Victoria Fires a Tula

I posted this in August of 2018. Starfish’s Russian father is a track star at Hayward field. I am seeing Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine.

‘Our Starfish’ Will Leave The World Behind

The Royal Janitor

Chapter New Cold War Heros


John Presco

Putin’ s men took Starfish and Victoria to a special prison, where a hologram of the Russian leader introduced our BAD agents to foreign prisoners. One was a giant of a woman that played basketball. Miriam told this forlorn woman that she was an athlete, an amazing hurdler – who has never competed!

“We ran in a grove of trees felled in a windstorm. Ivan competed at Hayward field in Eugene Oregon.”

Rosamond Press

Today, someone told me the Tula packs quite a kick and would knock a woman on her butt. I have been debating whether or not my Bond woman would be armed. I did visualize a scenario where she may kill someone with a Tula. But, the jury is out. This Tula belonged to Starfish’s father. It was his survival rifle. Starfish conducts these bombastic exaggerated rituals with her gun. It is – the Russian Way!

After Starfish’s mother saw Ballad of a Soldier, she had to have a Russian, and, any Russian would do. She looked just like the Russian Star. There was a lot of play-acting. Ivan would nail her two or three times a night. After his track coach saw him walking bowl-legged, he considered calling the FBI on Zanyia, a U.S. citizen. They had a talk.

“It’s her mouth, coach. I think about IT all day!”


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