the false and mocking reports about Paul Pelosi, who has never been a political candidate.

Sometimes, I get literary permission to post from SOUTH PARK. I do employ comedy. I see a show where Paul Pelosi and Phil Knight team up to defeat THE PHANTOM OF THE Q-ANON OPERA who wields The Hammer of Pure Evil’ and haunts the basement of the San Francisco Opera.

The song ‘Where’s Nancy’ replaces ‘The Point of No Return’. The Phantom of Q-Anon has come this far, and can not go back. To prove his point – he WHACKS Paul atop his head. WAIT, I’m going to put Patty Hearst in the show. She is miffed that she had been left out of the SF SHOW – while all these old coots are getting all the attention! It’s been along time she has been in the limelight. Phil hires her to promote…..OLD SOUL SHOES… Baby Boomers will be buried in them at $500 a pop. Phil is now in The Death Market.

I include Alexander Dumans, Victor Hugo, and Shakespeare in my Bibliopscychodramatic category. I google Trump and Prophecy – and find two articles. I rest my case. Too good to be true.

John Presco

I Googled BIBLIO.

a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek (bibliography); on this model, used in the formation of compound words with the meaning “book” (bibliophile), and sometimes with the meaning “Bible” (bibliolatry, on the model of idolatry).

Perfect! With the rise of Christian Nationalism, that emerges from its STEALTH STAGE, it is clear Christo-Repubs have been using code, and inserting their Sacred Meanings of Heaven and Life into our politics – and beyond! Here is a Wizard of Oz – ditty. I mean….it is crystal clear the Pelosi family would not have been abused – IF they were identified as a Christian family – of the right kind! With the Fictional Lie Nancy and the Democrats STOLE THE ELECTION…..anything goes?

Tomorrow is Election Day. No Republican has reputed, or admonished, the claim many of their candidates are making, that are running on THE BIBLIO LIE the Democrats stole the election – FOR SATAN! Seventy percent of Americans say they believe in Jesus. How many Democrats understand who is really running for office, and will become SWING VOTERS in order to reinforce their belief system, that includes the idea – PRAYERS WORK? The Dems are losing a big swath of the Latino Vote – who are Catholics. Of course Jesus will lower the price of gasoline – as a bonus!

“I’m a loyal Democrat, but I am not happy,” Rosen said. “I just think we did not listen to voters in this election and I think we’re going to have a bad night.”

She added, “when voters tell you over and over and over again that they care mostly about the economy, listen to them! Stop talking about democracy being at stake! Democracy is at stake because people are fighting so much about what elections mean. Voters have told us what they wanted to hear. I don’t think Democrats have delivered this cycle.”

EXTRA! An hour after I posted this, I saw Trump mocking Nancy.

“How’s she doing?”

Former President Donald Trump’s expression of sympathy for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took an about-face Sunday when the former president called her “crazy” and laughed at rallygoers’ “lock her up” chants.

(Watch the video below.)

Last week, Trump said the recent hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, the California Democrat’s husband, was a “terrible thing,” although he blamed Democrats for the crime. But Trump expressed mostly contempt for the speaker at a campaign event for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) two days before the midterm elections, as Mediaite reported.

Trump told his faithful at a MAGA rally in Miami that Republicans are “going to end Crazy Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all,” generating chants of “lock her up.” Trump smiled and laughed, turning to Rubio: “We have a feisty crowd today, Marco.”

In another moment, he mockingly asked, “By the way, how’s she doing lately, how’s she doing?” Mediate reported.

Aspecial appearance by former President Donald Trump appeared to have the opposite of its intended effect at a recent midterm campaign event in Pennsylvania for the likes of Dr. Mehmet Oz and others.


The Trump Prophecy‘s official press release marketed the film as “an inspirational message of Hope, highlighting the vast beauty and greatness of The United States [and] its electoral process.”[3] Vox journalist Tara Isabella Burton labeled The Trump Prophecy as a true portrait of Christian nationalism in the United States.[17]

The film’s focus on prophecy comes from the ideas of miracles and prophecies by a group of Pentecostal evangelicals named the New Apostolic Reformation.[17] The NAR follows a dominion theology, which states that the world must turn Christian in order for the Second Coming to occur.[17] Several evangelicals suggest Trump’s moving of the Israeli embassy, which is heavily praised by those interviewed in the end of the film, is a step towards fulfilling the dominion theology.[17] Some of the film’s interviewees, like Bachmann, Wallnau, and Barton, are NAR members, and the real-life Don Colbert has regularly appeared on shows run by NAR associates, including Ken Copeland and Jim Bakker.[17]

A major theme in the film is its promotion of authority and hierarchy.[17] Burton opines that the film informs its audience not to resist Trump as doing so would disrespect the real authority of God; the same type of reasoning has been used by people close to Trump, such as Jeff SessionsPaula White, and Robert Jeffress, to excuse its actions, such as the family separation policy.[17] The film references passages in the Bible about Cyrus the Great, which many Christian fans of Trump have compared him to.[17][7] The movie’s authority element extends into its presentation of domestic families, where a female submits to the permissions and demands of a male; Colbert doesn’t start the Trump prayer chain until her husband gives permission to do so, and Mary Jo Taylor is very submissive to her husband, to the point where she gave up her fire dispatching job.[17]

The film’s praise for Trump’s activity in office is only brought up in its interview segment, where they applaud his relocation of the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.[17] The narrative rarely presents how fit he is to become president; the only depiction of his character is that he doesn’t share the same evangelical values as most of his supporters. When Mary Colbert asks other evangelicals to participate in the prayer chain, they admit to not being fans of the Republican candidate.[17][7] This religious disconnect and the message of God that Mark Taylor receives indicates that Christians are voting for Trump not because of his qualities, but because they are following the person God chose to lead the country.[17][7]

Art lecturer and writer Emily Pothast categorized The Trump Prophecy as “an accidental advertisement for a quasi-socialist utopia”, as it shows American public sector workers like Mark Taylor being very wealthy and having easy and heavily encouraged access to health care by the time they retire.[7]

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