Student Loans Forgiven At Liberty Tree

When Jesus began his ministry, he addressed DEBT FORGIVENESS. Three women are running for Governor of Oregon, and I bet ALL THREE do not know about THE JUBILEE.

Betsy Johnson was given a BIG BUNDLE OF MONEY by Phil Knight, who funds the University of Oregon – that helps put Students in debt. All Oregonians can not ignore the truth the Republican party is conducting a Holy War against Secular Democrats. Their Jesus IS NOT FOR anything. Is he against secular solutions  that have been established by our Founding Fathers – as a real possibility? 

Secularism – WORKS! Perhaps our three candidates can give good examples of why it works, and how Jesus was FOR secular solutions. Let them go to The Students with this DEBT FOREGIVNESS issue – like I did in 2011.

We The People know Jesus was not for giving women the right to vote. Many Christian Republican Women will vote for anything that enriches them and gives them power. The CRW do not like to make sacrifices – like Jesus did! They do not care about fellow Christians in Ukraine, as long as gasoline is cheaper. They make excuses for being selfish and greedy, they choosing to believe the lie Democrats stole the election, and will declare Marshall law and start rounding Christians up – like Putin is right now. He forcibly removed Ukrainians so he can bomb half their city into rubble. But, why should the CRW care? They know in their heart Jesus never wanted them to care – and vote their conscience. 

John ‘The Nazarite’

President Biden is harnessing the full powers of the presidency to help Democrats avoid a Republican landslide this November. He is hoping a series of executive actions can boost turnout for Democrats and blunt GOP attacks on issues like inflation, Democratic strategists acknowledged to Fox News Digital.

Strategists say Biden’s recent executive actions appear focused on giving young voters, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, a reason to turn out at the polls. They cite as proof the president’s recent decisions to cancel upward of $20,000 in student debt for borrowers and his pardoning of people convicted of marijuana possession at the federal level.

Rosamond Press

I worked hard for this day. The war against Ukraine has proven YOUNG PEOPLE don’t want to get cooked alive in a tank – instead of being in school – and on their cellphone! Come Putin! Admit you made a big mistake – and return to normal!

China has learned a FREE LESSON and will not be invading another nation. Their rivers have dried up. As sharp and powerful their army appears, their YOUNG PEOPLE do not want to be COOKED ALIVE in a tank.

This means MILITARY BUDGETS can and will be cut. What about – THE JOBS?

John Presco

(CNN)President Joe Biden on Wednesdayannounced his plan to address student loan debt, which includes debt forgiveness for certain borrowersand extending the pandemic-related payment pause.

The Biden administration has already cancelednearly $32 billionof the $1.6 trillion in outstanding federal student debt by expanding existing forgiveness…

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