Michael Flynn Is Winning Holy War

Jesus was a Nazarite who opposed slavery.


PBS ‘Frontline’ documentary highlights Michael Flynn’s involvement in Sarasota politics




The PBS show "Frontline" aired an hour-long documentary Tuesday on Michael Flynn that highlights his political activities in Sarasota County.
The PBS show “Frontline” aired an hour-long documentary Tuesday on Michael Flynn that highlights his political activities in Sarasota County.

Michael Flynn’s involvement in the Sarasota County School Board races and the Sarasota GOP is highlighted in a new PBS “Frontline” documentary about the retired general’s life and political activities.

Titled “Michael Flynn’s Holy War,” the hour-long program aired Tuesday evening nationwide, including on WEDU in Sarasota. It included an extensive portion on Flynn’s political activities since moving to Sarasota, much of which was first reported by the Herald-Tribune.

The joint investigation by “Frontline” and the Associated Press traces Flynn’s life from his Catholic upbringing in Rhode Island and early involvement in the anti-abortion movement through his mother, a political activist, to his high-level military service overseas and work on former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

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Trump made Flynn his first national security adviser, but he resigned amid questions about conversations he had with Russia’s ambassador to the United States. He eventually pled guilty to lying to the FBI.

Trump later pardoned Flynn and he moved to Englewood in southern Sarasota County, where he has since become active in local politics.

Flynn is described in the “Frontline” program as a lifelong culture warrior who is now waging a “spiritual war” in America, whipping up crowds as he travels the country on his ReAwaken tour.

The documentary notes that Flynn and a Proud Boy recently joined the Sarasota GOP executive committee, as first reported by the Herald-Tribune.

The “Frontline” program also discusses Flynn’s involvement, along with other far right individuals such as Flynn ally Vic Mellor, who owns The Hollow in Venice, and area Proud Boys in the Sarasota County School Board races. “Frontline” interviewed Mellor at The Hollow.

The show mentions that Mellor helped fund a political committee that paid for inflammatory attacks against School Board candidates, including calling one candidate a “baby killer.” The Herald-Tribune wrote in August about the over-the-top attacks being employed in the School Board races. 

The documentary also includes other images from around Sarasota County, including video of Proud Boy James Hoel testifying at a School Board meeting and protesting outside School Board member Shirley Brown’s home, and an interview with Carol Lerner, director of Sarasota group Support Our Schools. Lerner has documented activities by far right individuals in Sarasota County.

The Herald-Tribune reported on Aug. 15, the week before the School Board election, that Flynn had recently posted about the Sarasota School Board races on Telegram, and also wrote about the involvement of the Proud Boys in the School Board races.



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