Preview – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Hip Mob.

Rosamond Press

I saw Quentin’s violent movie tonight. If you hate hippies alot, and want to see a hippie chic get her face bashed against a brick fireplace mantle, or, a hippie chic get chewed on by a Pitbull, or, a hippie chic get it with a flame-thrower, then, this is the movie for you. Then there is the hippie dude who gets his balls eaten by same Pitbull, and a hippie dude who gets his face smashed in. What does Quentin Tarratino have against the hippies?

I was going with a cute opening of this preview, by pointing out you can’t go on a trip smoking a cigarette dipped in LSD, but, someone beat me to it.  I hated the scene of the Jewish Hollywood Agent.  I had no empathy – as yet – for anyone! I think the acid cigarette was put in – after the movie was almost done!

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