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I just found this – on Yom Kippur. Sir Ralph Lane was close with Sir Walter Raliegh. Together they founded the Roanoke Colony. My kin, Sir Thomas Wilson was put in a cell with Raliegh – to spy on him. I believe Wilson was looking for gold – the gold that Sir Francis Drake may have dropped off on Roanoke. The search for Drake’s treasure in California – and now Oregon, is legend! Did Lane bring a vast treasure to Oregon?

““During the reign of King James I, Sir Walter Raleigh was imprisoned in the Bloody Tower for Treason, 1603-1617. Raleigh was pardoned and Letters Patent issued (26th August 1617) enabling him to embark on a private expedition to Guiana in search of gold. Raleigh was betrayed in advance and was ambushed in Guiana. See Raleigh’s letter to Sir Ralph Winwood, Secretary to King James I, dated 17th November 1617. Raleigh’s son, Wat was murdered, and Lawrence Kemish, Raleigh’s dear friend, slew himself. Reduced to failure, Sir Walter Raleigh was committed to The Wardrobe Tower on 10th August,1618. Thomas Wilson joined Raleigh on the 9th September, 1618 posing as a prisoner under strict orders to extract information from Raleigh, reporting to his superiors everything he knew. Both men were moved to the Brick Tower on 14th September and Sir Thomas Wilson was rewarded for his efforts in betraying Raleigh’s trust and was liberated on the 16th October 1618. Sir Walter Raleigh was executed on 29th October, 1618.

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On January 25, 2022, at 4:20 A.M. I John Presco founded the Oregon Shakespeare Society: The OSS.

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I Am Kin ToShakespeare

Posted onDecember 1, 2018byRoyal Rosamond Press

William Shakespeare’s grandmother, is my great, great, great grandmother, Abigail Shakespeare (Webb)

I implore the children of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor to take the Rosamond Family DNA test. It was through this test I found Abigail. The Webb family went on crusade and is why they have a cross on their crest. I believe my grandfather picked up this relationship via genetic memory. So did I. I tried to read William’s complete set when I was eleven. Is there a Seer gene? Consider all the actors around Liz Taylor.

John Presco

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A Rose Amongst The Woodwose

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John Presco

In my last post I suggested my family tree be studied after I become…

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